Toy Review: The Tantus Realdoe Slim

For me the Tantus Realdoe Slim is perfect.

It fulfills all of my desires and it does so effortlessly. I can use it as a strapless strap-on. I can use it as a dildo with a handle (either on myself or on/with my partner). I can use it as an insertable toy that simulates a handjob, or I can wear it and just generally feel awesome about myself. And, when I’m in the mood, I can make it vibrate, thanks to its bullet insert.

Tantus toys tend to leave me unbelievably happy most of the time but the Tantus Realdoe Slim takes it to a new level. I am elated with this toy and it has become a product that I actually lust after whenever it’s absent from my play sessions. It doesn’t get much better than that.

The Tantus Realdoe Slim

The Tantus Realdoe Slim is a queer person’s dream and a pegging person’s perfect pal. It’s also a delicious dildo with a bit of added buzz that can satisfy solo as well. I love the versatility of the Tantus Realdoe Slim and I think it’s one of its strongest aspects, so bravo to Tantus there.

The premise of the Tantus Realdoe Slim is pretty simple but also acts as somewhat of a game changer. Basically all you need to do is insert the bulb of the Realdoe Slim into your vagina and then you can use it for penetration without the need for a harness. That’s not to say that the Realdoe Slim can’t be used with a harness, it can, but having the option to go harness free is incredibly liberating.

Grab hold of the bed sheets because there are no straps on this ride.
Grab hold of the bed sheets because there are no straps on this ride.

I personally find the harness-free design to be very self-affirming. Sometimes I just really want a penis of my own and dildos in harnesses don’t really cut it for me. Looking down and seeing the Realdoe Slim between my legs with no harness feels much more natural which, in turn, gives me a greater sense of sexual confidence.

Like all Tantus products the Realdoe Slim is made out of Ultra-Premium silicone which is phthalate-free, non-porous, hypoallergenic and completely body safe. It’s also safe to boil or put in the dishwasher as long as you remove the bullet.

Speaking of the bullet for a moment it’s pretty standard but you can also fit the Tango in the Realdoe Slim’s bullet insert to boost the toy’s power. The silicone carries the vibrations surprisingly well, though there is some dulling.

The silicone itself has a lovely smooth matte surface which is enjoyable to touch. When lubricated it retains some drag, which adds a nice amount of sensation during use. The Tantus Realdoe Slim also has a prominent coronal ridge and a delightful decorating of veins running down the shaft. This gives a bit more texture during the experience and enables the curved shaft to really please the G-spot or prostate.

In terms of firmness the Realdoe Slim is rather firm, though not rigid. It has minimal squish to it but a little bit of give. This allows it to work well, even during anal use.

Now I’ve mentioned that I use this toy in various ways, so it only feels right to describe them individually. Here goes:

As a dildo with a handle

The insertable bulb for the Realdoe Slim also works fantastically as a handle during use. Meanwhile the lovely curve and prominent coronal ridge provides excellent internal stimulation. Because the Realdoe Slim is so petite (a useable length of 5.5 and circumference of 4.25 inches) I feel comfortable thrusting with it. In fact gently thrusting with it to get that additional G-spot stimulation has become my preferred method of use.

This shaft feels divine during use.
This shaft feels divine during use.

My experiences and orgasms with the Realdoe Slim have all been fantastic. They’re intense, long, and feel deeply engaging because of how the silicone rubs against my G-spot. It’s the type of toy that leaves an impression and makes you crave it repeatedly.

The smaller shaft of the Realdoe Slim also means than it is suitable for intermediate anal users and, again, the handle comes in handy here. If you want to practice on your partner with the slim but you’re not sure about using it as a strap-on straight away then handled-use is a great way to ease both of you in to the experience. This can also be the case with someone using it solo as an anal toy. Having that extra control really can make the world of difference.

Bulb Inserted Handjob

Sometimes I just want to feel like I have a penis. I can’t logically justify it in my mind, it’s just one of those long term desires that I’ve had. ‘Penis envy’ is something that’s spoken about semi-frequently in mainstream media so I can only assume others might feel the same way. If not it’s irrelevant; I like the idea of it and the Realdoe Slim is brilliant at replicating it.

By inserting the bulb and rubbing or tugging on the shaft you can easily give yourself a faux handjob (or have someone else do it for you). Not only is this mental and visual eye candy but the bulb also gets slightly nudged during the process, adding a level of interactivity to the experience.

The insertable bulb for the Realdoe Slim is 2.5 inches in length and has a circumference of 4.75 inches. This extra bit of girth can also appeal to those who want a step up from the shaft of the Realdoe Slim.

There’s no real curve or texture to the bulb so the main sensations during use come from it filling your vagina and the motions you provide. Still my orgasms with the bulb are still very satisfying, partially due to the performance aspect of using it.

As a Strapless Strap On

This is the main purpose of the Tantus Realdoe Slim so it’s no surprise that it performs well in this regard. Inserting the bulb was easy for me and my Realdoe Slim does stay in place during use. This may, however, be partially due to my chunky thighs, which add a bit of leverage to the situation.

Using it on Mr. Peaches felt non-obtrusive and very natural in many ways. Without the straps of a harness wrapped around my skin it felt much more intimate, to say the least.

However there are still some things that take getting used to with the Realdoe Slim.

The bulb stayed firmly in place thanks to my rock hard pelvic floor muscles and my thunder thighs.
The bulb stayed firmly in place thanks to my rock hard pelvic floor muscles and my thunder thighs.

My previous Realdoe experience was with the Stout—the chunkier product in the Realdoe line. Because of that I got used to feeling quite a lot of heft and tug on the bulb during use. Comparatively the slender, lighter shaft of the Realdoe Slim provides less resistance and, therefore, less motion with the bulb. This meant that I wasn’t getting as much physical feedback during use, which took some getting used to. However verbal reassurance can bridge this gap.

Personally I preferred the bulb not being as prominent inside of me but it might be more off-putting for someone who is hoping for rigorous, undeniable internal motion during use.

Other than that the Realdoe Slim was very easy to use and gave me a sense of confidence and intimacy that harnesses often can’t.

Mr. Peaches’ Perspective

Mr. Peaches was on the receiving end of the Realdoe Slim while I was using it as a strapless strap-on. At first he was a bit worried about how the movement of thrusting would feel anally but, as always, he was a good sport about it.

Turns out he absolutely loved it. Apparently the surface of the silicone is what he really felt during use and the sensation of it sweeping across his prostate felt incredibly pleasurable. It was an experience he was keen to repeat again and he had an incredibly positive outlook about the Realdoe Slim.

While penetrating him I could feel how eager he was too. At one point I felt him begin grinding up and down the shaft independently, which was unbelievably erotic to my mind.

So are there any real downsides to the Realdoe Slim? Well yes, a few, but they’re not enough to besmirch the good name of this toy.

The biggest issue is probably keeping the bulb inserted. It does require a fair bit of strength and some may struggle or worry about it falling out. Like I said before, a harness can remedy this, but then you lose one of the core aspects of the toy.

I feel like the bullet provided is too standard to carry well through the shaft, too. Other bullet vibrators do well but the one provided is too bland for my taste. In future it might be nice for Tantus to sell the Realdoe Slim separately and have the bullet as an add-on item, but I know that comes with its own obstacles.

The Realdoe Slim is also a dust magnet but, because of how easy it is to clean, that’s hardly an issue.

Oh and those ridges at the base of the shaft? They do basically nothing as far as my vulva can tell.

Final Thoughts

Could I make it any clearer? I’m completely smitten by this toy. It does everything that I hoped it would do and more. It exceeded all of my expectations and I feel like it can do the same for others too.

It feels lovely during use, no matter what the scenario, and proves its capabilities at every given opportunity.

The only way I can see the Realdoe Slim falling short of your expectations is if you want something larger, at which point you have two other options to choose from.

In short this toy is fantastic and I can wholeheartedly recommend it.

Recommend to:

People who like using strap-ons.

People who like gender play.

People who like matte silicone.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike pegging.

People who just want a dildo.

People who prefer glossy silicone (check out the Feeldoes instead).

Tantus provided me with the Realdoe Slim in exchange for an honest review. If you like this review, and the product mentioned, please consider purchasing your toy through the affiliate links in this post.