Product Review: The Kink Craft Figure-8 Handcuffs

Faultless and durable, the Kink Craft Figure-8 Handcuffs are a true asset in the bedroom.

Handcuffs are often an overlooked item in terms of quality. It’s easy to purchase a pair without giving a second thought to the longevity of the product. I did so myself once and it ended with Mr. Peaches violently (and easily) breaking them after I accidentally smacked him the wrong way with a paddle (ah the follies of youth).

That breakage is the exact reason why I know that it pays to invest in the best handcuffs possible and these cuffs are a very good investment.

Inspired by craft and made to last the Kink Craft Figure-8 Handcuffs are a beautiful pair of cuffs that perform superbly. But, before I get too lost in my praises, let’s look at the people behind the paracord.

About Kink Craft

If you’ve spent any time browsing the kinkier side of the web then you’ve no doubt seen hundreds of gorgeous displays of erotic items. Intricate handcuffs, elegant whips, stunning collars. While lusting over these objects a thought might have crossed your mind: “If only I could make something like that”. Well now you can.


Kink Craft specializes in helping people make their own high quality kinky toys and items.

Having browsed through hours of Youtube videos and other tutorials Kink Craft were left unsatisfied with the lack of consistency or a bar for quality. Inspired by all the best bits (and spurred on by the worst) Kink Craft has made their own extensive courses on how to make the items available on their store.

At Kink Craft they practice the ‘show don’t tell’ rule, promoting an interactive learning experience. Step-by-step you can work towards making your own erotic items until your happy using the videos and kits that Kink Craft provides.

Kink Craft also offers ready-made items and that’s what my cuffs were. I’m a slow learner when it comes to rope craft so I felt it best mine were ready-made so that I got my review out in a reasonable timeframe.

Talking to Kink Craft was a true pleasure. They had a conversation with me, took an interest in me as a person and generally tried to make sure my needs were met. Our email exchanges felt more like a conversation with a good friend rather than a business exchange which, to me, is the mark of a good company.

My cuffs arrived swiftly and were packaged in a discreet manner. I can wholeheartedly recommend Kink Craft.

The Kink Craft Figure-8 Handcuffs

What can I say? These handcuffs are a true work of art.

I received my Kink Craft Figure-8 Handcuffs in a beautiful purple box with the Kink Craft logo embossed on the front. Inside the box was tissue paper that was delicately packed around my cuffs (and this is usually wrapped with a ribbon, according to Kink Craft). This makes the Figure-8 Handcuffs a perfect gift giving product, no additional work required.

My cuffs came in a beautiful box that is perfect for gift giving.
My cuffs came in a beautiful box that is perfect for gift giving.

On Aesthetics the Figure-8 Handcuffs certainly can’t be faulted. Upon unveiling my Figure-8 Handcuffs I was notably impressed. The woven detailing of the cuffs gives them a decorative element which leaves them looking stylish and graceful. Seen up close the detail really comes into its own and is almost mesmerizing.

Mr. Peaches was also impressed with the cuffs but for a different reason. Having been an Army Cadet in his youth Mr. Peaches immediately pointed out that the Figure-8 Handcuffs were made of paracord and gave me a little info into the material.

Paracord is a lightweight nylon rope which was originally used in the suspension line of parachutes. It’s also employed frequently by the military for its durable and versatile nature. Basically when the military want to use cord they use paracord.

This intricately woven paracord will not let you down.
This intricately woven paracord will not let you down.

Because of this you can feel pretty much fully assured that the Kink Craft Figure-8 Handcuffs will last a very long time with the right TLC.

Sensation-wise paracord has a rather rigid but nonetheless pleasant feel to it. The texture of the woven rope is noticeable—adding a nice sense of being constrained—but it is not overwhelming or itchy in any way. As such it manages to provide the perfect balance between confined and comfortable.

Because the cuffs are essentially given their shape via a metal loop in the center you can also wriggle and squirm, shifting the tightness of each cuff and adding another element to a play session. You can also make the cuffs into a collar if you wish, making these cuffs even more adaptable.

These cuffs can be worn as they are or as a collar.
These cuffs can be worn as they are or as a collar (depending on your neck size).

The Kink Craft Figure-8 Handcuffs come in three sizes—small, medium ,and large—and three different colours—black, purple, or pink. My cuffs were small and they fit exceptionally well. In a fortuitous turn of events I also found that they were the perfect fit to be used as a collar too. You can imagine the smile on my face upon this discovery.

The plastic clip used on these cuffs seemed durable and effective during use. They actually have a little locking system built into the clip for that extra element of constraint. This surprised me at first but I definitely appreciated the feature.

The locking mechanism on the clip was a welcome addition.
The locking mechanism on the clip was a welcome addition.

Even after prolonged wear these handcuffs are very comfortable. They can also take a fair bit of punishment/yanking about during use. I certainly get the impression that these handcuffs will be with me for a long time.

So, are there any real downsides to these cuffs?

Well, unless you are very flexible (or don’t mind using your teeth) these cuffs are the type that need to be put on and removed by someone else. This won’t bother everyone (in fact it might add an additional level of fun for some) but people who only want the pretense of being restrained may find this a bit distracting.

People who prefer a softer, more satin-like texture from their cuffs may also find these handcuffs too firm, whereas those who like metal cuffs may find them too soft. Still, in my opinion there’s nothing wrong with being the Goldilock’s of handcuffs; juuust right.

Final Thoughts

Overall I am incredibly happy with my Kink Craft Figure-8 Handcuffs and can recommend them to anyone looking for some lightweight, durable, comfortable handcuffs.

Whether you get them ready-made or try your hand at crafting a pair yourself I feel like you’re guaranteed quality with Kink Craft.

The handcuffs succeed on every level and I couldn’t be happier with them.

Recommend to:

People who like craft items.

People who like rope/paracord.

People who want effective, durable handcuffs.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike rope/paracord.

People who like to easily free themselves.

People who prefer firmer or softer cuffs.

Kink Craft provided me with a pair of Kink Craft Figure-8 Handcuffs in exchange for an honest review. If you want to win your own pair of Kink Craft Figure-8 Handcuffs then head over to my giveaway now!