Toy Review: The Oxballs Unit-X Stretch by Atomic Jock

After trying (and loving) the Oxballs Cocksling 2 Mr. Peaches and I decided to be a bit more ambitious with our efforts. Enter the Oxballs Unit-X Stretch by Atomic Jock; an incredibly efficient cocksling and ball stretcher that performs very well.

Alas, with this product we officially became Icarus flying too close to the sun. We have found our limit and there was no mistaking it. Mr. Peaches’s balls became Scotty and clearly declared “I cannae take it, Captain!” with their deliberative dull ache. In short the Unit-X Stretch was just not for us.

However that doesn’t mean that we can’t see the quality of this product. In fact the Unit-X is incredibly effective at what it does and I feel confident that, wrapped around the right cock and balls, it could help the user achieve fantastic orgasms.

The Oxballs Unit-X Stretch by Atomic Jock

The Oxballs Unit-X Stretch by Atomic Jock is an updated version of the Oxballs Nutsling (which, in itself, was based on the Cocksling but with an extended ball stretcher section). While the Unit-X Stretch does act as an effective cocksling, ball stretching is definitely the name of the game with this product. If you like the sound of that then the Unit-X Stretch may appeal to you.

This product provides majestic results.
This product provides majestic results.

My Oxballs Unit-X Stretch was provided by Uberkinky in exchange for an honest review. Uberkinky also have a great guide on ball stretching. You can check it out here if interested.

Find out even more here.
Find out even more here.

The Oxballs Unit-X Stretch is made from TPR which makes it stretchy and moderately squishy. TPR is an essential material when you need to stretch a toy out (which is definitely the case with the Unit-X Stretch) but it is porous so it will require some extra care. Make sure to wash it thoroughly before and after each use with toy cleaner or antibacterial soap and water. Give it a pat dry and make sure mildew doesn’t have a chance to build up.

Despite being porous the TPR used for the Unit-X Stretch is phthalate-free and non-toxic, so it’s not totally condemnable, despite not being my preference in material. I can certainly understand its use for this toy too.

The TPR used for the Unit-X Stretch is smooth but grabby so a decent lubricant is a definite must-have when using this toy. This is especially the case if you keep your pubic hair au natural.

Application of the Unit-X Stretch is a bit tricky, even after using it a fair few times. You need to make sure that you are relaxed and that you’ve done at least some prep work. Even then your balls may attempt a coup and try to resist being put in the Unit-X Stretch so patience and care are important. Mr. Peaches and I found that working together to get the sling on was a bit easier, but not much. Experienced ball stretchers may find that they are more adept with the Unit-X Stretch, but people who are new to the practice could struggle.

The Unit-X Stretch can be difficult to apply at times.
The Unit-X Stretch can be difficult to apply at times.

The Unit-X Stretch is designed so that it has an inner ring which keeps pretty much all balls pushed firmly down. This is the case even with tight, large, or high-hanging balls. Mr. Peaches and I found this worked well in practice, though I did feel that his balls weren’t stretched as much as I had expected.

The design of the Unit-X Stretch also gives it a very appealing look. When not being worn the Unit-X Stretch kind of looks like the sort of gimp mask that a Bellsprout might wear (at least it does to me). However, once in use the Unit-X Stretch makes the user’s balls and shaft look pretty majestic, especially the balls. I really liked seeing Mr. Peaches wearing this product and it was definitely a visual treat for me; providing quite the erotic eye candy.

An alternate use for the Unit-X Stretch. Vine whip optional.

During use I found that the Unit-X Stretch made Mr. Peaches firmer and more pronounced, which gave me more pleasure. His balls also hit up against me with more oomph, which I really enjoyed. Upon his first climax I could feel the intensity that the Unit-X Stretch provided and that, too, was a real boost for my own arousal.

Sadly Mr. Peaches was not as enthused.

While he can’t deny that the snug fit of the Unit-X Stretch provides him with very strong orgasms he has determined that ball stretching isn’t the right fit for his sexual preferences. During sex using the Unit-X Stretch was enjoyable for Mr. Peaches but the aftermath simply wasn’t for him and neither was the prep. He doesn’t like the almost achy sensation that it provides and feels too tender after use.

It’s a shame, too, as we both recognize that the Unit-X Stretch is very good at its job, but it’s simply incompatible with our preferences. It performed fine, it felt great for me, it gave Mr. Peaches strong orgasms, but it just wasn’t right for us in the long run.

There are no really big downsides to the Unit-X Stretch. Outside of the material and needing to take care during application and removal the Unit-X Stretch is pretty much a faultless product. The only other thing I can say against it is that it’s a dust magnet, but that is easily remedied.

Final Thoughts

Overall I can still recommend the Unit-X Stretch to those who know they like ball stretching, despite our experiences. After all the enjoyment was there, it was simply the accompanying sensations that weren’t to Mr. Peaches’ taste.

The Unit-X Stretch is well-designed, well-executed and does exactly what it’s meant to do. If you think it will appeal to you then I don’t think there should be any hesitation in trying it out.

Recommend to:

People who like ball stretchers.

People who like Oxball products.

People who like TPR.

Do Not Recommend to:

Beginners to ball stretching.

People who dislike TPR.

People who dislike fiddly products.