Product Review: The Nippleicious Décolletage Set

Those who know me know that I am not well-practiced with anything involving my nipples.

I have a very low pain tolerance when it comes to them and they struggle to get/stay erect for long periods of time.

In fact I once (in)famously tried out some nipple clamps that I had optimistically ordered from Lovehoney. It didn’t turn out well.

Still I adore the decorative aspect of nipple jewellery. As such I couldn’t help but think I was missing out due to my nipple’s tolerance levels. For a while I was pretty convinced that my nipples were doomed to be unadorned. Then Nippleicious approached me.

Nippleicious provided me with one of their products—part of a range of non-piercing nipple jewellery.

Lacking an emphasis on pain or intense pressure I was curious as to whether or not Nippleicious could solve my problem. Find out below.

About Nippleicious

Nippleicious started their venture after a fleeting comment (well, more of a retort actually) that was made to them on a girl’s night out: “It’s alright for you; you’re pierced, but we aren’t and there’s nothing for us to wear”.

Taking this premise on Nippleicious aspired to design nipple jewellery that could be proudly worn by anyone with nipples, no piercing required.


The resulting products have been selling on Etsy and eBay for many years now and after more than 2500 sales Nippleicious have pretty much perfected their art.

Each piece of Nippleicious jewellery is handmade and is exclusive to the UK.

Nippleicious has a gorgeous online range and there’s definitely something to cater to all styles. I kind of want to own their entire range if I’m being honest.

For now I have the Décolletage Set.

My Nippleicious item arrived within and impressively swift timeframe and was packed perfectly. I’ve had no problems talking with Nippleicious and can definitely recommend them based off of their services.

The Nippleicious Décolletage Set

The Décolletage Set is one of Nippleicious’ iconic pieces and I can really see why. With a beautiful necklace that perfectly highlights one’s cleavage and chains that drape around the front of the breasts the Décolletage Set is gorgeous. Its design works to complement most body types (in fact Nippleicious claims that these can be worn my anyone with nipples, including men).

This set looks stunning in use (as seen on a model, image courtesy of Nippleicious).
This set looks stunning in use (as seen on a model, image courtesy of Nippleicious).

My Décolletage Set is made out of faux gold metal which gives it a very elegant and decadent appearance, but it also comes in other colours, providing a nice amount of diversity. The set itself is also incredibly versatile and interchangeable.

There are three main components to the Décolletage Set that I received: the necklace, the nipple jewellery and a chain with bells. Each of these items includes an S-hook section, so you can choose which parts to wear and which to omit at any given time (this includes having the nipple tassels on their own with no chains whatsoever).

There are three main components to the set.
There are three main components to the set.

I will say that from my experience it was somewhat fiddly to interchange sections while the nipple jewellery was in use so it’s best to decide what to hook up prior to wearing the set.

The necklace and nipple jewellery both have these adorable golden tassels attached (which are also made from chain). These features look wonderful and add a sense of elegance to the set.

I have to say the Décolletage Set would also be great for roleplay because the design is almost timeless and very subjective. Depending on the scene you could be a goddess, a harem servant or anything in between and it would probably fit.

My Décolletage Set came in a little golden bag with each individual section bagged up in little plastic bags. This made sure that none of my jewellery was tangle upon arrival (though I am happy to report that my jewellery hasn’t had a major tangle to this date).

A storage bag is included to keep your set safe.
A storage bag is included to keep your set safe.

When it came to application I have to admit I was a bit nervous. Knowing my history with nipple clamps I was worried as to whether or not I’d be repeating an unpleasant experience.

Thankfully I had nothing to worry about. The Décolletage Set (and, indeed, all Nippleicious jewellery) is non-piercing, non-invasive and pretty much pain-free to apply. At no point did I feel uncomfortable when wearing the Décolletage Set. Instead I was simply left with pert nipples which were a tad more sensitive (with nipples as sensitive as mine it’s hard to raise the bar any higher).

While wearing the Décolletage Set I felt like an absolute queen. I felt regal and majestic and definitely spent too much time just admiring myself in the mirror. I’m sad to report that Mr. Peaches’ stance on nipple jewellery hasn’t changed, but boo to that; I felt sexy and that was what mattered to me.

There’s a definite confidence boost that comes with wearing something so stunning and complimentary. I’ve got a rather large cup & band size and yet the Décolletage Set still looked elegant and effortless. Sadly I cannot say the same about application.

Because my breasts are quite large and squishy (and my nipples uncooperative) I found that actually applying the noose of the nipple jewellery and sliding the moving bead up to keep them in place was more of a struggle than I expected. If your nipples aren’t erect it can be quite difficult, and that was the case for me.

Nippleicious recommends getting around this by using an inexpensive nipple pump, but that wasn’t going to fly for me.

Because of the size of my unwieldly breasts I also found that I sometimes tugged one nipple noose off while trying to lasso the other nipple in to place. It was a bit frustrating.

I was also aware the rigorous movement of any kind wasn’t going to be possible in the Décolletage Set, not unless I wanted my nipples to fly free in a defiant attempt at liberation.

Thankfully the Décolletage Set isn’t really made for intensive movement. It’s the decoration before the act. The confidence booster before the performance. The complement to your already awesome body. At that the Décolletage Set does a very good job and Nippleicious can’t be faulted for knowing what their products excel at the most.

Final Thoughts

Overall I was very impressed with the Nippleicious Décolletage Set. It not only met my expectations but exceeded them in a glorious manner.

Nothing can beat feeling good about yourself and the Décolletage Set made me feel like I could conquer the world (y’know, as long as all that was needed was for me to stand there in a provocative pose while jiggling my bells a little bit).

I would certainly recommend the Nippleicious range to anyone who is interested in nipple jewellery or clamps but would rather avoid a potentially painful experience.

Recommend to:

People who want a non-pierced alternative.

People who like nipple jewellery.

People who want an alternative to lingerie.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer pain-based stimulation.

People who have very large breast.

People with inverted nipples or other nipple issues.

  • Tzipora

    I’m super glad to see a review of a product like this. I’m very busty too but unlike you, not so sensitive at all (in fact I don’t actually find clamps to be painful and wasn’t aware others thought of them as being universally pain play type experiences… But makes sense to me now why the last time I was at a sex shop and asked about nipple toys the saleswoman starts talking beginner products!). I swear years ago I read in some woman’s magazine or some such that most larger breasted women didn’t have a lot of feeling in their nipples. What BS! But it genuinely made me believe that so I completely ignored mine for so long and was always pretty meh even to the idea of a partner paying much attention to them. Funny because I’ve since learned I can feel things and I enjoy it a lot (even makes orgasms better and easier to achieve!) But for me something like clamps feels extremely pleasurable. No pain. All pleasure. I literally didn’t get what was so bdsm or pain play about it, guess we all assume other women’s nipples feel the same sensations as our own then?

    Anyway, I have to say I keep finding myself admiring products like this. Love the idea of them as a lingerie alternative. I’m sure you can emphasize being a bustier woman also, they never make the pretty or sexy or even fun bras in big enough cup sizes! And any sort of one piece deal more often than not won’t work. So woohoo, we can still rock something sexy! It’s a shame Mr. Peaches feels the way he does though. Seems like having an extra set of hands to help apply these could be helpful also. Though I seriously commend your perseverance on getting them on! Very cool to know they do indeed work on larger busts too. There’s something so sexy about tassels in an old school cabaret type way. It’s kind of classy and sexy so I’m not surprised you felt like you could conquer the world! Haha.

    • Some very great points there! Also I have to say I am glad to hear that you get pretty much 100% pleasure out of nipple stimulation. It’s always great to hear about different body types and different limits, this perfectly demonstrates that.
      Us busty girls can feel confident knowing that nipple jewellery like this has got our back (or nipples, as it were).