Update: I Was Featured In Elle!

Hello my lovely readers,

I have some amazing news for you today! A while back I was approached to do an interview for Russian Elle and, as of the start of this month, my interview is now out there for the Russian masses to read and enjoy!

That’s right; my lovely Russian readers could go out today, buy Elle and read an exclusive interview from me about being a adult product reviewer.

I'm in the September issue of Elle (in Russia).
I’m in the September issue of Elle (in Russia).

Of course there is a downside to this; I have absolutely no idea what the article says. Sure, I know what I originally wrote but I have no idea how well it translates, or what made it into the final version.

I’d love for one of my Russian readers to get in touch. It’d be great to have a translation of the finished article if any of you would be so kind.

A short excerpt from the article.
A short excerpt from the article.

In the meantime I’m just elated that I could spread the word about how great sex toys are.

To new readers: Добро пожаловать! My goal is to make sure that you feel informed and confident when making adult purchases. I hope you find my site useful in this endeavor.

Until the next review!

Emmeline Peaches.

P.S. A big thank you to Fun Factory who approached me with this opportunity. You know I love you.

  • Андрей

    Интервью с вами шикарное! Жаль, не смогу перевести его вам на английский )

    • Благодарю вас за теплые слова. К сожалению , я не говорю по-русски. Извините.