Update: Lelo Launches Three New Prostate Massagers

Despite many people discovering the benefits of prostate massages a lot of others are still in the dark. Misinformation is still spread far and wide while some men also find it hard to break through the outdated social stigmas that have been attached to prostate massages.

Well, thankfully, Lelo has decided to tackle the issue of prostate massages head on, with the aim to bring male prostate pleasure out of the shadows.

Did you know that a recent survey discovered that 80% of women said they would perform a prostate massage on their partner if they asked? That’s potentially a lot of untapped intimacy (and pleasure) ripe for sexual exploration.

But prostate massages aren’t just great for sharing, they have other benefits too.

According to Lelo’s newest handy dandy infographic the resulting orgasm from a prostate massage can feel up to 33% more intense than other forms of orgasm. It can also cause thicker erections, alleviate dysfunction, and protect sperm (great for if you’re trying to conceive).

So why have Lelo decided to advocate for the prostate massage? Put simply it’s a matter of liberation and busting old, tired stigmas that need to be addressed and thoroughly debunked.

“For too long prostate massage has been surrounded by myths and as a result it’s a topic many men shy away from”, says Steve Thomson, Marketing Director for Lelo, “But, in the same way Lelo helped remove the stigma of female pleasure products, Lelo has now turned its attention to male prostate pleasure as well.”

How have they done so? By releasing not one, not two, but three new prostate massagers! Allow me to introduce you to the Hugo, Bruno, and Loki:


Warning: The Lelo Hugo video below contains some flashing lights and imagery that might not be suitable for all.

Hugo claims to be the most powerful male sex toy ever made. It sports Lelo’s exclusive SenseMotion™ remote control technology—allowing for intuitive couples or solo play. It has two powerful motors and 8 variable vibrating settings, allowing users to explore what works best for them.

Bruno is very similar but lacks a remote. Regardless it still has the same sleek design and offers hands free pleasure. With two different motors and 6 vibration settings, Bruno is a nice introductory toy to prostate play and is designed to me medium-sized for all levels of experience.

Loki is something else altogether. Whereas Hugo and Bruno are designed for a hands-free experience, Loki prompts users to interactively indulge in the experience. With a perfectly angled shaft and 6 variable settings the Loki can deliver powerful prostate massages.

As someone who loves using a prostate massager with my partner I am very excited about these new products. Here’s hoping they make prostate massage a much more acceptable method of sexual pleasure.

Until the next review!

Emmeline Peaches.

P.S. Check out this fun video of couples discussing prostate massage for the first time as well. It’s pretty awesome.