Toy Review: The Tantus Splash

You’d think that after the Splish I’d be totally prepared for what the Tantus Splash had to offer, and yet I wasn’t. There are some toys that are just so unique that they have to be felt to be believed. The Tantus Splash is certainly one of them.

The Splash comes with a texture that manages to stand out. Unlike the common combination of bumps, swirls, or sudden shifts in girth the Splash provides an eccentric display of droplets and ripples.  Not only does this look bad-ass but it also succeeds in delivering a play session that is jam-packed with texture.

For those who crave a quirky composition the Splash is a dream come true. However it’s fair to say that this toy isn’t for the faint-hearted.

The Tantus Splash

It’s hard to really know where to start with the Splash. This dildo is a stunning display of everything that is right about Tantus and I love it. It’s creative, unique, body-safe and so effective that it’s almost criminal.

The Splash is a great display of the versatility of dildos.
The Splash is a great display of the versatility of dildos.

It seems the Splash was tested extensively before being fine-tuned and released to the public, and this has definitely paid off, because the Splash nails it. The various drips and dollops that adorn the Splash are strategically placed to provide the optimal amount of stimulation while looking stunning in the process. Not a single droplet seems out-of-place or obnoxious during use, quite the opposite, in fact.

The Tantus Splash is made out of 100% ultra premium silicone. This means that the Splash is phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, non-toxic, non-porous, and completely body-safe. Not only this but the Splash is also boilable and dishwasher safe, making it easier to clean.

The Tantus Splash has a really intriguing effect going on with its silicone. The droplets themselves are made of a rather glossy silicone but the shaft is actually made of a matte silicone which feels a bit grainier. This clever move adds even more to the Splash’s repertoire of texture while making the droplets stand out even more.

The silicone variation accentuates the Splash's pre-existing texture.
The silicone variation accentuates the Splash’s pre-existing texture.

Both of these silicone surfaces have a considerable amount of drag to them but the glossy droplets become less draggy when lubed up whereas the matte surface retains more of its drag in comparison. I have to admit, I’m thankful that the glossy silicone smooths in sensation considerably with the application of lube because it makes insertion much easier.

With useable length of 6.5 inches and a maximum circumference of about 5.25 inches the Splash isn’t the largest toy on the market, but it is above average. All of that unique texture (coupled with its rather bulbous head) makes the Splash seem larger than it actually is.

The Splash is also very firm. It’s not rock solid but it is firm enough that it can’t be easily folded tip-to-base and it will feel firm during both use and insertion.

Because of this I do recommend lube with the Splash. For some it may even be a toy they need to warm up to before they can comfortably take it. Once you do insert the Splash it’s worth it but the build-up could take some time.

 Remember when I described the Splish as a party in my vagina? Well the Splash is a jubilant festival; a fanfare of sensations energizing my vagina in a wave of exhilaration. All I need to do is clench around the Splash in order to be immediately rewarded with and assortment of sensations—a colourful combination of climax-inducing texture.

For me the Splash’s most rewarding feature is the ripples on its head. With such a large surface area and a perfect curve these ripples effortlessly make contact with the G-spot and barrage it with a flurry of feelings.

This wave texture transforms the Splash from 'great' to 'exceptional'.
This wave texture transforms the Splash from ‘great’ to ‘exceptional’.

The droplets are certainly enjoyable but they can feel like somewhat of a mishmash once inserted. The head’s ripples, however, can be felt with perfect clarity. Because of this they bring focus to the texture of the Splash and take the dildo’s design to the next level in terms of enjoyment. I don’t think I’d be able to enjoy the Splash as much without the focal point of the head. As it is, the Splash is perfect.

My orgasms with the Splash are incredibly fulfilling and very, very deep. Each muscle contraction is substantial and continues to flaunt the Splash’s texture. These orgasms can be prolonged but not always. Regardless they always feel wholly satisfying.

That being said the Tantus Splash is not for everyone. If you like/need to thrust during sex then the Splash might not be ideal. It’s not a dildo that feels good during rapid thrusts due to its texture and firmness.

Speaking of texture those who dislike it will also dislike the Splash.

The Splash feels quite different from toys with bumps and swirls, so if you specifically dislike those textures then the Splash might offer an alternative. However if you dislike the veins on a firm, realistic dildo then you may not like the Splash (as this is probably the closest texture comparison that I can give).

Size is also an issue. If you prefer slimmer toys then the Splash might not work for you. The Splish is an alternative but it goes to the other extreme—it’s below average in girth. I wish Tantus would bring out another dildo in this range that sat mid-way between the Splish and Splash. I think we could all agree on how awesome that would be.

Because the Splash has so much texture it also requires a bit more care and attention during cleaning. Lube and fluids like hiding in the crevices and edges of the dollops so you’ll need to be thorough. The Splash is also a dust and hair magnet, adding to the cleaning issue. However the Splash comes with so many different cleaning options that this isn’t too damning.

The Splash was also too large for us to test anally. If you do want a review of the Splash as an anal toy then please check out The Big Gay Reviews’ review of the Splash.

On a more personal note I find the Splash to be an acquired taste of sorts. When I’m ready for this toy then I enjoy every moment and the orgasm is amazing. However if I’m not relaxed enough for the Splash then it becomes more of an irritation—a cluster of sensation that I’d rather be without. This doesn’t happen often but it can happen. Needless to say prep is very important when it comes to making the most out of the Splash.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to texture it really doesn’t get much more amazing than the Splash. It is the pinnacle of textured exploration and offers something that really stands out from the crowd.

It’s a toy that invigorates your vaginal walls while also rewarding your G-spot with a swell of ripples leaving no area untouched (or unaroused).

That being said, the Splash is not for everyone. You can’t really dip your toes into sampling the Splash’s texture. It is a majestic creation that caters mainly to texture lovers and requires a certain amount of experience.  However if you know the Splash is for you (or you’re willing to work with it) then this masterful dildo will reward you again and again.

Recommend to:

People who love texture.

People who love larger toys.

People who love firmer toys.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike texture.

People who prefer thinner toys (try the Splish).

People who prefer softer silicone.

Tantus provided me with the Splash in exchange for an honest review.

  • IFoundANickel

    I totally wish there was something halfway between the Splish and the Splash! *sigh*

  • It is really fantastic that Tantus provides non-realistic toys for those who prefer abstract shapes. The texture on the Tantus Splash is amazing, but it certainly is a Goldilocks situation, as you say!
    I’m glad my review helped you decide what you want in you upcoming sex toy purchases. Fingers crossed for you!