Product Review: The PicoBong ‘No Evil’ Accessory Line

Since the beginning of the year I’ve been questing to find the perfect collar and related BDSM accessories to suit my personal preferences. The items I wanted needed to be sturdy but comfortable, cute but edgy, and with a nerdy flare to them. So, naturally, you can imagine my enthusiasm when I saw the PicoBong Accessory Line.

With a bright, colourful aesthetic, the PicoBong ‘No Evil’ Accessory Line looks straight out of a video game. They could pass as a piece of retro BDSM memorabilia. They just look so amazingly playful but strangely stylish. I love them.

The PicoBong ‘No Evil’ Accessory Line

Now, I should probably clarify something here. When I say this line is colourful I am talking about the line of blue products that I have. The PicoBong Accessory Line also comes in pink and dark chocolate. Depending on which colour you go for depends on what impact the accessories will have, but I’m hooked on the vibrancy of the blue/black combo.

This entire range has a stylish retro feel that really stands out to me.
This entire range has a stylish retro feel that really stands out to me.

The entire PicoBong Accessory Line is made with 100% neoprene, which is quite popular among surfers. In terms of sensation neoprene feels quite soft and smooth but has a bit of graininess to it. Think about wetsuits and you have something very similar. Neoprene is durable, flexible and resists tearing, which also makes it a perfect candidate for BDSM gear. Neoprene can also be wiped clean quite easily, which is another bonus.

Each PicoBong Accessory has this wonderful studded effect to it. This is what really gives the line a creative flair and gives it character. With the blue and pink gear this is even more prominent and is where the retro feel comes from.

The studded effect adds to the aesthetics.
The studded effect adds to the aesthetics.

When I look at this accessory line I think about games like Pacman and it resonates with my inner geek and I’m totally up for geeking it up a notch in the bedroom (even more so when whips are involved). However even if you don’t necessarily get a retro vibe from this line the design is still striking enough to appeal to a large audience. There’s just something to playful and inviting about it.

‘No Evil’ is the theme of this entire line, and each product has its own name that ties into this. Because this is an entire accessory line I’m going to run through each item individually and list its respective pros and cons:

Speak No Evil Choker

“Can you handle the pressure?”

The Speak No Evil Choker is what really caught my attention and drew me in to this line. It’s a simple enough collar but the neoprene makes it comfortable to wear and the design makes it really stand out.

The Speak No Evil Choker comes with a leash which can be adjusted to a minimum of 10.5 inches and a maximum of 20 inches. The leash can also be used in conjunction with the cuffs to make a wrist-to-collar front or back restraint system. However if you just want to wear the collar (or use your own leash) then it can be easily unclipped and removed.

This collar uses Velcro to fasten it. I had my doubts about how effective this would be but my collar has never come off, despite me yanking quite hard on the leash at times.

This collar is a delight to wear but, at 18.5 inches long, it won’t fit everyone. Mr. Peaches also found that is felt uncomfortably clammy for him during hot days. I never had a problem with this personally.

Resist No Evil Cuffs

“Going somewhere?”

These cuffs are also made out of neoprene and utilize a Velcro fastening system. Because of this the Resist No Evil Cuffs are very easy to put on, even when going solo.

The fabric tie in between the cuffs is also adjustable. It ranges from 10.5 inches to 18.5 inches. There are clips that can be used to untie this fabric but I found them hard to undo while cuffed. Still the Velcro is easy enough to open if needed so there is no real danger in using these restraints.

Like the choker, these cuffs are incredibly durable and comfortable to wear. There’s no real downside to these cuffs, aside from how easily you can escape from them. This could kill the atmosphere for some, but it wasn’t an issue for Mr. Peaches and I. If anything I appreciated the extra reassurance.

See No Evil Blindfold

“Are you afraid of the dark?”

The See No Evil Blindfold takes advantage of its neoprene design the most with a semi-stretchy strap that helps fasten it tightly into place.

Once this blindfold is on you really can’t see anything; it’s almost a total blackout, save for a little slither of light near the bottom. Still this isn’t enough to warrant attention and certainly doesn’t break immersion.

Using this blindfold helps heighten the anticipation of what might come next while making sure the wearer looks stylish in the process. There’s no real downside to that.

This blindfold is surprisingly effective.
This blindfold is surprisingly effective.

Fear No Evil Teaser

“Pull off a tease with ease”

The Fear No Evil Teaser is nothing exceptional but its lovely handle keeps up the aesthetic of the range.

With the feathers firmly in place it’s easy to stroke them over your partner’s body and gently tantalize them.

The feathers are very soft and feel luxurious when stroked against the skin. But use them on a ticklish sub and suddenly they take on a more mischievous air.

It’s all about what you do with this lovely little tool but it’s not a must-have unless you really want to complete the ‘No Evil’ collection (but, c’mon, who doesn’t want matching BDSM gear?).

Take No Evil Whip

“Crack more than a smile”

A sturdy little whip with eight 10 inch long silicone tassels the Take No Evil Whip can be quite a formidable little stinger in some regards. Still this whip is gentle enough that it can be used by beginners without being too extreme.

The silicone tresses feel very similar to rubber ones, but have a flat surface to them. This delivers a sharp little sting that delivers an immediate jolt and fades quickly afterwards. It can leave marks but only when a lot of oomph goes into the hit. Still, the high pitch smack that the whip makes upon impact is pretty satisfying.

My biggest complaint about this whip is that because the tresses are broad they can be quite hard to control at times. They also need to be run through again after every few strikes to maintain a good amount of control. These are things that are good for beginners to learn but aren’t necessarily ideal if you wanted a low-maintenance whipping session.

Still the Take No Evil Whip is well-made and effective and really completes the collection.

This whip needs to be used with some care.
This whip needs to be used with some care.

Considering the quality of these items the ‘No Evil’ Collection is actually pretty affordable, especially if bought gradually over time. If you plan to do this I definitely recommend the choker and cuffs first so that you can get a feel for whether or not you like the range.

In terms of broader downsides there is only one: Neoprene can sometimes cause a reaction in those with sensitive skin or a latex allergy. If you know that neoprene irritates you then this line probably isn’t the best for you.

Other than that there’s really not a bad word to be said about this collection.

Final Thoughts

The PicoBong ‘No Evil’ Accessory Line is one of my favourite BDSM ranges out there and is a great little range for beginners and veterans alike. There’s something about its playful approach to BDSM that is so tempting and that sense of fun is translated during use.

I can definitely recommend it to anyone who is drawn in by the design and think we could all do with a little PicoBong bondage in the bedroom.

Recommend to:

People who like vibrant/retro styles.

People who want comfortable gear.

People who prefer gentle BDSM sessions.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who cannot wear neoprene.

People who sweat a lot.

People who prefer hardcore BDSM scenes.

PicoBong provided me with the choker, cuffs and blindfold in exchange for an honest review. I purchased the teaser and whip because I honestly love how awesome this range looks and wanted to own it all.