Toy Review: The Bad Dragon Cocksheath

Bad Dragon reign supreme when it comes to bringing some fantasy into the bedroom. Their colourful collection of customisable creature cocks is commendable, to say the least.

For furries, otherkin, and those who fantasize about a fantasy lover Bad Dragon’s toys are invaluable. The unique texture and the design of Bad Dragon’s range can also appeal to those who simple admire non-conventional dildo designs.

However, Bad Dragon don’t just do dildos. Oh no. With the help of Bad Dragon’s series of sheaths those with a penis can transform themselves into a well-endowed fantasy creature.

Mr. Peaches purchased one such sheath as a surprise present for me; in this case the Bad Dragon Cocksheath. Did I mention how much I love my other half?

The Bad Dragon Cocksheath

The Bad Dragon Cocksheath is Bad Dragon’s iconic cock sheath to my mind. Sure, they have others that replicate the penis of a werewolf or a basilisk but this cock sheath aims to be more dragon-like. The Bad Dragon Cocksheath has a few features that amplify this; the most predominant being scale-like ridges. The Cocksheath also has veins and a knot—two bulging balls that add some extra girth near the base of the shaft.

The Bad Dragon Cocksheath turns your fantasy into a reality.
The Bad Dragon Cocksheath turns your fantasy into a reality.

A ball strap keeps the Cocksheath firmly in place during use while the penis is comfortably slid inside of the shaft.

As an important aside the ball strap on out Cocksheath got a notable tear in it after a single use. This was understandably disheartening but we contacted Bad Dragon and they handled it exceptionally. We were told that this particular occurrence was quite uncommon and we were swiftly sent a new Cocksheath. Because of this I can definitely vouch for the customer service skills of Bad Dragon, who were incredibly helpful.

The Cocksheath is made out of 100% platinum cure silicone. This makes the Cocksheath phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, non-porous and completely body safe. It is also incredibly easy to clean. Just apply some soap/toy cleaner, give it a scrub and rinse it in some warm water. Easy peasy.

The silicone used for the Cocksheath is quite grabby. It’s the type of silicone that clings to the skin if not lubricated. As such water-based lube is a must when applying the Cocksheath, especially if you aren’t shaved.

The Cocksheath can be ordered in a variety of colours. Ours was a special edition, Geiger black. This has a metallic green sheen to it which is very beautiful in person. Whatever colour you choose you can be sure that Bad Dragon will make it to order with tender love and care.

There are two sizes available for the Cocksheath—small and medium. Don’t be deceived by these size descriptors, though. The measurements for each are available to see on the Cocksheath’s page and both are reasonable. Measure yourself before ordering and pick the one that you think will fit best.

Mr. Peaches and I were happy to find that the Cocksheath was quite easy to apply, even over the top of a condom. Once applied the Cocksheath hugs close to the penis snugly. In our experience it never feels too tight nor too lose. Instead it is just right. I was very surprised to hear that the Cocksheath wasn’t cumbersome in any way but Mr. Peaches assured me that this was the case. During use the Cocksheath felt very natural to him, almost as if it were a natural extension of his shaft.

The Cocksheath provides additional texture for everyone involved.
The Cocksheath provides additional texture for everyone involved.

The inside of the Cocksheath has ribs which allow the user to feel some sensation. While a nice touch Mr. Peaches didn’t get his main sensation from this feature. Instead the open top of the Cocksheath kept moving to stroke his coronal ridge during thrusts, adding a ribbed sensation to each thrust. For Mr. Peaches this was the main highlight of the Cocksheath when it came to enhanced sensations. The rest of the Cocksheath’s benefits were psychological; an appreciation of the aesthetics, the increased girth, and the effect it had on me.

Speaking of that effect, well, the Cocksheath certainly is something!

I won’t lie, I have to be in the mood to use the Cocksheath. The extra girth it provides is noticeable for me and I need to warm up with larger toys to comfortably take it. However once I’m in the mood the Cocksheath blows me away.

The added girth and external ridges of the Cocksheath do wonders to my G-spot and get my audible approval during use. The drag of the silicone amplifies this experience and feels particularly exceptional during doggy style.

Knotting the Cocksheath is also phenomenal.

Now I’ve never been the best at tackling knots on my Bad Dragon toys. The Elden is my biggest success, but my Elden is also diddy. So when I felt the knot of the Cocksheath pop into me not only did it cause a burst of sensations but it also filled me with a euphoric sense of victory and closeness. Knotting a Bad Dragon dildo is one thing. Being knotted by my partner was something else all together. It was an incredibly intimate and significant moment and I felt very close to Mr. Peaches afterwards. It was as if we’d achieved something very significant together (which we had). It was amazing.

Sharing this knot with my partner was an amazing experience.
Sharing this knot with my partner was an amazing experience.

That’s what the Cocksheath is particularly great at; it takes the Bad Dragon experience and makes it easier to share, amplifying the intensity.

Still, this isn’t to say that the Cocksheath is perfect.

Truth be told the girth isn’t the only reason I need to be in the right mood to use the Cocksheath. Y’see when wearing it Mr. Peaches goes from ‘thrusting-mode’ to ‘ramming mode’.

There’s something about the Cocksheath which makes him less aware of the firmness of his thrusts and, instead, it feels like he’s just trying to hammer the Cocksheath in as firmly as he can. This is probably partially due to his desire to shove the knot inside of me, which isn’t necessarily the fault of this toy, but it’s fair to say that with great Cocksheath comes great responsibility.

In terms of more objective downsides I was surprised to find that Mr. Peaches doesn’t really feel when the knot is inside me. In fact outside of the coronal ridge sensations tends to be dulled for Mr. Peaches. For all of the intimacy that the Cocksheath provides it’s also essentially a silicone barrier between our bodies, which makes discerning contact a bit more difficult for him. There’s an irony there, I swear.

The Cocksheath is also a dust and hair magnet. But as it’s so easy to clean I let it off the hook for this.

As a final note I do wish that Bad Dragon toys came with a storage bag as a default. I understand the sheer variety of shapes and sizes available is probably why this isn’t the case but I want a pretty storage bag to keep my Cocksheath safe *pouty face*

Final Thoughts

Overall Mr. Peaches and I have a great appreciation for the Cocksheath. It’s an investment that Mr. Peaches is fully satisfied with and one that enriches our sex sessions when used.

If you’re looking for a comfortable cock sheath that provides an interesting texture and has an open tip then I can certainly recommend the Cocksheath.

We may not always be in the mood for the Cocksheath but, when we are, Mr. Peaches’ mythical manhood fills me up and plunders my vagina (okay, maybe that’s one fantasy reference too far…).

Recommend to:

People who like niche adult products.

People who want a subtly textured cock sheath.

People who want to share the Bad Dragon experience.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who want a sealed cock sheath.

People who prefer more/less texture.

People who are unnerved by Bad Dragon’s products.