Some Thoughts On: The Wondrous Vulva Puppet

It’s been a week since Channel 4’s Sex in Class introduced the Vulva Puppet to the UK masses. However this wasn’t the Vulva Puppet’s first big gig. All you need to do is go to founder Dorrie Lane’s website and see a variety of ways in which the Vulva Puppet has been used (I have a particular admiration for the voice that Dr. Jennifer Gunsallus gives her vulva puppet).

That’s what these puppets are: a voice. A way for people everywhere to acknowledge and promote female sexuality and pleasure. This is obvious in the name of these puppets; they’re wondrous, something to be celebrated. The Wondrous Vulva Puppet is an amazing tool for education, empowerment, healing and so much more. And, if Sex in Class is anything to go by, it is certainly needed.

When working with 15-16 year old girls in a UK school Belgian sexologist Goedele Liekens found that 7 out of her 10 female students did not know where the clitoris was. 7 out of 10!

That is genuinely shocking and very upsetting. Women should know their own body and how to find happiness with it. They should have resources that enable this; resources that embrace female sexuality instead of shame it. It’s a very important topic and something we shouldn’t shy away from. Thankfully aids such as the Vulva Puppet help enable much needed conversations about this topic.

My pictures do not do this beautiful vulva justice.
My pictures do not do this beautiful vulva justice.

I’ve wanted a Vulva Puppet for a very long time but Sex in Class was the final push I needed to purchase my own. I got in touch with Sh! and purchased a red Vulva Puppet (one of my favourite colours, as my blog might suggest).

Seeing a Vulva Puppet on the screen is nothing like seeing one in person. Each Vulva Puppet is hand made by Dorrie Lane and they are, each and every one of them, stunning (something I can say about vulvae in general too).

Mine is a very rich red and has beautiful pink and light violet labia. It has a prominent clitoral hood and one of inner labia is larger than the other with a few creases. This is perfect; it reflects the rich diversity that exists in vulvae and teaches us to embrace these variations.

The red outer labia of my puppet is made out of the finest quality velvet and feels divine. Meanwhile the rest is made out of equally luxurious silk. It’s almost impossible not to want to stroke and hug a Vulva Puppet. It beckons people into embracing it (in more ways than one).

There is a certain amount of grandeur to the vulva puppet.
There is a certain amount of grandeur to the vulva puppet.

The labia, clitoris, urethra, vaginal opening and G-spot are all represented on the vulva puppet. The elegant design on the Vulva Puppet makes each of these easy to locate, making it a great sex education tool.

Some people might say that because the Vulva Puppet is not 100% realistic that it is somehow sanitizing the vulva or doing it a disservice, but I couldn’t disagree more. What Dorrie Lane manages to do with the Vulva Puppets is to take the abstract beauty of the vulva and make it manifest. Each Vulva Puppet is a celebration of everything that makes the vulva beautiful.

As said above, the artistic design of the Vulva Puppet also allows for easy identification whilst still maintaining the core anatomy of the vulva. To me, it actually demonstrates the vulva in a very intuitive manner. For example, I was very surprised to find that the crinkled fabric used as a faux G-spot actually evoked the sensation of the G-spot to me. Like, “yeah, that’s what the G-spot feels like”. It was a very nice touch.

Everything is beautifully represented.
Everything is beautifully represented.

To use the Vulva Puppet as an actual puppet all you need to do is place your hands inside the back of the inner labia and begin moving them…in theory.

In practice I’m still pretty bad at this. I’m too scared I’ll break my precious vulva and I can’t find a comfortable placement for my hands. It seems I’ve got a way to go yet until I find my vulva’s voice.

Overall I am incredibly happy with my Vulva Puppet and recommend them to anyone who wants to become an advocate for female sexuality. They make great display pieces, great conversation pieces, and great educational tools. They provide a safe object with which to discuss sex and sexuality and help people find their voice. If that’s not admirable I don’t know what is.

If you’re in the US you can buy your Vulva Puppet direct from Dorrie Lane here. If you in the UK then pop over to the Sh! site instead.