Toy Review: The PicoBong Moka G-Vibe

I think by now you all know that I believe sex toys are a fantastic addition to people’s lives. Not a must have for everyone’s sex life, but certainly something everyone should try at some point in their lives.  I also want people to try toys that are body-safe, reliable and generally well-made.

However I’m not naïve. I know a lot of toys that fit the above mentioned criteria are expensive, perhaps unachievably so for some. Finding a body-safe, reliable, well-made AND affordable toy is difficult, even today.

The PicoBong Moka G-Vibe (while on the higher end of the affordable spectrum) still meets these criteria to my mind. Designed for G-spot stimulation, the Moka presents a viable option for those who want an effective vibrator while keeping under a £40 budget.

 The PicoBong Moka G-Vibe

The PicoBong Moka G-Vibe primarily focuses on locating, teasing and pleasing the G-spot but, in all honesty, it can work well on the clitoris too. With a flat headed ‘precision tip’ the Moka has enough surface space to provide a good coverage for the clitoris. It can even be used to tease the perineum externally as well. What it cannot be used as is an anal vibrator, as it lacks a flared base.

Playful, affordable, and effective? Find out in this review.
Playful, affordable, and effective? Find out in this review.

The Moka G-Vibe comes in three different colours: cerise (pink), blue, or purple. My Moka is blue and I really adore this colour option. There’s something about the blue which is so striking and appealing to me. It’s also nice to see an option for a female toy that isn’t pink, purple or black. Bravo PicoBong.

In terms of material the Moka is a bit of a combination. The base/battery cap of the Moka is made from ABS plastic, as is the form of the Moka’s shaft. However the shaft of the Moka has been coated in a silicone skin to give it a brilliant smoothness. This silicone is FDA-approved, phthalate-free, non-porous, hypoallergenic and completely body-safe. It’s also so smooth that it puts silk to shame. You can feel the luxury while stroking it. It’s a material quality that should be more prevalent in the industry, in my opinion.

The Moka is battery powered. 2xAAA batteries will give you 2 hours of continual play but, of course, this will feel like longer when spread out across multiple shorter sex sessions. The Moka is also relatively quiet on its lower settings (it does become louder on the higher ones but we could never hear it through our door) and is waterproof to a depth of 1 meter.

The Moka G-Vibe isn't rechargeable but performs well for a battery operated toy.
The Moka G-Vibe isn’t rechargeable but performs well for a battery operated toy.

The Moka has 12 different vibration patterns and varying intensity levels. These are controlled by three buttons that are on the side of the vibrator. The + and – turn the toy on and off and control the intensity whereas the middle ‘M’ button filters through the patterns.

There are two things that I love about these controls. Firstly because they’re on the side of the vibe they cannot be accidentally pressed during use (but are still in a convenient location). Secondly the + button is actually closer to the base than the – button. This feels very intuitive in terms of ramping up the vibration intensity and I really appreciate this approach to the controls.

The vibrations from the Moka are pleasant; not the most powerful out there but not sub-par by any means. They start out with a very gentle hum which has a timid rumble to it. Mid-way this semi-rumble is still present but is accompanied with some more conventional, buzzy vibrations. The vibrations mid-way are still quite gentle but have enough depth to them to compensate. On the highest setting the buzz of this vibrator become more prominent but the rumbly undertone does still exist.

I would describe the strongest intensity of this vibe as high middling intensity. Similar to the Lelo Liv 2 on its highest setting. This isn’t going to wow a power queen but it should suffice for anyone who likes gentler vibrations and is definitely good for people starting to explore sex toys.

I personally wouldn’t make a habit out of using the Moka on my clitoris (it’s the wrong type of vibrations for me) but internally the vibrations of the Moka are more than enough to satisfy me. In fact on the higher levels it gets to that ‘gotta pee’ sensation and I have to tone it down a bit. During an orgasm I can certainly feel the vibrations and they do add to my climax—blending with whatever vibe I have on my clitoris at the time in a complimentary wave.

This head knows how to hit the spot.
The Moka’s curved head knows how to hit the spot.

In terms of shape I really appreciate the Moka. With an insertable length of about 5 inches and an overall length of 8 the Moka has a smooth, elegant appearance to it. And because the Moka only has a maximum circumference of 4.75 inches (which slims down to 3 inches at the neck) it never feels too intimidating. This makes the Moka a very good vibe for sex toy beginners looking to find their G-spot.

This is especially the case considering how effective the Moka G-Vibe is.

As soon as I insert this vibrator it instantly located my G-spot. The angle and shape of the head are just so well-conceived that the Moka can easily pinpoint most people’s G-spot. This is especially aided by the Moka’s firm form—allowing users to apply more pressure if they wish. I love wiggling the Moka gently up and down to stimulate my G-spot. The resulting orgasms are very effective and leave me in no doubt about the potency of the Moka’s G-spotting prowess.

Keeping that in mind there is one thing the Moka doesn’t excel at and that’s thrusting. Because the Moka does have a flat head with a curve it can hook on some people’s pubic bone and cause discomfort, especially during rapid thrusts. As such if thrusting is your favoured method of masturbation then the Moka might clash with your style.

Another (more troubling) downside with the Moka was that I noticed some fluids and water can leak into the battery cap area after use. This means that you’ll need to take off the cap after each use and give it a clean too. It also makes me worried about just how waterproof this toy is.

Other than these two cons, though, the Moka is pretty damned impressive. Especially when it retails at (wait for it) £39! Yeah, that’s right; you can get an effective, body-safe, and very well made silicone vibrator for under £40. To me that’s pretty damned satisfying (in more ways than one).

Final Thoughts

Overall I was very impressed with the Moka and think it would be a great addition to the toy box of newcomers or those who like higher mid-level vibrations.

The Moka’s head is perfect for its primary job, while also proving to be versatile enough for other uses. This allows the Moka to really prove its worth and encourages users to explore what works best for them.

And, at such a reasonable price, I can confidently say that there are many other vibrators on the market that deliver a similar experience for the same price (or under).

The Moka provides users with an enjoyable experience that won’t break the bank and I’m happy to be able to recommend it to you all.

Recommend to:

People who likes buzz/rumble vibrations.

People who like high mid-level vibrations.

People who are on a budget.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who like rapid thrusting.

People who like rechargeable toys.

People who prefer softer toys.

PicoBong provided me with the Moka G-Vibe in exchange for an honest review.