Some Thoughts On: Durex Latex Free Condoms

Durex knows how to make a good condom and these latex-free ones are no exception. In essence they provide all of the benefits of a normal condom without any of the iffy downsides for sufferers of a latex allergy .

Made from polyisoprene, most people with a latex allergy can use these condoms without issue. I personally don’t have a latex allergy but I do have a love of condoms, and I was eager to try these bad boys out.

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Exploring new types of condom is a passion of mine.

These condoms come in very typical Durex wrapping and have a very standard shape. The condoms themselves look pretty much indistinguishable from latex condoms, which is great! After all, what we’re going for here is a viable alternative to latex products and not something that deviates from the norm.

For those who dislike odours these condoms have a very faint smell when held close up to the nose but are otherwise scent-free. The smell in question is a light hint of the material it’s made out of, nothing more.

Although made of a non-latex material it is important to note that Durex only recommends water-based lubricant with these condoms. Silicone lubricant is oddly advised against whereas any form of oil-based lube is also a no-no. These condoms come with their own light layer of lubricant but it might not be enough for some.

During use these condoms felt lovely. From my perspective they allowed for increased definition and I was able to feel more of Mr. Peaches when using them. This provided additional stimulation and generally led to improved sensation over some condoms.

As for how Mr. Peaches felt, he described these condoms as keeping in line with other Durex condoms. They were nice to use but not a massive game changer. Regardless they were still very enjoyable for him and he would be happy to use them regularly.

The only very notable downside that we had with these condoms was application. For some reason these condoms felt a little snugger than typical Durex condoms and didn’t slide down his shaft as easily. A little lubricant remedied this problem but it still might irritate some.

If you dislike the general feel of Durex condoms then you might also dislike these non-latex ones (as they stick very close to the Durex formula). In this case it might be worth exploring other non-latex alternatives (such as Mates Skyn).

Overall we were incredibly happy with the performance of these condoms and I even found them to be a slight improvement over Durex’s latex range. Definitely something to try if you want to lose the latex but keep the fun.

Recommend to:

People with latex allergies.

People who want STI & Pregnancy protection.

Women who want slightly increased sensation.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who like silicone & oil lubricant.

People who want very thin condoms.

People who see no need to change their usual type.

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