Toy Review: The Oxballs CockSling 2

The Kink Fairies over at Uberkinky have truly granted my wishes. This is my first official review on behalf of Uberkinky and I was lucky enough to be offered an item that I have been craving for a very long time; the Oxballs Cocksling 2.

Mr. Peaches and I both go crazy over cock rings (and cock & ball toys more generally), so of course the Oxballs Cocksling 2 felt like a natural progression for us. It was the next step up on our wishlist and we had very high hopes for it.

After some rigorous testing we’ve both come to a sure conclusion about the Oxballs Cocksling 2. Our love for it is as prominent as the smooth divide that it provides between one’s cock and balls. This product is a massive asset for cock & ball toy connoisseurs everywhere and we both highly recommend it.

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The Oxballs Cocksling 2

The Oxballs Cocksling 2 combines the benefits of a cock ring and a ball stretcher into one convenient package (designed to enhance your package). The Cocksling 2 is so well-received that, over the span of 3 years, Oxballs reported that they sold more Cockslings than any of their other toys combined. If that’s not an endorsement of quality then I don’t know what is!

This product looks simple in appearance but is brilliant in design.
This product looks simple in appearance but is brilliant in design.

The Oxballs Cocksling 2 is designed to delay orgasm, enhance sensation, and create an intense, hugging feeling that only a cock ring/ball stretcher combo can achieve.

A lot of thought has gone into the Cocksling 2’s design. Working off of the original Cocksling’s design, the Oxball Cocksling 2 made sure to add more material to high-stress areas so that the sling was more durable. The Cocksling 2 is also made out of super-flex TPR—allowing it to stretch up to 6x its size without issue. The Cocksling 2 also possesses a built in divot for the user’s urethra. This means that the wearer can still urinate with an erection while using the Cocksling 2 and can reach climax without any pinching sensations. Discomfort can be a problem for some people when they use conventional cock rings, so this is a very handy and thoughtful feature.

The Cocksling 2 has a built in divot to alleviate pressure.
The Cocksling 2 has a built in divot to alleviate pressure.

As I stated before, the Oxballs Cocksling 2 is made out of TPR which, if I’m honest, was probably the biggest thing stopping me from buying one. TPR (Thermoplastic rubber) is phthalate-free, and hypoallergenic but it is porous. It’s not the most porous material out there but it is still porous, meaning it can absorb some unfavourable things and cannot be fully sanitized.

However for something like the Cocksling 2 I do understand why TPR was used. You definitely need a flexible, stretchy material to make this toy work and TPR fits the bill. Still, when using this toy do be aware of its porous status Re. sharing it with others. When cleaning it make sure to use antibacterial toy cleaner or soap and some water. Do not use rubbing alcohol, a 10% bleach solution, or try to boil it. Don’t use oil-based lubricants either, as they can damage the material. Basically, if you want your Oxballs Cocksling 2 to last then you need to show it some TLC and learn to work with the material, not against it.

In terms of the toy’s appearance and feeling, the Oxballs Cocksling 2 looks rather shiny and has a very grabby feeling to it. It’s not sticky in any regard but does cling to the skin. Because of this users might find lubing up the Cocksling 2 to be useful before application. This is especially true if you have pubic hair.

Putting the Cocksling 2 on is easy but may take some practice at first. Mr. Peaches and I tried it two different ways; him applying it and me assisting his application. Teamwork proved to be the best approach but overall we didn’t struggle with any of these methods.

When worn the Cocksling 2 looks amazing. Dividing the balls and shaft into two different sections, the Cocksling 2 manages to enlarge the appearance of both and leave them looking firm and ready for action. This is an appearance that some find to be goofy but, personally, I find it incredibly arousing.

Some nice details have been added by Oxballs.
Some nice details have been added by Oxballs.

From my perspective the Cocksling 2 made Mr. Peaches’ firmer and more pronounced. I could also feel his balls move against me much more which added an exciting new sensation to our play sessions. Mr. Peaches did seem to last longer with the Cocksling 2 but the main draw for me was the enhanced sensations and the overall appearance that the Cocksling 2 managed to achieve. I’m a definite convert.

Mr. Peaches also really likes the Oxballs Cocksling 2 (in fact it might be one of his favourite cock & ball toys). For him the Cocksling 2 holds his shaft and balls in a snug position that makes him feel bigger and harder. In use Mr. Peaches found that the Cocksling 2 made everything feel much more sensitive—amplified, even—while also helping with his endurance. It’s a good combination for him and allows for some very intense orgasms.

For Mr. Peaches the divot did make a difference but it wasn’t revolutionary. This is because, while he acknowledges that conventional cock rings can cause some pressure, he’s never found that to be a bad thing. Orgasms with the Cocksling 2 came with the absence of that pressure, but for him that alone wasn’t an enhancer. It was just different.

Because the Oxballs Cocksling 2 did such a great job at pulling back his foreskin Mr. Peaches found orgasms with this product exceptional and would definitely recommend it to others. Considering his appraisal, it seems this product is particularly useful for those who like the snug feeling of a cock & ball toy but who dislike the pressure or would like to experiment with new sensations. Or, y’know, anyone with a cock. That’d work too.

In terms of downsides I’ve already touched upon most of the major ones.

If you dislike TPR (or simply need a non-porous toy) then you might want to avoid this product. Application can take a little bit or practice and you need to be thorough when cleaning this product. The grabby material is also a dust magnet meaning more washes are required. If you personally like the pressure that conventional cock & ball toys provide then the divot of the Cocksling 2 might actually be a downside to you instead of a plus. That’s most of the major downsides covered.

The only other observation I would make is that the material does have some imperfections (which you can see in my photos). These, for the most part, don’t affect the toys use at all so they’re more cosmetic than anything else.

Final Thoughts

Overall Mr. Peaches and I both love the Oxballs Cocksling 2 and it’s become our go-to product when it comes to amplifying Mr. Peaches’ genitals (both in terms of sensation and eye candy).

The decorative aspect of the Cocksling 2 is definitely appreciated but it’s the sling’s effectiveness that has really won us over and left us both singing this toy’s praises.

If you like what you’ve read in this review then I honestly can’t think of a reason as to why you shouldn’t buy your own Cocksling 2. This is a fantastically designed toy made out of an appropriate material that is used to great effect. If you have a cock and balls then you need to know what it feels like to have this sling wrapped around them, it’s that simple.

Recommend to:

People who like cock & ball toys.

People who don’t mind TPR.

People who value good design choices.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike cock & ball toys.

People who dislike TPR.

People who prefer lots of pressure.