Product Review: The Liberator Wedge

Sex furniture does not get the attention that it rightly deserves. These items may not look like much, but some can easily have a very positive long-term impact on your sex life. That is my conclusion after trying the Liberator Wedge.

For some of you this will be no surprise. The Liberator Wedge has long been hailed by the sex blogging community as a fantastic product which is well worth saving up for. But this can be a bit tough to swallow when those savings amount to £89.99.

When I received the Wedge from Liberator in exchange for an honest review I was very aware of its price tag. So the ultimate questions of this review became as follows: what exactly does the Liberator Wedge contribute to a person’s sex life and it is worth spending £89.99 on? Read on to find out.

The Liberator Wedge

The Liberator Wedge is a literal foam wedge designed to provide support for couples during sexual activities. It doesn’t sound to fancy but Liberator have been making ‘bedroom adventure gear’ for more than 12 years now and they know their stuff.

The Liberator Wedge is a foam masterpiece.
The Liberator Wedge is a foam masterpiece.

The Wedge has a length of 24 inches, a width of 14 and a height of 7 inches. It’s angled at 27-degrees and has been made from high-density foam, which has been perfectly selected for the optimal firmness.

Liberator is very committed to being responsible to the environment. Because of this all Liberator products, including the Wedge, come in ‘eco-compression packaging’, which means less waste and more enjoyment. This Eco-packaging is definitely worth acknowledging, as it shows how dedicated Liberator is to both their business and our planet. But, anyway, back to the Wedge.

The Liberator Wedge has three different aspects to it. Firstly there’s the foam wedge itself, then there’s a moisture-proof polyester liner and, finally, there’s a soft microfiber cover. This microfiber cover is what makes skin contact during use and it is very pleasant. Velvety in sensation and great for getting a grip, the microfiber cover can be easily wiped clean with a baby wipe after use or machine washed for a more extensive clean.

The Wedge itself feels very firm but also quite accommodating. It’s substantial but also very light and is generally well-made for its purpose. You can certainly tell that Liberator know what they’re doing.

The Wedge comes with a moisture-resistant layer which can be washed in a cool cycle.
The Wedge comes with a moisture-resistant layer which can be washed in a cool cycle.

Because the Wedge is literally an angled piece of foam what you take from the Wedge is what you put into it, and the ideas are almost limitless. Liberator are kind enough to give you a few suggestions, though, and the Wedge is recommended for enhanced oral, anal, doggy and cowgirl style (among others). The Wedge comes with a little booklet illustrating how to position the Wedge for some of these styles and they’re all very easy to follow.

So how do Mr. Peaches and I feel about the Liberator Wedge? Well let’s give this review a bit of context.

Mr. Peaches and I have long been fans of elevated sex. I personally really dislike vanilla missionary style and stuffing pillows under my back is a must for that position. But pillows slide and fumble. They’re not exactly made for our rigorous sexcapades. They’re acceptable but ultimately flawed facilitators.

As a larger lady I’ve also always struggled with the cowgirl position (and woman-on-top  generally). The angle has never felt quite right and it becomes somewhat of a struggle against discomfort. Doggy style is always great but we tend to use a strap to get a deeper angle.

The Liberator Wedge has transformed how I experience all of these sexual positions and more.

Almost every time I have sex now I excitedly grab for the Wedge. It enhances positions that were already great for me and makes not-so-great positions not only do-able but thoroughly enjoyable. Missionary style has gone from great to phenomenal. The Wedge’s material grips well against the skin, keeping me in place, whereas the angle allows for more G-spotting action and a more satisfying fill.

Whereas before cowgirl used to be desirable but difficult it is now effortless. The angle the Wedge provides gives me the control I used to be told cowgirl should give you. It’s good to be on top of things. The actual sensation also feels much more substantial and pleasurable. It’s a real game changer.

I can finally take control of this position now, thanks to the Liberator Wedge.
I can finally take control of this position now, thanks to the Liberator Wedge.

As for doggy style? Well, I’ve always loved doggy style but now, thanks to the Wedge, I have the option to make it more intense, more focused and (admittedly) a bit more lazy. All I need to do is position the Wedge in the right place and lay myself over it to get fantastic stimulation from Mr. Peaches. Loud moans of approval occurred a lot.

Mr. Peaches and I are different heights, too, so the Wedge opens up new chances for sex with him standing that we didn’t necessarily have before.

In short the Wedge is a truly masterful piece of equipment that can open up all new ways to explore sexual intimacy and enjoyment with your partner.

So, are there any downsides to the Wedge? Well yes, of course, but they are pretty miniscule in comparison to its benefits.

At first Mr. Peaches and I found that new positions with the Wedge took some experimentation and getting used to, but isn’t that true of any new position? Exploration certainly doesn’t equal bad and we certainly had a good time with the new positions. However if you’re the type of person who dislikes change to the max then the Wedge might put you outside of your comfort zone a bit.

It is also a fur and dust magnet, or at least the cover is.

The other downside to the Wedge is its size. I don’t know why but I expected the Wedge to be smaller. I’m glad it’s not but it is still something to consider. Can you accommodate a piece of sex furniture in your current living situation?

Then, of course, there’s price. £89.99 is a lot for a foam wedge. But, as I hope this review has shown, the Liberator Wedge is not just any foam wedge; it is the perfect foam wedge for the job. Liberator has poured years of expertise into this product and the result is an object that sincerely brings new sensations to the bedroom (and they’re definitely worth having).

Even if you’re happy with the positions you use now I can guarantee that the Wedge will allow you to reinvent those positions and experience them in a new and exhilarating way. It keeps things exciting, it enhances pleasure, and it encourages intimacy. It could also potentially be invaluable for some people (such as larger people or people with disabilities). What more could you want?

If any of this appeals to you then I say the Wedge is worth saving for.

Final Thoughts

Overall I adore the Wedge and thoroughly admire its ability to make a significant impact on a variety of sexual positions. While the Wedge is not a necessity it is an amazing enhancer and one that is worth every penny.

If you struggle with certain positions, or simply want to experience them in a revitalized way, then banish your pillows for good and try elevated sex the way it was meant to be. You might end up seeing things from a different angle.

Recommend to:

People who like elevated sex.

People who need assistance for positions.

People who like to explore new angles.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike elevated sex.

People who do not have the storage room.

People who still cannot justify the cost.