Product Review: Trojan Naturalamb Luxury Condoms

For all the time we’ve been together Mr. Peaches and I have used condoms. Sure, I’m on the pill, but we both agree that we’d rather have the extra security if it’s available to us. Plus, for us, condoms are sexy. We love experimenting with new condoms. We love finding new favourites and exploring new sensations. Condoms are a great compliment to our sexual activities, as well as a way to stay safe.

It was with this passion for exploration in mind that I decided to take the dive and purchased some Trojan Naturalamb Condoms. As a viable alternative for couples who are allergic to latex condoms (or simply want heightened sensation), Trojan Naturalamb Condoms were something I simply had to try.

Trojan Naturalamb Luxury Condoms

Contrary to popular belief, lamb skin condoms such as the Trojan Naturalamb ones are not made out of lamb skin. Instead they’re made out part of a sheep’s intestine. Because these condoms are made from a natural membrane they provide what Trojan describe as ‘skin-to-skin intimacy’, providing an almost natural feeling. They are also more receptive to temperature changes, which helps with this.

The Naturalamb Condoms promise an intimate and luxurious experience. But do they deliver?
The Naturalamb Condoms promise an intimate and luxurious experience. But do they deliver?

For many people there will be some negative associations with putting a sheep’s membrane onto your/your partner’s penis and that’s fine. Of course this product is 100% off the table for vegans and may be questionable for some vegetarians. Some people may also just generally find the idea to be too much to handle. From my perspective if you’re willing to eat animals and generally utilize animal parts in other products (such as a lot of beauty items) then a lamb skin condom isn’t the most surreal of products.

One very important thing to highlight with the Trojan Naturalamb Condoms is that, while they do protect against pregnancy, they do not protect against STIs. Because of this it is best to use Naturalamb Condoms with partners you know are free from STIs. These condoms are definitely marketed more as a luxury experience for pre-existing couples rather than an extensive device to protect users under all circumstances.

The Trojan Naturalamb Condoms come in some very nice packaging—highlighting their luxury status. The box they’re contained in looks like a sturdy golden gift box and the condoms inside are kept perfectly in place with a plastic divider. In addition to the condoms the box also contains a leaflet warning about the lack of STI protection and showing users how to apply and remove the condom. This is pretty standard stuff but it’s always nice to see regardless. When it comes to such drastically different condom designs it’s also just good practice to check the leaflet for instructions.

I want to serve up all of my condoms in such an elegant little box.
I want to serve up all of my condoms in such an elegant little box.

The condoms themselves aren’t shaped exactly like latex condoms. Lacking a reservoir at the end, the Naturalamb Condoms are also rather sizeable, which is designed to feel more comfortable for the user. In terms of measurements Naturalamb Condoms have a length of about 8 inches, a width of about 2.67 inches across and has a thickness of 0.07mm.

The Naturalamb Condoms come in a wrapper that looks very typical, but as soon as you can open it you’ll be able to tell the difference.

The first thing that struck me when I opened up my first condom wrapper was just how scrunched up the condom is. Most latex condoms (and even non-latex ones) have a very standard shape that is pretty round. However Naturalamb Condoms come kind of scrunched up and twisted. This doesn’t affect how you get the condom out of the wrapper at all but it does mean that you need to be more mindful when applying the condom.

The Naturalamb Condoms do look a bit odd at first glance.
The Naturalamb Condoms do look a bit odd at first glance.

The first thing that struck Mr. Peaches, on the other hand, was the smell of the condoms. These condoms do have a very distinct odour and there’s no real way to avoid it. For me they smell kind of like a lamb bone left over after a roast, with some of the meat still on it. For Mr. Peaches there was more of a chemical smell, like a preservative. I am not bothered by this smell, Mr. Peaches is.

Rolling the Naturalamb Condom on is very easy. Trojan have given these condoms a Kling-Tite band which keeps the condom firmly in place once applied.

Of course the real benefit of lamb skin condoms that is always highlighted is just how amazing they feel during use. And, yeah, I can’t fault that at all.

Mr. Peaches and I both really loved using these condoms and they definitely made a difference. Because these condoms are made out of a natural membrane they actually have their own sort of sensation that feels wholly different to latex. Mr. Peaches describes it as a certain ‘roughness’ but without any unpleasant associations.

With a looser fit these condoms also have a bit more motion during use—sliding and moving with the person—which also heightens sensation.

For me the Naturalamb Condoms felt very effective and, at times, did make it feel like Mr. Peaches was wearing nothing at all. Most of the time, though, I was suddenly aware of more texture. Mr. Peaches’ penis became more prominent and I could feel his coronal ridge much more. This is a huge bonus for me and meant that stimulation was significantly increased.

Mr. Peaches also found the condoms to be exceptional. While he was always aware that the condom was there its unique feel provided him with some very strong sensations which lead to fantastic orgasms. The texture was definitely the biggest bonus for him.

That being said when I asked Mr. Peaches if he could feel more of me with the Naturalamb Condoms on he said no. What he could feel was the difference in the condom, and for him that felt very good during intercourse. But that sensation wasn’t skin-to-skin intimacy as much as it was skin-to-Naturalamb-skin.

This may worry some potential buyers, who are looking for the real feel, but it is worth noting that Mr. Peaches and I have never been without a condom and therefore really don’t know the difference. Other reviewers who have been able to compare-and-contrast have said that the Naturalamb Condoms do feel more like a natural experience so I do think these condoms can effectively help emulate that.

For us, then, the only other huge downsides to these condoms were the smell and the price.

The odour of these condoms will be off-putting to some and were to Mr. Peaches. To my mind all condoms have an unnatural odour and it’s just something that a person can get used to over time but if you feel it is a deal breaker for you then that is fine.

Now, as for the price, with a 10 condom pack you’re effectively paying £2.89 per condom, which is quite expensive. However with Naturalamb Condoms what you’re buying isn’t an average condom—it’s a unique and heightened experience to enjoy as a luxury. Would I buy these condoms for daily use? Of course not. But would I buy them as a special treat? Hell yeah!

Final Thoughts

The Naturalamb Condoms provide a sensual, intimate, and wholly unique experience during use. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every sexual experience that I’ve had which involved them and I feel like these condoms can be a really special treat for some couples.

The smell may be off-putting for some but the sensation that they provide is more than enough to counter the odour for Mr. Peaches.

If you’re in a committed relationship and want to try a condom that focuses on sensation and closeness then I would definitely recommend the Trojan Naturalamb Condoms. They may not be for daily use but each experience you have with them is well worth the money.

Recommend to:

People who dislike the smooth/rubbery feel of condoms.

People with latex allergies.

People who only need pregnancy protection.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike strong natural odours.

People who need STI protection.

Vegans and certain vegetarians.

These condoms were purchased using my sponsor’s support. If you liked this review please click on their links and check out their own fantastic products and services.

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