Product Review: The Fifty Nights of Naughtiness Game

It’s a bit cliché, but it’s true what they say; variety is the spice of life. That’s why adult games can be so much fun. Adding a sense of spontaneity and the unknown into the mix, adult games can force us outside of our routine and allow us to try new things. They promote communication and sexual wellbeing, all while maintaining a playful vibe. At least, the good ones do.

Fifty Nights of Naughtiness is one of those games. At an incredibly affordable £12.50 this game offers couples fifty nights worth of naughty activities, determined randomly. I wouldn’t say this game was perfect, by any means, but when it comes to price and excitement there’s a lot to like about Fifty Nights of Naughtiness.

About Bonne Amour

The Fifty Nights of Naughtiness Game was provided to me my Bonne Amour in exchange for an honest review.

Bonne Amour are the new kids in town but they’ve already made a very good impression. Bonne Amour actually reached out to me asking if I’d like to review products for them and if I could give my honest feedback on their site. They are friendly and incredibly receptive to feedback (as well as providing an impressive selection of products).


Bonne Amour value trust, honesty and playfulness. Their site is still in its infancy at the moment but Bonne Amour have ambitions to launch interactive games and competitions to help add a light-hearted feel to things. The cheery demeanour of the Bonne Amour site is infectious and I’ve found myself smiling on more than one occasion while reading their blog.

In addition to all of the above Bonne Amour are also committed to passing on the best deals they can. Free batteries, free gifts, and free shipping over £30 are also some things that you can expect.

My communications with Bonne Amour have been nothing but a joy so far and my game arrived very quickly. Although Bonne Amour is just starting out they are worth paying attention to and I look forward to seeing where they go from here.

The Fifty Nights of Naughtiness Game

Fifty Nights of Naughtiness is one of two adult games inspired by the Fifty Shades of Grey series of books. The game is designed to introduce thrills and ideas into a relationships while also building off of the pre-existing intimacy that a couple possesses. Working off the building blocks that a relationship already has is something that I can appreciate and I really admire this game for taking that route.

Explore each other's pleasure points with this provocative game.
Explore each other’s pleasure points with this provocative game.

The game itself consists of 50 different cards that are revealed to the players over, you guessed it, fifty nights of naughtiness. These cards start of gently and increase in intensity—with the gentlest cards being ‘virginal white’ and the most intense cards being deep black. If I had to categorize these cards in terms of what they deliver I would probably do so as follows:

White: Sweet, romantic little gestures and games meant to get couples talking and having some light-hearted fun.

Pink: Playful actions that are a little bit cheeky. Intended to tease and tantalize.

Red & Scarlet: Actions that encourage sexual exploration (and even a bit of sex education). The Scarlet cards are meant to be a bit more erotic and naughty but, in my opinion, the Red & Scarlet cards are very similar in their themes.

Black: Again, the actions in this deck involve sexual exploration but with a stronger element of kink and experimentation to them.

The game is played by rolling a die (which is provided in the pack). The die’s 6 sides have colours on them to match the colours of the cards, along with a yellow side which means you get to decide the card colour for the night.

At 5 categories, 10 cards each this game gives you a lot of activities for your money.
At 5 categories, 10 cards each this game gives you a lot of activities for your money.

While this is the recommended way of playing the game I also think it’s valid to be able to just pick one card per day, working your way from the white section through to the black. For me this would allow a growing level of intimacy and exploration rather than a random garble of activities. That is just personal preference, though, and really this game could be played in various different ways. As long as you’re picking out cards you can’t really go too wrong.

When trying this game out Mr. Peaches and I learnt a few things quickly.

The first thing we learnt is that not all of the cards will be practical for everyone. Some people will not have a shower comfortably big enough for two. Some people will not be able to afford to go out to dinner (or their schedule may not allow it), and some people will not want to rub banana around their vulva (don’t ask). Most of the cards will be playable for most people but it’s worth looking through the deck first and deciding which cards will and won’t work for you.

Despite being called Fifty Nights of Naughtiness we also found that the cards were probably best opened at the beginning of the day each day. This is because some cards will require you to do activities (such as go out for dinner, or leave the house for certain purposes) that won’t always work if you open them up at night. Opening the card in the morning allows you to plan your day around the activity and adds a sense of anticipation of the action (you know it’s coming, but when?).

Opening the cards in the morning may also allow for some essential planning, because some of these cards require some prep work. Mr. Peaches, for example, drew a card involving mints; we had none in the house and it was night time so we couldn’t fulfill the card’s demands.

At first these points may seem a bit off-putting but there should be no issue with this game as long as you read all of the cards before starting your fifty nights, open the cards in the morning and make sure you’ve planned for what is needed. Logistics are important in games and this one is no exception but play your cards right and you’ll be able to *ahem* play your cards right.

Because I like to get my reviews published in a reasonable amount of time Mr. Peaches and I have yet to complete our fifty nights of naughtiness but we have enjoyed the activities that we’ve tried so far.

For the purposes of this review we have been randomly rolling the die to determine what colour card is drawn. I don’t like this method and I would much rather prefer to go in some order, but I can’t deny that it does up the surprise factor and adds a bit more thrill.

In terms of the card’s content I personally like the White and Pink cards above the rest. There’s something about the tender and playful cards that just draws me in and makes me feel like we’re doing something truly special.

The white cards were the sweetest for me. Each 'card' is also actually a little envelope which you open to unveil your activity.
Each ‘card’ is actually a little envelope which you open to unveil your activity. The white cards were the sweetest for me.

Of course, with fifty night’s worth of cards this game provides a lot of activity for just £12.50. In terms of replayability there is also so reason as to why you couldn’t whip out this game at least once more when you’re both in the mood.

I think the biggest downside to these cards is that fifty nights of naughtiness in a row may probably be unrealistic for a lot of couples. My suggestion? Take this game at your own pace. Know what you’re getting in to and set some agreed upon rules if you need to. At the end of the day this game is designed to insert some playfulness into your love life, and that should be done in a way that best suits your mutual desires.

Sadly this set is also very, very cis. Sorry my queer lovelies.

It could probably be modified to suit the needs of any gender or sexuality but it would be nice if there wasn’t a need for that. But, hey, the game is based off of FSoG so I suppose it had a set audience in mind.

Final Thoughts

Overall I think that Fifty Nights of Naughtiness is a fantastic game for people looking for some intimate inspiration at a reasonable price. While it may take some prep and not all cards will suit all people, it does provide a fantastic basis for fifty fantastic nights.

I would definitely recommend it to heterosexual couples looking for a playful, prolonged, and passionate game.

Recommend to:

Heterosexual couples.

Couples who like event-based adult games.

Couples who can prep for the experience.

Do Not Recommend to:

Queer/Poly couples.

Couples that prefer challenge-based adult games.

Couples who cannot commit to a prolonged game.