Toy Review: The Fun Factory Boosty

As you probably already know, the Fun Factory Bootie is one of our favourite toys. So much so, in fact, that when Mr. Peaches and I went to London without it I seriously considered buying another one mid-way through the trip, we love it that much. So, as you can imagine, both of us were more than ready when the Boosty arrived at our doorstep.

The Boosty is the bigger, quirkier counterpart to the Bootie. It has the same loveable base and a similar neck and curve, both great assets. However the smooth aesthetic of the Bootie is instead replaced with playful bulbs which curve upwards. With added texture and added size the Boosty is advertised as a butt plug for ‘avid devotees of anal pleasure’. But, with that said, did it work for us? Read below to find out more.

The Fun Factory Boosty

The Fun Factory Boosty perfectly represents Fun Factory’s playful style. Fun Factory has previously made a point of saying how they combine playful aesthetics with practical designs and the Boosty certainly fits into that policy. Coming in a classic black or a stunning teal colour the Boosty’s globular structure makes it look slightly mischievous as well as enjoyable. Our Boosty is the teal one and it’s simply gorgeous. I love toy companies that do more colours than black, purple, and pink.

The Boosty has a cheeky appearance and a great colour to it.
The Boosty has a cheeky appearance and a great colour to it.

The Boosty itself is made out of 100% medical grade silicone which is phthalate-free, non-porous, and completely body safe. It’s also extremely easy to clean. Soap/toy cleaner and water will do the trick just fine. The Boosty’s silicone has a very grabby, velvety surface which takes up lubricant very well. This is very important, especially for an anal toy where lube is essential. The Boosty’s neck and base are both quite flexible but its bulbs are pretty firm, which gives them added pressure and sensation during use.

The first bulb on the Boosty starts at a max circumference of about 3.5 inches with the second becoming about 4.5 inches and the last one being about 4.75 inches at its maximum.

The unusual shape of the Boosty is great for increasing sensation during insertion, but it does make things a bit more difficult. Even the first bulb is still quite blunt in comparison to more tapered toys such as the Bootie. This means that some users (such as Mr. Peaches) will have to warm up to the Boosty with other toys. That being said some reviewers have had no problems inserting the Boosty so it really does depend on your body and your experience. I wouldn’t recommend this toy to complete beginners and neither, it seems, would Fun Factory.

That being said the Boosty does aid you with insertion due to its firmness and ability to effectively retain lubricant.

Like the Bootie the Boosty has an excellent base which is slim, comfortable, and basically brilliant in every way possible. This base is incredibly comfortable and allows the Boosty to rest securely between one’s butt cheeks while never feeling obtrusive in any way. It’s a solid 10/10.

This base it what other butt plug bases wish they could be like.
This base it what other butt plug bases wish they could be like.

In terms of sensations Mr. Peaches really, really liked this toy. For him its firm form and general design allowed it to apply perfect pressure to his prostate and gave him strong, long lasting orgasms. To quote him they were ‘the really nice kind’ that make you ‘just lie there and enjoy them’ long after the initial climax has come and gone. I do love me some after-orgasm glow and the Boosty certainly delivers in that regard.

Despite the prominent bulbs of this toy Mr. Peaches could not actually feel the texture during use but he did find that it made the Boosty feel girthier during insertion (hence the need for a warm up toy). This might be disappointing for someone who craves extra texture from their anal toys but, for us, it wasn’t a big issue. There is also a seam on the Boosty which some people can feel and some can’t Mr. Peaches couldn’t feel it so it didn’t detract from use for us and this seems to be the norm.

In terms of downsides there aren’t many more when it comes to the Boosty. It does retain some butt smell but that’s not unusual for a silicone sex toy. By this point I’ve come to accept it and just use a stronger toy cleaner to bust the odour. For others it won’t even be an issue.

Besides that there are no more downsides to the Boosty that Mr. Peaches and I could observe. In terms of use Mr. Peaches is less inclined to use the Boosty than the Bootie but only because he has to prep before using the Boosty whereas the Bootie is more suitable for spur-of-the-moment-trysts. However this doesn’t detract from the effectiveness of the toy when used, it just means that we have to plan for it beforehand. The results when we do are always enjoyable.

Final Thoughts

Overall Mr. Peaches and I really liked the Boosty and found that its firm form and well-executed design lead to some seriously strong sensations. That being said this is a butt plug I’d only recommend for those who have some experience and who know that they like girth.

The Boosty might not look like much but its design does make it seem bigger, which will be a plus or a minus depending on your personal preferences.

Although it’s not a toy we can use spontaneously I know that Mr. Peaches and I will continue to use the Boosty in future and will enjoy the orgasms that it prompts.

Recommend to:

People who like texture for insertion.

People who like girthy-feeling toys.

Medium-difficulty butt plug users.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike texture for insertion.

People who dislike girthy butt plugs.

People who are completely new to butt plugs.

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