Toy Review: The Idée Du Désir Papillon Vaginal Plug

Sex toys, by their very nature, are quite personal items. Each toy has its own unique aspect to contribute to a person’s sex life and it will either succeed or fail in doing so (or perhaps just end up being ‘meh’). So when I say that the Désir Papillon felt very intimate to me it might not seem like much, but it’s a statement that rings wholly true to me.

There’s something about the Désir Papillon that inspires such a feeling of closeness. Perhaps it has something to do with the material; wood is naturally quite warm and very inviting. It’s smooth and enters the body easily but also feels fairly rigid—constantly reminding you of its presence. Perhaps it’s because of the shape of the Désir Papillon, which is primarily designed as a vaginal plug. Or perhaps it’s the personal element; the Désir Papillon is ‘made-to-measure’ in that it comes with two different measurement for the clitoral arm.

Whatever it is I adore the intimacy of the Désir Papillon and whenever I slip it into my body a feeling of arousal is not far behind.

The Idée Du Désir Papillon

The Désir Papillon is made by one of my favourite crafters in wood, Idée Du Désir. I reviewed Idée Du Désir’s Structured Orchid back in June last year and was immediately smitten by it. In shape and function the Structured Orchid is perfect and it’s a toy that I rank up there with the very best of them. With that in mind I was incredibly excited when Idée Du Désir accepted my request to review the Désir Papillon.

The Désir Papillon is an exciting vaginal plug made with luxury and enjoyment in mind.
The Désir Papillon is an exciting vaginal plug made with luxury and enjoyment in mind.

Designed as a triple stimulating vaginal plug, the Désir Papillon has three main pleasure points that it hopes to please. Its long frontal arm is aimed at clitoral stimulation, with a curve that allows it to work with the body’s natural contours. Meanwhile a shorter, more tapered part of the Désir Papillon’s arm is designed to provide anal stimulation. This is typically intended (from what I can tell feel) to rest on the anal rim and keep a firm presence there.

The actual vaginal bulb is designed for G-spot stimulation (perfectly designed for it, in my opinion). The bulb has a very similar shape to the Orchid (and even shares its 1.5 inch diameter). However the bulb of the Désir Papillon does feel a bit more short and stout allowing it to comfortably sit in the vagina while also locating the G-spot with incredible ease. Idée Du Désir knows what they’re doing.

Meanwhile inside the vaginal bulb is a steel ball which jiggles as you walk, much like some kegel exercisers. This adds yet another level to the Désir Papillon, although it is mostly an enhancement to its internal stimulation.

These sections work to stimulate the clitoris and anus.
These sections work to stimulate the clitoris and anus.

One of the most striking features about the Désir Papillon (aside from its shape and internal ball) is the material that it has been beautifully made out of. With an elegance that’s almost effortless while also being indicative of a high level of craftsmanship, the Désir Papillon is a true champion in the field of wooden pleasure objects. My Désir Papillon is described as the ‘black and white’ model and combines a beautiful light wood with a darker (but still very delicate) counterpart.

All of Idée Du Désir’s woods come from sustainable forestry developments in Europe, making them not only environmentally friendly but also environmentally conscious too. And, for those who fear splinters, you should know that each Idée Du Désir product is finished off manually to make sure the surface is a smooth as possible.

I personally found my Désir Papillon to be smooth and without a single fault. Beautiful to the point of being inviting in its presentation, the Désir Papillon even has Idée Du Désir softly imprinted into the wood and still manages to look flawless.

This personal touch enhances the product rather than detracting from it.
This personal touch enhances the product rather than detracting from it.

Indented company logos are a real pet peeve of mine and usually make a toy harder to clean but I had no such issues with the Désir Papillon. In fact the Désir Papillon is incredibly easy to wash. All you need to do is wash it with some soap, rinse it with water and then dry it off or allow it to air dry. Not once was the indented logo an issues and the Désir Papillon retained no bodily scents; a testament to the body-safe and non-porous varnish that is applied to each and every Désir Papillon.

Because the Désir Papillon has so many aspects to it there are quite a few different ways to use it. The first and, perhaps, most obvious way to use the Désir Papillon is as a vaginal plug. Simply pop the plug in and go about your business, allowing it to stimulate you. Personally I found that the Désir Papillon made for a very comfortable vaginal plug. Once inserted the two arms of the Désir Papillon hug into place and provide sensation without ever feeling uncomfortable.

The vaginal bulb is very good at locating the G-spot.
The vaginal bulb is very good at locating the G-spot.

While using the Désir Papillon in this manner I actually really enjoy just sitting down and doing slow, thrusting motions. These thrusts always feel substantial and the Désir Papillon works with my body perfectly in this way.

The vaginal bulb provides a wonderful amount of G-spot stimulation and keeps you moving around to feel the various ways that it can hug your vaginal walls, and that’s saying nothing of the internal ball.

Speaking of that internal ball let’s look at the next way to use the Désir Papillon, which is as a kegel exerciser. Now, I won’t lie to you; while the Désir Papillon works fantastically as a vaginal plug not everyone will be able to hold it in place for long periods of time without some form of kegel strength. Thankfully the Désir Papillon also makes a great kegel exerciser, aided by its internal jiggle ball.

When I heard the name of this product I was pretty convinced that the Désir Papillon’s internal ball would be quite gentle—a flitter of sensation now-and-then, like the delicate flutter of a butterfly’s wings. However the internal ball is actually quite prominent and is, in my opinion, even stronger than those in Lelo’s Luna Beads.

With this in mind it is very easy to be aware of your kegel exercises when using the Désir Papillon and it basically automatically prompts you into clenching in response to the internal ball’s prominent jiggles.

However, for a more focused (and enjoyable) exercise I highly recommend clenching and releasing while using the Désir Papillon; basically doing conventional kegel exercises while it’s inserted. I tried this and it was sincerely amazing.

With each clench of my muscles the Désir Papillon was pulled in closer to my body, causing its two external prongs to increase their stimulation. At the same time the vaginal bulb receptively strokes your vaginal wall, making the kegel exercises not only effective but also incredibly pleasurable.

The Désir Papillon can also be used more conventionally as a dildo (with an optional vibrator applied to the toy for increased sensation) but I personally didn’t have too much luck with this.

While the Désir Papillon does get me incredibly aroused, its clitoral stimulation is a bit too tame to actually take me over the edge. Yes, you can apply a vibrator to add more to the experience, and yes I did try that, but I personally found the wood to be a barrier in doing so. Don’t get me wrong, wood can transfer vibrations incredibly well, but I’ve never really been a fan of rigid vibrators and I prefer a broad type of stimulation so the Désir Papillon simply fell short as a triple-stimulating dildo.

That is not to say that others won’t like it. If firm, focused pressure on the clitoris and anus is what you like to reach orgasm then the Désir Papillon is practically made for you. If you don’t mind the way that vibrations transfer through wood then you’ll probably find it a good fit too.

In terms of other downsides, well, I really can’t find that many with the Désir Papillon.

If you dislike wood as a sex toy material then, obviously, the Désir Papillon is not for you. The internal ball, while enjoyable, also makes a discernible rolling noise, so this product isn’t 100% discreet. If you are a penis-owner the Désir Papillon is also sadly something you’ll have to miss out on  (Thank you to Miss Sid for rightly pointing out that using this toy anally can be enjoyable for all genders. Apologies for my air-headed moment).  Price is also a factor. The Désir Papillon sells at $145 which, while reasonable for an artisan sex toy, is still pretty steep for a vaginal plug.

Final Thoughts

Personally I adore my Désir Papillon and really appreciate it as a primer to sex—the precursor to other activities that are ultimately heightened by the way that the Désir Papillon so expertly primes my body for heightened sensitivity (seriously, the orgasms that follow after wearing the Désir Papillon are always intense).

However when choosing whether or not the Désir Papillon is a good fit for you it is worth considering how you respond to triple stimulation and to perhaps explore similar forms of stimulus prior to your purchase.

If, like me, you feel like the Désir Papillon would work as a primer to other activities but not as the main event then it’s worth thinking about whether or not its price tag is justifiable to you.

I can’t easily say whether or not I would have been disappointed with how the Désir Papillon performed for me if I had purchased it. Yes, it’s a pricey object, but it still functions perfectly as a vaginal plug and the results are complimentary to amazing orgasms. Would I really ever be able to be upset with that? It’s hard to tell.

Overall I am really pleased with the Désir Papillon and feel like it is a toy that could sincerely enhance some people’s sexual experiences. If you think you might be one of them then I encourage you to save up and take the plunge. With hope the Désir Papillon will fulfill your desires.

Recommend to:

People who like jiggle balls.

People who like triple stimulation.

People wanting a vaginal plug.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike jiggle balls.

People who dislike firm materials.

People who need direct clitoral vibrations.

  • MissSid

    I’m curious as to why you say men can’t use this as an anal plug. Looks like it would make an amazing one to me, with the huge base and steel ball inside.

    • Honestly I do think it can be used for anal. I think I just had my blinkers on when writing this review as I don’t personally engage in butt play a lot (whoops!).
      The review has now been edited to factor this in. Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention!