Toy Review: Zolo Pocket Pool Masturbators Stripes Collection (8-Ball)

For the longest time Tenga has had the monopoly when it comes to disposable male pleasure products, but that might be about to change. Now there’s Zolo too and they mean business.

I guess it’s only fair, really, for penis-owners to have more variation in the masturbation market and I’m happy to see Zolo expanding the market. That being said there’s no way that the similarity between Zolo and Tenga’s products can be ignored. When I cracked open the Zolo Pocket Pool Masturbator and saw its content Mr. Peaches and I were like “Yeah, that’s a Tenga egg”. The resemblance is uncanny.

Still, there’s no denying results and the Zolo Pocket Pool Masturbator performed amazingly. Huzzah for variety!

Zolo Pocket Pool Masturbators Stripes Collection (8-Ball)

The Zolo Pocket Pool Masturbators are one-use items meant to be used as a stroker. The masturbator comes in a plastic ball and plays into a kind of snooker/pool theme. The red ball is even called 8-ball while the ball comes with the slogan ‘Your stick has never come into contact with balls like these!’

The Zolo Pocket Pool 8-Ball might come in a rounded container but inside the stroker is an egg-like shape.

Inside each Pocket Pool container is the mastubator, which comes with a plastic tube inserted and some lube (so no need to buy extra). Again, the Zolo Masturbator looks very similar to a Tenga egg and the execution is almost identical.

The Zolo Masturbator is soft and incredibly stretchy, which means it can accommodate most shafts. Zolo hasn’t released the details of what their masturbators are made out of but if I had to make an educated guess I’d say it was TPR. TPR is nice and soft but is also porous. However as it’s a one-use item this isn’t too much of a worry.

Each Zolo Masturbator has a different texture inside it. The 8-Ball is designed with a repeating ribbed pattern which is meant to provide a more intense sensation.


The conventional way to use a Zolo shaft would be for a hand job. You can either place the 8-Ball on the tip of your shaft and stimulate the head and coronal ridge in a twisting & teasing motion or you can move it up-and-down in a more conventional manner (or, perhaps, a bit of both).


However Zolo has also offered some unconventional methods of using their toy including (it seems) putting it on your penis pattern-side-out and using it during sex, putting it on your dildo and doing the same, or putting it on your finger and using it for external and internal stimulation. I wouldn’t personally be inclined to try any of these. The finger method is interesting but seems like a waste of this toy’s true potential, meanwhile the other two methods seem like they wouldn’t work unless a cock ring was involved.

With this in mind Mr. Peaches and I opted for the more conventional method of use.

Although these toys might highlight their potential as ‘zolo’ toys, we decided to use them as a couple. Placing the 8-Ball on Mr. Peaches’ shaft I noticed that the material, while soft, was also quite thin and hard to get a consistent grip on. Because of this I did have to reposition my hands when using it which did interrupt the flow a bit for me. It’s hard to find an experience immersive when you constantly have to keep aware of your positioning.

That being said Mr. Peaches really enjoyed the feel and texture of the 8-Ball. It’s sometimes hard to ascertain the effectiveness of one-use toys but Mr. Peaches was in no doubt that he liked the 8-Ball after use. For him the 8-Ball glided over his shaft and, while he didn’t find the texture to be revolutionary, he did feel like it did the job in stimulating him. With the 8-Ball Mr. Peaches reached orgasm quickly and it was a strong and intense experience.

Because of his positive experience Mr. Peaches would certainly try a Zolo product again, though I personally found them to be a bit more flimsy and loose compared to Tenga’s eggs. This is probably the biggest downside of the 8-Ball and this thin material can sometimes dull the sensation of the 8-Ball’s texture.

This item is officially a one-use product but if washed thoroughly you might be able to get a few more uses out of it (though hygiene is key if you plan to do this). However if you’re environmentally aware then a toy that is so disposable might still be a questionable purchase to your mind, which I can respect.

Final Thoughts

Overall Mr. Peaches and I liked the Zolo 8-Ball and felt like it was good for a special occasion or a one-time treat. Ultimately it’s nothing ground-breaking but it does add to the repertoire of male masturbators on the market.

If you like masturbators and you want to try something besides a Tenga egg then at £7.99 it’s worth giving the Zolo 8-Ball a try. However if you’re happy using Tenga eggs or simply have no interest in disposable masturbators then it might be worth giving this product a miss.

Recommend to:

People who like Tenga eggs.

People who like ribbed texture.

People who like solo or couples toys.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike Tenga eggs.

People who dislike thin material.

People who dislike disposable products.

A big thank you to Bondara for providing the Zolo 8-Ball in exchange for an honest review.