Product Review: The House of Eros G Spot Flogger

Dildo floggers are such a fun premise. If you’re using it on someone else (or having someone else use it on you) then it takes submission to a new level. If you’re using both the flogger and the dildo then you become the master of your own pleasure and the primary executive of your submissive’s pain.

The House of Eros G Spot Flogger has caught my attention for a long time now—mainly because of its curved tip, which seemed perfectly poised to deliver strong internal stimulation. In theory this product had the potential to be a fantastic dildo in addition to being a formidable flogger.

Carvaka Sex Toys were kind enough to let me know if this would be the case in practice.

A Volatile Vagina

I’m going to be honest off the bat here and say that the original flogger I received encountered some…difficulties. After using it only once internally with a water-based lube I found that the sealant on the wooden handle had been compromised and had to contact Carvaka Sex Toys. Carvaka Sex Toys handled this incredibly well and I got a new flogger sent out to me via House of Eros themselves.

An example of the damage.
An example of the damage.

Apparently, according to House of Eros, my flogger had encountered an extremely rare occurrence wherein the sealant reacts to the combination of the lubricant and some women’s natural lubricant which disrupts its integrity. This has only happened twice in the last 30 years of House of Eros making these floggers (my incident included) so it is extremely rare but I did feel the need to mention it.

Because of this I received one of the signature range floggers as a replacement which is coated with an acrylic plastic which is non-reactive and should last a lifetime. Obviously it wouldn’t be fair to review this signature artisan piece as if it were the normal House of Eros Flogger so what I’m going to do is review the normal flogger as a flogger and then comment on the dildo-aspect which, for me, came from using the signature flogger. However as the shape of the dildo is very similar (and as each of these items is slightly unique anyway) it shouldn’t affect the quality of this review at all.

The photos included are of the signature range flogger but aside from the sheen of the acrylic and the firmness of the tails the general appearance of the toy is very similar to the normal G Spot Flogger.

The House of Eros G Spot Flogger

The House of Eros G Spot Flogger is a truly masterful piece of equipment. Of course I expect no less from the House of Eros—a company that employs people who are wholly dedicated to their craft and have a wealth of both practical and design knowledge. When you purchase a House of Eros product you can be assured that you’re purchasing something that was made to be as aesthetically pleasing as it is practically appealing. The House of Eros also pride themselves on the durability of their product and if you take care of your flogger it should last you a very long time.

This flogger is built to last.
This flogger is built to last.

At £55.17 the House of Eros G Spot Flogger is a pricy buy but it’s definitely an investment. This flogger is made with quality in mind and it definitely shows. Sapele wood was selected to make the handle/dildo for this flogger and it’s absolutely gorgeous. Full of warmth and the richest details this dark reddish brown wood has a golden sheen to it in places that can be seen when held up to the light.

The shaft of my flogger measured about 9.5 inches in length but this can vary (my signature flogger, for example, has a length of 10.5 inches). Made to be a dildo as well as a handle, the wooden segment of this flogger has an elegantly thin neck before expanding outwards to a wide, relatively slim curved head.

The rich luster of the wood used makes it truly beautiful.
The rich details of the wood used makes it truly beautiful.

Meanwhile the falls of the flogger are made from cow hide and are extremely soft and supple. Stroking these falls is very enjoyable because of of soft they are, they’re really as smooth as butter! This enchanting sensation is incredibly alluring and even very tender at times, making the G Spot Flogger great for build-up as well. Running the tresses over my partner’s skin I can gently guide him into being receptive to new sensations before starting out with the firmer motions.

The tails are well-secured in the flogger and look like they can dish out some damage too.

The tails themselves measure about 40cm in length.
The tails themselves measure about 40cm in length.

In use as a flogger I really enjoyed the House of Eros G Spot Flogger. Even though the handle is a dildo it’s still easy to find a good grip and to wield the flogger as you wish. The flogger itself mostly provides a nice thumping sensation which can be gentle or firm depending on what you choose. It can also come with some sting depending but the thump is the main sensation and it’s something that Mr. Peaches and I really adored.

I found that there was a lot of control when using this flogger however my partner and I are not into extreme pain so I couldn’t say how well it would do at dishing out more substantial hits. However as it’s made by professionals I can only assume that it’s up to the task.

Because of our experiences I would definitely recommend product to people who are looking for a sturdy and well-made flogger, as it’s certainly one to add to the arsenal.

This flogger is certainly up to the job.
This flogger is certainly up to the job.

As a dildo my experiences were sadly not as enthusiastic.

When requesting this product for review I did not anticipate how distracting having leather tails attached to my dildo would be. I didn’t see it being a problem in theory however in practice they proved to be very distracting. It was kind of like a mental disconnect; I wanted to focus on the toy in my vagina but the leather stroking my legs kept on redirecting my focus. This won’t be an issue for everyone (it may even be a bonus for some) but it didn’t work well for me.

In addition to this I found that the curve and slim shape of the dildo simply didn’t fit with my body. I couldn’t find a comfortable way to use this dildo and it generally didn’t fit well with my anatomy. Again, I am aware that this is a very personal problem. Not every dildo will suit every person and some people will love the angle of this toy’s head but, for me, it just didn’t sit right.

This curved head and I simply couldn't get along.
This curved head and I simply couldn’t get along.

That being said this toy did find my G-spot with ease and I could orgasm with it. The curved head meant that these orgasms could be quite strong and targeted but my discomfort never faded.

Again, this is just me and if you’ve enjoyed similarly shaped dildos before or like the idea of having leather stroke your thighs as you use the flogger as a dildo then your experience may be different but I could not get along with it as a dildo.

Aside from personal preference was there anything to dislike with this flogger? Well not at all really. It’s very easy to clean and to maintain, it handles very well as a flogger, and the natural benefits of a wooden dildo are also applicable with this flogger.

Final Thoughts

It’s a shame that I didn’t enjoy this flogger as a dildo as much as I had hoped but, overall, by enjoyment of this item greatly outweighs its downsides.

As a flogger the House of Eros G Spot Flogger is so well executed that I feel a sense of pride just being able to own it. And (of course) it’s become a valuable asset in the bedroom.

Its blunt thumping sensation upon impact combined with the subtle sensation of its tresses stroking against my skin is something that I’ve come to crave and it’s a sensation I can certainly recommend.

If, like me, you feel like the dildo wouldn’t work for you and you want to make full use of the product then it might be worth giving this miss. But otherwise this is a fantastic product which, with some TLC in between BDSM play sessions, should last for a very long time.

Recommend to:

People who like floggers.

People who like a thumping sensation.

People who want an penetrative flogger.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who just want a flogger.

People who just want a dildo.

People who dislike a harsh curve on their G-Spot toys.