Some Thoughts On: Five Reasons to Try Ardor the Couples Card Game

I’ve had Ardor since December of last year and it’s still again that Mr. Peaches and I enjoy playing from time-to-time. As you may have read in my review Ardor is a card game experience designed for two people to play and enjoy, but there’s so much about it to love.

With that in mind I’ve decided to list what I think are five reasons to try Ardor with your partner. These are the things that, for us, sets Ardor apart as an adult game that is definitely worth a try.

Reason #1: It Enables Communication

Right from the start Ardor scores huuuge points for its primary goal.

Sometimes when we’re in a relationship it can be incredibly hard to let our lover know some of the more intimate details about ourselves. On the other side of things sometimes we consider ourselves such an open book that we don’t always think to explicitly declare what we actually want.

At the core of this adult game Ardor aspires to provide a safe and relaxed environment in which a couple can explore their desires and build on their communication.

Ardor has an array of different cards that help open up a dialogue between partners and readily lets the conversation flow in a playful manner.

My favourite Ardor cards stem from this goal of communication. Name 3 things you think make sex great. Give your partner a personalized sex manual of your erogenous zones. Tell your partner 3-5 things you love about them. All of these cards work to foster communication while also acting to affirm the strength of a relationship. Perfection.


Reason #2: It Presents Trust Exercises

There are a lot of cards in the Ardor deck that could put you in a potentially unfamiliar experience. Being blindfolded, for example, can come up a fair bit, or you may be asked to masturbate in front of your partner.

Outside of Ardor it may be a bit hard to get the initial guts needed to take these steps in a relationship. However playing Ardor gives you a sense of safety and mental preparation that could very well allow you to try out these new experiences.

The situation basically allows you to engage in trust exercises with your partner which might not have otherwise come up. Placing your sexual satisfaction in the hands of your partner, or exposing something of yourself to them, can be an incredibly intimate experience which builds up new layers of trust.

Of course if you don’t want to do these things Ardor also has Pass to Partner and Refuse cards and consent is always in play, but having the opportunity to engage in these exercises can be very liberating and affirming in its own way.


Reason #3: It Can Be Very Playful

Did I mention the Daenerys Targaryen thing in my review? How about the We Will Rock You lapdance? Oh yeah, those happened.

And that’s one of the other things that I really love about Ardor. For each card that is about creating a dialogue or building trust there’s another that’s just about some nice, cheeky fun between two eager adults.

This is where food and temperature play can usually get involved too, which allows for some daring and uninhibited exploration even during the more whimsical parts of the game. Fun and games abound when Ardor is on the table.

However, beyond the purely cheeky moments Ardor has something really special to offer…


Reason #4: It Encourages Intimacy

I’ll always remember the moment when my partner gave me that card. “Dance with your lover to a song of his/her choice”. The moment I picked it up my heart skipped a beat. I couldn’t contain my smile, nor my gratitude. Placing on one of my favourite slow dance songs I moved over to Mr. Peaches. He gently took my hands and we began to dance.

As I hugged up close to him I couldn’t help but thank him for the incredibly sweet moment. Although we’re still pretty romantic to each other on a day-to-day basis my heart fluttered during that dance like it did when I first started to fall for him.

Such is the magic of Ardor. While this card game has the versatility to essentially be whatever you want it to be during any given game it does have some sincerely intimate and heart-warmingly tender moments to offer, should you decide to take them up.

This ability to go from very intense or playful from one moment to incredibly sweet and affectionate the other is something I really love about Ardor.

Besides, who doesn’t want to have a romantic little slow dance from time-to-time?


Aaaaaand finally…

Reason #5: There’s Sex Involved

Yup, and lots of it. Five different sex cards per game to be precise.

While not all of these sex positions are logistically sound it can be great fun to try out new positions and generally get a bit wild in the bedroom.

If you win you can also show your partner just how much you love them by treating them to a round of all of their favourite sex cards. Alternatively you can take the opportunity to teach them exactly what you like or maybe even include a bit of both.

Okay, so maybe the fact that there’s sex in an adult card game isn’t that big of a shocker. However, after all of the fun you’ve had in the other rounds you’ll be just as happy as Mr. Peaches and I when the game finally lets you jump each other and release all of that sexual tension.


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Alternatively you can use the code LETSCELEBRATE to get 15% off of Ardor right now. Whichever option you choose I hope that you and your partner have a ton of fun with Ardor. Mr. Peaches and I certainly do.

Until the next review!

Emmeline Peaches.