Some Thoughts On: Changes to the Crash Pad Series

The Crash Pad Series has a special place in my heart. It was the first porn site that I ever reviewed and, ever since that point, I’ve continued to be utterly infatuated with it. This is, in no small part, due to their ethical approach to pornography—which sees consent, safe sex practices, and equal pay all gain the attention they deserve. The premise for the Crash Pad Series is also incredibly enticing and full of potential.


Imagine a secret apartment in San Francisco—one where the lube never runs out and the sheets are always clean. In this apartment you can do almost anything while a Keymaster watches in an act of sheer voyeurism. Your deepest desires and wildest dreams can all be fulfilled in this clandestine meeting place; all you need is a key to enter and a world of hot, queer sex is suddenly open to you. But even the Crash Pad has rules. Well, one rule really. Once you’ve used the key seven times you have to pass it on. From there the pleasure keeps on rolling and we, the viewer, get to enjoy every moment.

Hot, right? I certainly think so.

When I reviewed the Crash Pad Series it was hard to imagine how it could possibly get any better but, to my delight, the Crash Pad Series has found a way.

As of May 2015 the Crash Pad Series saw some fantastic changes to its site. These changes were the result of a huge membership survey (proving just how receptive the Crash Pad Series are to input from their members) and the resulting relaunch is just stunning. The first, most obvious, change to the site is its presentation. When entering the site now you are greeted with a beautiful, streamlined design that feels stylish and thoroughly welcoming. However there is so much more to the relaunch than just this.

The Crash Pad Series has gone through some big changes that amplify it's already amazing assets.
The Crash Pad Series has gone through some big changes that amplify it’s already amazing assets.

The most prominent changes that Crash Pad Series can now champion are playlists, a randomized shuffle feature, the option to sort videos using icons (such as fisting, BDSM, ejaculation, etc.). The new layout is also mobile-friendly, catering to all our modern smartphone needs.

Having gained press entry to check out the changes I was thoroughly impressed with just how elegant and efficient the new Crash Pad Series is. The playlist and icon system allows users to pick a theme and check out what’s available, machining it very easy to locate and explore exactly what you’re interested in. Meanwhile the random shuffle feature is a nice way to discover new cast members and, perhaps, even a new kink or two.

When I first got access to the new Crash Pad Series I went straight on my phone to test it out. I own a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the Crash Pad Series was a breeze to skim through with my phone. The icon system really shines through in mobile use and the videos played without issue.

The structure of the mobile site makes for very intuitive browsing. Some sites on the net seem practically designed to hinder mobile browsing but the Crash Pad Series is the exact opposite. This site complements mobile use in every way to the point where it actually enhances the experience. It is the perfect portable porn fix.

Using it on a tablet was equally effortless, as was using it on my laptop.

In terms of content I have already wrote a myriad of posts endorsing the Crash Pad Series so I won’t dwell on it too much though. I was incredibly excited to see Episode 182, in which Chocolate Chip and Tastee Treasures bond over their love of a certain horse-based superhero. The nerdy angle had me smiling with glee while the behind-the-scenes interview was very interesting—presenting the idea of porn as a way to engage with anxiety. Put the Needle on the Record is also a well-narrated and very nicely shot short film which is definitely worth a watch.

Goofy horse masks and hot queer sex with the BS Alex? How could I resist!
Goofy horse masks and hot queer sex with the BS Alex? How could I resist!

In all honesty there are so many amazing videos to enjoy on the Crash Pad Series that it’s hard to list some out without listing them all. My favourites tend to be the ones where people are enthusiastic and make jokes and are sincerely enjoying themselves and, thankfully, on the Crash Pad Series there’s a lot of shoots that meet that criteria. The behind-the-scenes videos are also incredibly interesting to me and they’re a treat all their own.

As Kay Kardia and Lux Fury demonstrate in Episode 194, there's no shortage of smiles and believable chemistry at the Crash Pad Series.
As Kay Kardia and Lux Fury demonstrate in Episode 194, there’s no shortage of smiles and believable chemistry at the Crash Pad Series.

As if all this wasn’t enough the new Crash Pad Series has two more tantalizing changes.

Firstly the old membership level system for the Crash Pad Series is now a thing of the past. Instead all membership perks are combined into one all-inclusive membership package. This package costs $25 for one month, $69.99 for three months (equivalent of $23.33 per month), or $119.88 for one year (equivalent to just $9.99 per month). Whatever package you choose the membership is billed in a single one-off payment.

The final exciting change is a big one; the Crash Pad Series now accepts Paypal, so you can easily pay for your membership in a safe and secure manner. This, to me, is a massive difference and definitely makes a Crash Pad membership seem all the more appealing.

So if you like hot, queer, feminist porn with a huge focus on consent, safety, and representation then why not join up to the Crash Pad Series today. With a new site (but the same key) there’s never been a better time to join.

Until the next review!

Emmeline Peaches.