Toy Review: The Swan Wand by Swan

Are you a power queen? Do you like large toys? G-Spot stimulation? How about intense external massager for your perineum, perhaps? You need this toy.

The Swan Wand was generously given to me by Sexy Time Toys in exchange for an honest review and, since that point, I’ve used it for every masturbation session that i’ve had.

It’s become my go-to. My preferred clitoral vibe. My own personal power house. I adore this vibe and I’m so excited to be able to talk to you about it.

About Sexy Time Toys

UPDATE: No longer in business. Links now go to Peepshowtoys. If you wish to support the site please make purchases through these affiliate links.

Sexy Time Toys is a rather new online retailer but they’re already made quite a positive impression on the adult community. With a very active Twitter presence (which also advertises various discounts) Sexy Time Toys have shown that they truly care about what they do.


Sexy Time Toys have a passion for high-quality adult toys, films, and accessories. Their mission is to help empower people who make their sex lives a priority. Each item in Sexy Time Toys has been handpicked to this purpose and Sexy Times Toys will often tweet about their newest additions.

The Sexy Time Toys site is easy to navigate and looks very clean and chic. This makes Sexy Time Toys a very approachable website and helps counter any stigmas that people have about sex toys and sex toy retailers.

Working with Sexy Time Toys has been a sheer delight. Communication is always effortless and the Swan Wand arrived in a reasonable time frame. Coming from the US to the UK it did, unfortunately, gain a small customs charge but this is no fault of Sexy Time Toys and is simply something to stay mindful of.

When it comes to the US though folks can expect free shipping when they spend over $75.

Overall I am incredibly excited to see a retailer like Sexy Time Toys in the community and I hope that their good business practices and safe toy choices get justly rewarded by consumers.

The BMS Factory Swan Wand

The Swan Wand Rechargeable Waterproof Silicone Vibrator (originally named the Palm Power Recharge) is the most powerful product in the Swan line yet. Every effort went to making this toy into a formidable beast and, in my opinion, they succeeded. Not only does the Swan Wand deliver powerful vibrations but it also has two insertable sides—one of which is larger than the nJoy Eleven.

If you like vibrant, deep, powerful vibrations then this is the vibe for you.
If you like vibrant, deep, powerful vibrations then this is the vibe for you.

BMS Factory designed the Swan Wand to be elegant and fun and it certainly ticks both of those boxes. With a virtually seamless and gracefully curvaceous silicone body, the Swan Wand looks very appealing. The Swan Wand also comes in a sturdy black box (which is equally geared towards elegance) and has its own black storage bag with the Swan logo on the front.

I definitely appreciate the inclusion of a storage bag, as I want to protect my Swan Wand as much as is humanly possible. If it broke I would cry. There would possibly even be a small funeral in its honour.

However if you do find that the Swan Wand has a defect or factory fault of any kind then you’ll be happy to know that it comes with a 1-year limited warranty and a 10-year limited guarantee. All you need to do is register your Swan Wand to take advantage of these great safety nets.

The Swan Wand is made out of 100% silicone which means it’s phthalate-free, non-porous, hypoallergenic, and generally body-safe. This silicone has a powdery smoothness to it but it’s also very draggy so I highly recommend using lubricant with this toy.

A full charge takes about 4 hours and can last for up to 8.5 hours.
A full charge takes about 4 hours and can last for up to 8.5 hours.

The Swan Wand is certified waterproof, fully submersible, and is rechargeable via USB. The USB cable that comes with this toy also has a little Swan tag on it which is truly awesome.

I know it doesn’t seem like much at first but if, like me, you have a lot of rechargeable toys then you probably know the pain of having to find the right charger for the right toy. By putting a clear label on the toy BMS Factory have eliminated this worry and made things much easier for sex toy owners everywhere.

This label is a life saver.
This label is a life saver.

Another useful feature of the Swan Wand is its travel lock. To travel lock the Swan Wand all you need to do is hold down both buttons for at least 5 seconds. The vibrator will vibrate to let you know it’s locked and then you’re sorted. The same applies for when you wish to unlock the vibe. Simple.

In fact the buttons are generally very easy to use.

There are two buttons for the Swan Wand. You may think these are to turn the toy up and down, but no; the Swan Wand actually has two amazing motors and each button controls each end. To turn an end on all you need to do is press the appropriate button.

The Swan Wand has seven different vibration functions—three different continual vibration intensities and then four different patterns—and pushing the right button will cycle through them all. Alternatively you can hold the button down to manually choose how much intensity you want from your Swan Wand (though this only works with the continual vibrations).

The Swan Wand’s two sides can be controlled independently and can have two different settings running at once. This means you can have the larger side going at full force on continual speed while the smaller end is on the ripple setting. This may sound a bit superfluous but I found it was great for using the Swan Wand to stimulate my entire genital area—providing an overwhelming rumble from two directions.

To turn the Swan Wand off all you need to do is press both buttons at once. Nice and easy but very difficult to do by accident. I like it.

The smaller end has a max circumference of 5 inches and provides a more buzzy sensation.
The smaller end has a max circumference of 5 inches and provides a more buzzy sensation.

But, of course, the Swan Wand’s real asset is its vibrations, and they certainly are the star of the show. Previously I have owned and praised the Palm Power Wand (which uses the same Power Bullet technology as the Swan Wand). The smaller end of the Swan Wand feels near identical to the Palm Power on the higher speeds except with a smoother shaft which can be used for G-spot stimulation too. For those of you who haven’t read my Palm Power review this basically means that the smaller end of the Swan Wand has rapid, buzzy, but undeniably deep vibrations which are almost too much for most people on the highest level (but damned near perfect for me).

Meanwhile the larger end has this amazing reverberating sensation to it that seems to flicker slightly while simultaneously rumbling like a revved up Harley.

The vibrations provided by this end spread throughout my body and leave me in a euphoric pile (and that’s just when it’s used externally). Deep, and undeniably resonant I can use these vibrations on the mid setting and still have amazing orgasms (in fact I often do). On the highest setting it’s like I’m in power queen heaven while a choir of sex toy angels sing the praises of this rumbly messiah.

The larger end has a max circumference of about 7 inches and provides broad, deep, rumbly sensations.
The larger end has a max circumference of about 7 inches and provides broad, deep, rumbly sensations.

Internally the Swan Wand is actually too much for me on its stronger settings. I get the “gotta pee” sensation and it’s all I can focus on. I am, however, perfectly happy using the lowest setting, and the smaller side of the Swan Wand provides fantastic G-spot stimulation when used this way.

Using the Swan Wand internally while using the Lelo Smart Wand (Large) externally was an amazing experience and I recommend anyone who owns both of these toys gives it a try.

Combining the two I had the most intense blended orgasm I’ve ever experienced which made me gasp with pleasure and left me feeling content and sleepy afterwards. Sex never typically makes me sleepy but the Swan Wand/Smart Wand combo left me wiped out in the best way possible.

Now when it comes to the larger side of this wand I can’t actually take it internally. I just can’t.


I tried lube, relaxing, working up to it with smaller toys, and multiple orgasms, there’s just no way it’s going to fit. Alas, I am not a size queen and never will be, however I do get the impression that this side would be fantastic for lovers or girth, adding extra appeal to the Swan Wand.

Me I’m just content to use the smaller end for internal play and the larger end for external play. That big head is perfect for the broad vibration style that my clit loves.

So, are there any downsides to this toy? Well, yes.

The biggest one is probably its power. “But Emmeline, isn’t that what you’ve been praising this whole damned time?”. Yes and I love how powerful the Swan Wand is but this really is a heavy duty toy. A power tool would perhaps be a more apt description.

This is the type of toy that will woo most power queens but if you don’t need huge amounts of power or simply prefer gentler vibes then the Swan Wand might just be a bit too much for you.

If that’s the case then there are other Swan vibes to choose from, though I don’t have personal experience in how they all feel so I can’t give any recommendations.

Some people may also feel a bit cheated if they can only insert one side of the Swan Wand but, as I mentioned before, I don’t personally see this as a big issue. 80% of the time I use the Swan Wand as a clitoral vibe because I just adore how it feels on my clit. This may very well be the case for others too.

The way you turn the Swan Wand off might be a bit awkward for some people too, especially if it’s all lubed up. This is a legitimate concern but isn’t something I’ve personally struggled with.

Aaaand that’s it. I honestly can’t think of anymore downsides to this toy. If I find more I’ll update this review but for now I’m too busy having amazing orgasms with my Swan Wand to muster another bad word against it.

Final Thoughts

I read quite a few reviews of the Swan Wand before I finally got my own and it’s fair to say I was lusting after it. When it finally arrived I had built up such a hype about it that I couldn’t help but wonder “Can this toy really live up to the high expectations I’ve set for it?”. The answer (as you can probably tell by now) is yes and then some.

The Swan Wand Rechargeable Waterproof Silicone Vibrator is a truly masterful device which delivers enough power and depth to keep me consistently using it with unbridled glee. It’s admirably strong and I really do think that most power queens will enjoy this toy.

However if you like mid-to-strong vibrations you’ll probably also find the Swan Wand very appealing. Really it’s only those who prefer weak, pinpoint or purely buzzy vibrations that may not find this wand to be ideal.

Everyone else needs to try this toy if they can because it really is a work of sex toy excellence.

Recommend to:

Power queens.

Size queens.

People who like deep, rumbly vibes.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who like gentle vibrations.

People who prefer petite toys.

People who prefer pinpoint vibrations.