Some Thoughts On: MysteryVibe and the Crescendo

Something mysterious has been happening in the heart of London.

For five years a company has been working tirelessly, doing hours upon hours of research and working meticulously to create the next step in sexual pleasure. That company is MysteryVibe.

Okay, perhaps I was being a bit overdramatic there but what MysteryVibe has been working on is really quite impressive!

Driven by a desire to empower people and encourage individuality and sexual exploration MysteryVibe has created a product called the Crescendo—a flexible vibrator with six different motors in it. Yeah, six! That’s a lot of power in one toy (well, hopefully at least).


The Crescendo was designed with two simple things in mind:

  • One size does not fit all.
  • The best lovers are responsive, adaptive, and wholly versatile.

From these ideas MysteryVibe decided to make a product that was unlike anything on the market—focusing on innovation, adaptability, and the personal touch. The Crescendo is the end result.

The Crescendo is designed with a flexible body so that it can literally be bent into a variety of different shapes. Of course what shape you make is up to you but the ones shown in the demo seem practical and capable of catering to people’s needs.

MysteryVibe’s main focus seems to be people with vulvas but I could see the Crescendo catering to all types of people and bodies.


In addition to the flexibility of the Crescendo, six motors have been placed inside the toy. These motors can be controlled independently or as a group, opening up a whole world of customizable pleasure. I can see this being particularly appealing to pattern lovers, especially when combined with the MysteryApp.

The MysteryApp is going to be designed so that it can link up to the Crescendo, allowing you to create custom vibration patterns or to use a series of patterns that have already been made. With six different motors that’s a whole lot of diversity and the sexual exploration that could come from it is sincerely exciting.

MysteryVibe have tried to make volume a priority so the Crescendo is also made to be relatively quiet, despite its impressive line-up of motors.

The Crescendo itself is also set to be rechargeable via an inductive charge port, making it waterproof as well. A single charge is set to last for two hours non-stop at its strongest setting, which is pretty damned impressive.

Because MysteryVibe wanted to give something back and invest in their local community the Crescendo is also made in Britain, which I think is a wonderful touch.


The only downside to the Crescendo? Its outer material is made from TPE. Granted this TPE is hypoallergenic, phthalate-free, non-toxic, latex-free, and medical grade but it’s still TPE, which means porous. I don’t know how I feel about a pricey luxury vibe being made out of TPE.

Still I am very excited to see the Crescendo in action and I look forward to what MysteryVibe have up their sleeves next.

The Crescendo is currently being crowdfuded on If you’d like to invest in the Crescendo and get it at €99 instead of the estimated R.R.P. of €199 then go check it out now.


The Crescendo is a product with a lot of promise and MysteryVibe is run by some seriously passionate people. If you head over to their site or their crowdfunding page you can find out a ton more info about the Crescendo and the company behind the vibe.

Until the next review!

Emmeline Peaches.

  • Thanks soo much for writing about us, it’s always so lovely when people find out what we are doing and give us feedback on how we can make it even better :D xx