Toy Review: The Fun Factory Amorino

The Fun Factory Amorino is apparently inspired by the Roman god, Cupid. When I think of Cupid certain things spring to mind; I think of a gentle touch, a certain sweetness that fills you with a warm fuzzy feeling. In many ways this is exactly how I felt about the Amorino and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.


The Amorino may not be the strongest nor most prominent toy in my arsenal but it still manages to bring me to orgasm and, with its unique appearance, it certainly manages to stand out from the crowd.

The Fun Factory Amorino

The Fun Factory Amorino has a pretty eccentric aesthetic to it. With a love-hearted arrow embellishing its side and a bright yellow ‘stimulation band’ wrapped around its two tips there’s no doubt that someone had fun designing this toy. Such a unique, somewhat tongue-in-cheek design is exactly what I would expect from Fun Factory, who aren’t afraid to experiment with the playful aspect of pleasure.

The Amorino has a few distinct features.
The Amorino has a few distinct features.

The Amorino is actually part of Fun Factory’s MiniVIBRATOR series, which are made to be pleasantly compact and good for people of all experience levels. While not as tiny as some bullet vibes the Amorino is quite petite—with a total length of 7 inches and an average girth of about 4 inches. The toy is meant to be a ‘dual stimulator’ which can hit both the G-spot and clitoris much like the rabbit vibe. If used without the stimulation band then the Amorino can also be used anally but the stimulation band should never be left on for anal use.

The Amorino is made out of 100% medical grade silicone with an ABS handle. This means that the Amorino is phthalate-free, non-porous, and completely body safe. Fun Factory describes their silicone as “velvety smooth” but I’ve always found their silicone to be quite clingy with a lot of drag. This doesn’t detract from use (as once some lubricant is applied the silicone feels as smooth as any other) however it does make it feel less appealing upon first stroke.

The Fun Factory Amorino is completely waterproof and can be USB charged through Fun Factory’s magnetic charging cable. Some magnetic chargers can cause an issue however I’ve found the Amorino’s one to be strong enough for easy use. While charging the control buttons on the Amorino will flash on-and-off. Once they all stop doing this your Amorino is charged.

The charger and controls are both very easy to use.
The charger and controls are both very easy to use.

The Amorino has three different buttons and they’re all very easy to use. One button (the red ‘Fun’ one) turns the toy on and off. You simply hold it for a few second to turn it on and press it to immediately turn it off. I think this quick press shut down is fantastic (especially if you value discretion) and I wish more vibes on the market had it. The other two buttons, a + and -, simply cycle through the various patterns and vibration intensities.

There are 6 different patterns and 6 different vibration intensities in the Fun Factory Amorino, which is a reasonable amount. The patterns are all pretty standard but should be appealing for pattern lovers. Meanwhile the intensities start out with a very low reverberating rumble and build up to a strong, deep buzz that can numb out my hand if I hold it for too long.

While these vibrations can feel pretty potent in the hand it is my vulva that makes the ultimate judgement on a toy’s strength.

When it came to the Amorino I found that in practice it felt a bit more gentle and subtle during use—as if it was humming on the surface with a gentle reverberation that went deeper. It was by no means weak and it certainly felt nice but it might be a bit too gentle for power queens. If you are more into gentle-to-mid level vibrations though I could imagine the Amorino would feel pretty damned potent. This certainly seems to be the case on Lovehoney—where the Amorino has 4 reviews, all at 4.5 or 5 stars and all praising the toy’s strength.

 This is especially impressive seeing as this toy is only, after all, a miniVIBRATOR, yet it packs a punch that some fully fledged vibes on the market fail to muster.

My favourite use for the Amorino personally has to be flipping it around and using the head as a clitoral vibe. I know, I’m a freak, but I’ve found that the broad dissemination that the shaft alone provides really does wonders for bringing me to a gentle but fulfilling orgasm. I wouldn’t call my climaxes with the Amorino mind-blowing but they do have a certain appeal to them—a tenderness that feels very reliable. I never fail to orgasm when using the Amorino this way, even if I do allow myself to take time and just enjoy the vibrations.

Being literally shaped like an arrow head, the clitoral arm was a bit too pinpoint for me.
Being literally shaped like an arrow head, the clitoral arm was a bit too pinpoint for me.

Using the Amorino vaginally, as intended, I can still enjoy the experience but I’m less liable to orgasm using the toy alone. While the clitoral arm does manage to reach my clitoris it’s just a bit too pin-point and a bit too gentle to really get me to climax. The internal arm feels great though, and keeps up the almost tender aspect of this toy—as it easily locates the G-spot and provides ample stimulation but never feels overly extreme and doesn’t add much pressure.

When it comes to the stimulation band I have to be honest. I don’t get it. I’ve tried this toy with the stimulation band multiple times and I still don’t get it. Sure, it doesn’t detract from my experience when using the toy but it doesn’t really add to it either. It’s just kind of there, transferring vibrations that the toy already does a good job at transferring on its own.

I don't really see the stimulation band as necessary or even that notable.
I don’t really see the stimulation band as necessary or even that notable. It’s just kind of there.

I think if you like gentle vibrations then the added sensation of the stimulation band might be something you could appreciate but for my hardened vulva it just didn’t make too much of a difference. It does add a quirky visual aspect to the vibe, which I love, but I don’t think I’d miss it if the Amorino didn’t have the band.

So the stimulation band didn’t live up to the hype to me but was there any other downsides to this toy? Yes, but only mild ones.

The first (and biggest) downside to this toy is that it’s a dust magnet. This toy will grab up and stray hairs or any bits of household debris it possibly can. Because of this you need to be extra diligent when washing this toy and make sure to wash it thoroughly before and after each use. However as the Amorino is 100% waterproof this isn’t too difficult.

Some people have claimed that the Amorino is quite loud but I actually found it to be pretty damned quiet for a vibrator of its strength. Not whisper quiet but quiet enough that it shouldn’t be heard through a door while you’re under the sheets.

When it comes to personal preference people who dislike rabbit vibes will probably also dislike the Amorino and people who prefer rumbly vibrations may also find that the Amorino isn’t quite on the right frequency for them.

However personal preferences don’t detract from a toy that, otherwise, has very few flaws and very many benefits.

Final Thoughts

Overall I was pleasantly surprised by the Fun Factory Amorino—as it gave me a new-found appreciation for a different type of vibration and turned out to be reliably enjoyable.

Despite its stimulation band I wouldn’t say that the Amorino is breaking new ground in any way, however it doesn’t really need to.

At the end of the day this is a vibrator that knows how to get things done and if you feel like it would work for you then it’s certainly worth saving up for.

Recommend to:

People who like gentle-to-mid level vibrations.

People who like dual-stimulation vibrators.

People who like smaller vibrators.

Do Not Recommend to:

Power queens.

People who dislike dual-stimulation vibrators.

People who dislike buzzy vibrations.