Product Review: Sensuous Deluxe Body Chocolate

Story time: When Mr. Peaches and I were sixteen and just starting to explore each other’s bodies we thought it’d be a good idea to incorporate food into our foreplay.

Not really knowing much at all about the subject and strapped for cash we both decided it would be a good idea to buy some butter icing chocolate spread and just use that (morons that we were).

Again. not really knowing what we were doing both of us agreed it’d be a good idea to then cover my size F breasts with a fair amount of the icing and go from there. What followed was undoubtedly unpleasant and involved a numb tongue, a jaw ache, and a long shower.

Why do I always have awkward sex stories related to flavoured products?

Anyways, since then Mr. Peaches and I have always been kind of reluctant to bring chocolate spread into the bedroom on our own, despite knowing where we went wrong first time around. We tried a few adult-geared chocolate spreads afterwards but they always tasted so fake and unappealing that we just gave up on our choco-ventures.

However now that we are reviewers Mr. Peaches and I rarely back away from a challenge. As such when Harmony Store offered the Sensuous Deluxe Body Chocolate in exchange for an honest review we knew it was time to engage our taste buds once more into the world of body chocolate products.

Having tried the Sensuous Massage Oils I knew that Sensuous were capable of making sincerely delicious products, but did the Sensuous Deluxe Body Chocolate follow up on their reputation?

The Sensuous Deluxe Body Chocolate

The answer to that question is a big fat yes. The Sensuous Deluxe Body Chocolate tastes delicious and if you’re looking for a body chocolate then I really can’t recommend it enough. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

This body chocolate is easy and fun to use.
This body chocolate is easy and fun to use.

The Sensuous Deluxe Body Chocolate is a rather straightforward product. Provided is a brush and a 70g pot of chocolate body paint to do with as you wish. The brush itself is described as ‘soft and supple’ but is actually rather firm and bristly. Regardless it is well-built to do the job it’s designated for.

The chocolate body paint provided with this kit is the real gem.

This body paint is a winner all around. When you’re looking at body paint the actual ability to smoothly use the paint is a pretty big factor, so I was thoroughly impressed with how well the Sensuous Deluxe Body Chocolate worked in practice. It clings receptively to the brush but also transfers effortlessly to skin. It’s not too runny, nor too thick, and a little chocolate can go a long way.

Neither too thick nor too runny, this body chocolate does it right.
Neither too thick nor too runny, this body chocolate does it right.

With a chunkier brush there isn’t too much you can do when it comes to fine details, but the brush is great for making love hearts, which became a cheesy go-to for Mr. Peaches and I.

Obviously another huge factor when it comes to edible body paint is taste. As I said before, cheaper body paints have a tendency of tasting rather unappealing, being either too sickly or simply too artificial in general. Thankfully the Sensuous Deluxe Body Chocolate doesn’t suffer from this issue at all. Quite the opposite in fact.

Made out of real Belgian chocolate the Sensuous Deluxe Body Chocolate actually tastes like chocolate. Who would have guessed it? Not only does it taste like chocolate, though, but it tastes like high-quality chocolate—like the chocolate you might buy as a romantic treat (and it certainly counts for that).

In terms of flavour this chocolate has a deep, rich, slightly syrupy taste to it which fills the mouth and tempts you in for another taste.

It’s marketed as milk chocolate but I would say it tastes more like a dark chocolate, one that would be marketed at 65% cacao or similar. This isn’t a problem for me (I love dark chocolate) but for those who were expecting something sweeter it’s worth considering. That’s not to say that this body paint isn’t sweet and creamy in some ways, it is, but it’s also very rich and full-bodied which is more conventional in dark chocolate.

This chocolate also tastes notably of the Belgium chocolate it’s made out of. I gave a few friends of mine a blind test of it to see what they thought and a few of them managed to guess that it was Belgium chocolate. One of them also asked if they could have it on bread, but I think a lover’s body is a much more appealing place for it, don’t you?

It doesn't get much better than this.
It doesn’t get much better than this.

When it comes to additional benefits the Sensuous Deluxe Body Chocolate is also free from artificial colourings and flavour, which is adds to the authenticity of the product.

During use the Sensuous Deluxe Body Paint also showed off just how well it worked in another way. In most cases a single lick is all you need to transfer the body chocolate from your partner’s body to your tongue. This means that licking up this body chocolate is an effortless tease and encourages playful participation instead of acting as a chore. The body chocolate doesn’t leave any residue on the body after being used either, so you don’t have to worry about being a sticky mess afterwards.

This is something that Mr. Peaches and I really appreciated and I feel like it will appeal to anyone who doesn’t want to be left with too much mess.

When it comes to downsides the only real complaint I have is that the brush is a bit too chunky and the bristles too rogue to allow for any truly precise or fine artwork to be executed as part of the foreplay. This might not bother some but I feel like it might frustrate actual artists and leave some others feeling a bit insecure about their drawing prowess. However this can be easily remedied by switching out to a different brush or by sticking to simpler designs.

The Sensuous Deluxe Body Chocolate also needs to be refrigerated after opening. For most this won’t be an issue but if you have a shared fridge and need to be discreet then the jar’s label might give you away. Sure, you can remove it but then chances are people will nab up the delicious anonymous jar of chocolate spread that has mysteriously appeared in the fridge. Such is the downfall of being so delicious.

Final Thoughts

Overall I was thoroughly impressed by the Sensuous Deluxe Body Chocolate and feel like it is the perfect product for anyone wanting a reliable and tasty chocolate body paint.

There’s not much else to say when it comes to a product so straightforward and exceptional but perhaps that’s not a bad thing. At the end of the day this body paint is everything it needs to be and should please most users.

What are you waiting for? Fulfil your chocolate craving today!

Recommend to:

People who want a chocolate body paint.

People who like dark chocolate.

People who like Belgium chocolate.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike chocolate.

People who dislike rich/dark chocolate.

People who prefer a smaller brush (get a new brush).