Toy Review: The Fleshlight Ice Mouth Crystal

Oh my gosh! Is there anything more glorious than seeing a receptive penis riding smoothly in-and-out of an ice crystal shaft? Okay, probably, but that doesn’t change the fact that the premise for this sex toy is awesome.

As soon as I discovered that you could buy a Fleshlight with a clear case and a transparent skin I was instantly enamoured with the idea. Something about seeing Mr. Peaches in action was just incredibly appealing to me.

I have the incredible Carvaka Sex Toys to thank for providing me with this toy—a toy that met my expectations and managed to be everything I hoped it would.

About Carvaka Sex Toys

Carvaka Sex Toys are the new kids on the block, so to speak, but you’d never be able to tell. Their site is well laid out and easy to navigate, their product selection is decent, and their customer service skills are exceptional.


Carvaka Sex Toys is named after the Indian philosophy of Carvaka. According to their site, Carvaka is the belief that each person only gets one life and should therefore enjoy it to the fullest. While I am not well-versed enough in Indian philosophy to say if this basis is true or not it’s certainly apparent that Carvaka Sex Toys lives by this notion (plus it’s shorter than Carpe Diem Sex Toys and sounds a lot more appealing than YOLO Sex Toys).


Carvaka Sex Toys believes that the most fulfilling type of pleasure is sexual pleasure and, thus, to live life to the fullest one must be allowed to explore their sexual desires without inhibition. To this end Carvaka has an extensive range of products, over 5000 products to be precise.

With so many products it’s likely that there’s something on the Carvaka site for you.

Carvaka Sex Toys have many other perks too. The site value discreet packaging and billing, so you can feel assured when making your purchase. In addition to this standard shipping to the UK is free. As Carvaka Sex Toys says “The price displayed on this website is the price to get your order to your door”.

Personally I’ve found Carvaka Sex Toys very good to work with. My item arrived in a reasonable time and was packed well. When I needed to contact Carvaka I could and always got a prompt and helpful response. Overall my entire experience with them has been just peachy and I can certainly recommend this online store to others.

The Fleshlight Ice Mouth Crystal

The Fleshlight Ice Mouth Crystal is part of the Fleshlight Ice range which is essentially a bunch of see-through Fleshlights. Although the sleeve for this Fleshlight is made from the exact same SuperSkin material as all other Fleshlights it has been made transparent to serve this purpose. The plastic container for this Fleshlight is also completely see-through and works to magnify what’s happening inside the sleeve (due to its rounded shape).

A Fleshlight with a translucent sleeve adds a whole new level to the visual enjoyment of a Fleshlight.
A Fleshlight with a translucent sleeve adds a whole new level to the visual enjoyment of a Fleshlight.

As with all Fleshlight products the Ice Mouth Fleshlight is a pretty substantial toy. With a case that measures 10 inches in length and has a maximum circumference of about 12 inches the Ice Mouth Fleshlight feels distinct. It also has a fair bit of weight to it. Personally I like this; with this weight comes a certain amount of heft and makes every thrust matter. However people with disabilities or people who prefer a lighter toy might consider this a hindrance.

This extra length does, however, allow the Ice Mouth Fleshlight to accommodate users of varying length and girth. Huzzah for diversity!

This Fleshlight can accommodate people who have a rather long shaft.
This chunky Fleshlight can accommodate people who have above average shafts.

Fleshlight is rather secretive when it comes to unveiling what exactly their SuperSkin material is, however we do know that if properly maintained it is body-safe and can last a reasonable amount of time. This material feels amazingly soft when first felt, but it does need renewal power to keep its strokable surface intact. Directly after a wash it will become very tacky and will remain quite sticky until it has been renewed or until lube is applied. As soon as lubricant is applied though, the Ice Mouth Fleshlight becomes incredibly smooth (almost slick) which makes it very receptive.

Inside the Ice Mouth Fleshlight there is a whole range of different textures. The chamber opens up with a narrow section of rims before widening up a bit with a similar texture. From there it goes on to a circular chamber with distinct nodules in it. Move on and there’s an incredibly narrow section which provides a distinct contrast before opening up again (this time with a sort of gridded texture). The final section after that is another chamber with rims, finishing up much as it started off.

The inside of the Ice Mouth Fleshlight looks like this.
The inside of the Ice Mouth Fleshlight looks like this.

Of course how much of the shaft you get to enjoy depends on the length of your penis. In this way I suppose size can be an advantage, however as Fleshlight’s texture tends to be consistently exceptional I don’t think anyone with a shorter penis would be ‘missing out’ per say.

The case for the Ice Mouth Fleshlight has a screw top at the end which can be adjusted to very up the airflow during use. This, in turn, can change up the pressure of the Fleshlight—a clear advantage.

Now, there’s a reason why Fleshlight are considered one of the best adult brands for penis owners and the Ice Mouth Fleshlight certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Mr. Peaches really enjoyed what the Ice Mouth Fleshlight had to offer. When it comes to texture Mr. Peaches confessed that he couldn’t tell much difference between this Fleshlight and his other one, but he did note that whatever this Fleshlight was doing it felt damned good. For him the suction means that the Fleshlight grips his head where it needs to and massages his shaft as he goes in and out.

Mr. Peaches found that the mouth helped immerse him in the experience.
Mr. Peaches found that the mouth helped immerse him in the experience.

Orgasms with the Ice Mouth Fleshlight are strong and effective. Mr. Peaches has never failed to orgasm with the Ice Mouth Fleshlight. Mr. Peaches also observed that having the entrance shaped like a mouth helped immerse him in the experience, adding another level to his play sessions.

However while Mr. Peaches did find the translucent aspect of this toy interesting it didn’t necessarily heighten the experience for him. But I’ll be damned if it didn’t do wonders for me.

How hot is that?
How hot is that?

Fleshlight suggest that the Ice range is great for couples play and I wholeheartedly agree with this assertion.

Gripping the Ice Mouth Fleshlight was a breeze, due to the design of its case and I felt totally in control when I was using it. Seeing Mr. Peaches move in and out of the shaft was a huge turn-on for me and I was borderline hyper when we first used it. I geeked out like the sex nerd I am. I have no regrets.

I mean, seriously?
I mean, seriously?

There are many reasons why I love the see-through aspect of this product however the most prominent one is the fantasy element. When I look at Mr. Peaches’ penis as it moves in-and-out of the Ice Mouth Fleshlight I can imagine that’s how he looks when inside of me. That aspect alone is enough to make me revel in every single motion with the Ice Mouth Fleshlight and I go all out when using it on him.

However, despite my enthusiasm this toy does have some downsides.

While I had relatively few problems with the Ice Mouth Fleshlight Mr. Peaches had a few.

His biggest complaint was cleaning. For him the Ice Mouth Fleshlight (and all Fleshlights, for that matter) simply require too much maintenance to justify using them. Personally I cannot relate to this view at all. As someone who cleans a lot of toys I’ve never found the Ice Mouth Fleshlight to be that much of a hassle. In fact its see-through material helps make sure you’ve rinsed it out thoroughly.

Because of this I’m willing to say that if you’re used to cleaning toys then the Ice Mouth Fleshlight won’t be too difficult to clean. However if you’re used to toys that are very low maintenance then the Ice Mouth Fleshlight might seem like a bit of a hassle.

This complaint for me, however, does bring up another valid concern—namely that Fleshlight maintenance is highly dependent on buying more Fleshlight products. Basically because Fleshlight has made the SuperSkin material they also know how best to maintain it and have brought out a line of products to keep it in top condition. This includes lubricants, a toy cleaner, and renewal powder. This is great if toy maintenance is your top concern however it does also mean that a Fleshlight has some add-on expenses beyond the initial product. If you’re aware of this and it doesn’t bother you then great, but if you resent the extra costs I can understand that.

Using the Ice Mouth Fleshlight also helped Mr. Peaches realize what he didn’t necessarily like about Fleshlights compared to his go-to Tenga sleeves. Mr. Peaches is used to smaller strokers where he can squeeze or release his grip to control the amount of pressure and sensation. Because a Fleshlight is contained in a case he misses the intimacy and control of his other strokers and finds it hard to adjust. This means that, despite gaining pleasure from the Ice Mouth Fleshlight, he still prefers his other sleeves.

This issue won’t apply to everyone, especially if you’ve used and loved Fleshlights before, but it is worth considering if all you’ve used up until this point are strokers. The transition to a sleeve contained in a hard case can be a bit jarring and potentially a downside.

It’s also worth noting that our friends over at OhJoySexToy found that the Fleshlight Ice series can feel like a bit of a downer if you have an average-sized penis and, therefore, can’t fill up the 10 inch length of the sleeve. While Mr. Peaches and I didn’t find this an issue I can totally see why others can, so if you feel like this Fleshlight could cause some insecurity issues then it might be worth avoiding it. Your well-being always comes first.

Final Thoughts

Overall, though, both Mr. Peaches and I really enjoyed the Ice Mouth Fleshlight and I would definitely recommend it to people who are as enthused about a see-through product as I was.

When it comes to functionality the Ice Mouth Fleshlight works just as fantastically as any other Fleshlight, and certainly has a unique appeal to it.

If you’ve read the downsides above and you feel like they apply to you then it might be worth thinking on whether a Fleshlight is for you. However if you have no issue with the above grievances and loved all the wonderful advantages listed in this review then chances are the Ice Mouth Fleshlight will not disappoint you.

Recommend to:

People who want a visually arousing toy.

People who like Fleshlights.

People who want a couples Fleshlight.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike bulky toys.

People who dislike a lot of toy maintenance.

People who might feel insecure.