Product Review: The Intimina Lily Cup (Size A)

I am such a huge fan of menstrual cups. And why not? A single menstrual cup can do the job of 1,625 tampons, and that’s just one of the many benefits of using one.

When I use my Intimina Lily Cup Compact it almost feels as if I’m not on my period at all. It’s sincerely life changing.

Because of this I was overjoyed when Intimina reached out to me and asked if I would like to review the original Lily Cup. My answer was a resounding YES!

The Intimina Lily Cup (Size A)

When it comes to the history of the menstrual cup the Lily Cup is quite significant. Noticing the rather standard shape of menstrual cups (a shape that had barely changed since the original 1937 patent) Intimina decided to reimagine the menstrual cup to better fit the user’s body.  This is why the Lily Cup has such a distinctive shape compared to many other menstrual cups on the market.

The Lily Cup's unique design is meant to compliment the user's body shape.
The Lily Cup’s unique design helps it stand out.

However with this design change came another benefit. According to Intimina the Lily Cup is the only menstrual cup on the market that can be rolled as thin as a tampon. Of course there are multiple ways to insert a menstrual cup (and Intimina has a handy video to help show you each method) however this option is certainly nice for those who have found other cups too large to insert comfortably.

The Lily Cup caters to many different menstrual flows—from light to heavy, and can be inserted for up to 12 hours. The Lily Cup also comes in two different sizes, size A and size B, depending on some personal factors. In terms of cleaning the Lily Cup is best boiled when you first get it (for about 5 to 8 minutes) and after that all you’ll need is to rinse it in soap and water, or a reliable toy cleaner.

In terms of storage the Lily Cup lacks the condensed form of its successor. However the Lily Cup does come with a lovely little storage bag which is anti-stain and anti-bacterial.

The Lily Cup itself is made out of 100% body-safe, medical-grade silicone. This silicone is phthalate-free, BPA-free, and hypoallergenic. It also feels amazingly soft and smooth. Running my hands across the Lily Cup feels more like a reciprocal caress, it’s that soft and inviting. This smooth material helps with insertion and makes the cup more comfortable to wear, in theory at least.

When my Lily Cup first arrived I was incredibly happy and couldn’t wait to use it. I can’t remember the last time I was so eager for my period to start so that the testing could begin.

I tried all three different insertion methods for my Lily Cup and ultimately found the tampon-fold to be the most effective. It took some time to get right at first, however I picked it up easier than I thought I would. I’m willing to guess most people would too.

Folding a menstrual cup may seem daunting at first but typically the cups are more receptive than you think and practice makes perfect.

Unfortunately, though, the Lily Cup and I didn’t get along at all.

For me the Lily Cup just wouldn’t sit comfortably in my body and wouldn’t stay up high enough. This is lamentably ironic for an item that was meant to complement the female form.

The biggest issue I had was with the stem, which would stick out uncomfortably. Of course there is an easy way to remedy this—the stem can be trimmed to size—however I found that no matter how short I trimmed the stem the Lily Cup still didn’t want to sit high enough in my body to avoid irritation.

I also found that the base of the Lily Cup was rather firm compared to the rest of it, which only added to the uncomfortable sensations that I felt when wearing it. This combined with an increase in pressure and cramps meant that after a few days I had to throw in the towel with the Lily Cup and switched it out for the Lily Cup Compact.

The size and shape of a cup can make a lot of difference when worn.
The size and shape of a cup can make a lot of difference when worn.

The moment I changed cups was like a breath of fresh air and, to my body, the Lily Cup and Lily Cup Compact felt like night and day. That isn’t to say that some people won’t get along with the original Lily Cup however it seems my body prefers a slightly smaller and more compact cup (it probably also helps that the Lily Cup Compact’s base is less rigid).

This was a real shame for me. I wanted to love the Lily Cup so much but it seems my body just didn’t find it agreeable. If, however, you’re used to cups with similar dimensions to the Lily Cup then you may have a lot more luck than me. If this sounds like you then there’s certainly a lot of good to be found in the Lily Cup, as can be seen from other people’s reviews.

You will need to be thorough when cleaning your cup.
You will need to be thorough when cleaning your cup.

If I had to mention another downside for the Lily Cup it’s that its rim means that you’ll need to be a bit more attentive with cleaning, but with a product that can literally be boiled clean this isn’t too much of an issue.

Final Thoughts

Overall my experience with the Lily Cup was not what I expected and has made me aware of just how drastically a body can react to different types of menstrual cup.

If you feel like the measurements of the Lily Cup are reasonable to you and you have a heavy flow, or need a long-lasting menstrual product, then the Lily Cup might be for you.

However if, like me, you need a smaller menstrual cup, well, there’s always the Lily Cup Compact (otherwise known as ‘my precious’).

Recommend to:

People who want a larger cup.

People who have a heavy flow.

People who want smooth silicone.

Do Not Recommend To:

People who need smaller cups.

People who only have a light flow.

People who like air holes in their cup.