Update: People Think My Blog is Neat!

So I’ve been nominated by four different people for the “Real Neat Blog Award”. I’m blown away! These nominations came from the wonderful Dizzywoman, Joannes’ Reviews, Miss Ruby Reviews, and Lunabelle. Thank you so much for all the nominations guys! It always brings a smile to my face to know that people are thinking of me so I’m happy to take part in this wonderful little award.

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The basic premise of this award is to give bloggers a chance to answer a few questions which, as a result, gives you, my lovely readers, and other people a chance to know a bit more about me and my blogging practices. In a strange twist of events the various different nominations I got had very different questions in them, so in order to avoid posting a few of these I’ve just kind of mashed them together.

Below is my Frankenstein’s creation of blog questions—patched in to place through the magic of CTRL+C CTRL+V. Let’s dive right in then, shall we?

What was the reason you decided to start blogging? Has that reason changed throughout time?

There were many different things that lead to me actually turning my idea of a blog into an actual blog so it’s hard to pin down any one reason.

A part of me was always very passionate about sex positive media, sex education, and sex toys.

For the longest time I remained a passive observer but when I realized that blogging could allow me to be an active voice I seized the chance.

Around the time that I was considering blogging I also won a sex machine from Lovehoney. To me it seemed like the perfect motivation to get the ball firmly rolling and there was no going back from there.

This machine gave me a firm thrust into the blogging world.
This machine gave me a firm thrust into the blogging world.

I also feel like 2014 was a year full of sexual awakenings for me. Come the end of the year I was full of this new passion and desire to champion the cause of sex and sexuality and blogging seemed like the best outlet for those emotions. Well, blogging and the bedroom that is…

Lastly my education also played a role. I’m currently undertaking a PhD and, while I love my topic, it’s so easy to get stuck in a rut at times. Writer’s block and a lack of confidence hit hard last year. I hoped that my blog would give me a place to get over that block and gain a real feel for what might voice might be (it did, thankfully).

There are probably more factors, of course, but these are the ones that spring to mind. The main motivators.

How has blogging influenced your life?

Blogging has certainly opened up more doors for me in many regards. Suddenly I’m surrounded by this wonderful network of online peers—all of whom are warm, friendly, and an absolute joy to talk to.

I smile when looking through my Twitter feed more, now, but I think I also smile more generally too.

Writing for my blog has also taught me more self-discipline when it comes to getting the words down on a blank document. When I’m stuck on a review I’ve taken to just typing down something, anything; any thought that comes to mind.

I live and breathe this phrase.
I live and breathe this phrase.

Typically once I start then the words begin to flow sooner than I expect. This is something I’ve easily been able to apply to my PhD writing too and my chapter drafts are churning out swifter (much to my supervisor’s delight and despair, I’m sure).

Beyond this I’ve gained the standard benefits of running a blog—improved time management, proofreading & editing skills, an understanding of wordpress, social media experience, SEO experience, etc.

I’ve certainly become more confident and sexually open too. I don’t think TMI exists in my circle of friends anymore.

If your site had a goal, what would it be? How do you feel you’re doing with that goal, right now? How do you feel you’ve done with that goal over all?

I suppose the main goal is to advocate the benefits of adult products and to help my readers find safe, affordable, and wholly awesome products. I also want to promote body positivity, sex positivity, LGBTQ+ issues, and gender inclusion and equality. Pretty big ambitions all around.

It can be really hard to judge one’s own accomplishments objectively but I hope that I am at least providing informative and productive content. Sometimes I will get an email or comment that affirms this but this still doesn’t happen often (don’t hesitate to comment; I love hearing from you guys!).

Becoming a Sex Blogging Superhero last year was a very affirming moment for me.
Becoming a Sex Blogging Superhero last year was a very affirming moment for me.

When it comes to the toys I’m reviewing I certainly hope that I’ve advocated for good, body safe toys however affordability is always an issue. Sadly many body safe, high-quality products still come with a hefty price tag. Because of this It’s even more important for me to consider the quality of each product I review—if people are saving up to buy sex toys I want to make sure they get their money’s worth!

Are there other bloggers whose work has given you inspiration? If so, share with us the post and their post that gave you inspiration.

Hey Epiphora is one of the first bloggers I encountered and she’s a real pro. It’s hard to pin down one post of hers that inspires me but her Beginner’s guide to sex toy reviewing and blogging is invaluable.

Everyone should know about the awesome that is Epiphora.
Everyone should know about the awesome that is Epiphora.

Marvy Darling was one of the first bloggers I reached out to and I still love their content. Her recent post on Inductive Charging, Patent Trolling and Integrity is an important piece and also highlights our need as bloggers to be active members of the adult product industry.

Cara Sutra is a constant inspiration and an all-around lovely lady. I love so many of her posts that it is too hard to pick just one. The same goes with Novelties Toy Meets Girl.

Finally Girl on the Net provides a wonderful mix of content which is unabashedly honest and always makes for an engaging read.

There are sooo many bloggers that inspire me and, truth be told, I feel like I’d need an entire blog series to highlight them all. If you’re a fellow blogger then please don’t feel bad if you didn’t make the cut here. Chances are I think you’re awesome.

If there was one question you could ask your favorite blogger what would it be?

I think I’d ask them how they keep motivated when things get rough. My current philosophy is that motivation does not always come before action but any other wise words would be thoroughly appreciated.

Did you ever see yourself as a ______ blogger? (The blank is for whatever label you give your blog. Sex, kink, dating, etc.)

While I’ve had little pipedreams about becoming a sex blogger I never really imagine I’d actually be able to turn fantasy in to reality.

I remember a few years ago (when I was still a teen) there was a documentary on TV about Sex Bloggers, including Girl With a One Track Mind. I was so fascinated by it that I went out and purchased GWaOTM’s book the very next day.

 At the time I was still suffering with vaginismus but it was then that I first had the ambition of becoming a sex blogger.

What is your favourite part of blogging?

It’s a mixture of helping people and hosting giveaways. I like helping my readers and I like giving something back to them. My readers are a clear priority for me.

Any excuse to host a giveaway is a good one but my Blogiversary was extremely fun.
Any excuse to host a giveaway is a good one but my Blogiversary was extremely fun.

What website on the entire web, besides your own, do you spend the most time on?

Facebook and Twitter. Always Facebook and Twitter.

Youtube has to be close too, I almost always have a Youtube vid on while doing stuff on my computer. I like the ambient noise.

Gotta ask one toy question. Name your absolute favorite sex toy. (More than one is fine.)

Agh this is too hard! My sex toy preferences invariably change with my mood and I feel like I circulate through a fair few ‘favourite’ toys.

My Lelo Smartwand (Large) is a clear contender though. Up until recently I used it at least once for pretty much every sex session I’ve ever had since receiving it. However my Smartwand is currently being usurped by the Swan Wand (is that blasphemy? It feels like blasphemy).

A potential usurper.
A potential usurper.

In terms of vaginal/G Spot toys just look at my top 2014 list, add the G Spoon, the Mustang, and the Flurry onto my list and you’ve got my usual go-tos.

Anally the Fun Factory Bootie is our favourite and for cock rings I’m a big fan of the Tantus ring.

When it comes to strokers you really can’t go wrong with the Tenga 3D line. The Spiral is our personal favourite.

Are you kinky? How did you come to this conclusion?

I feel like kinkiness is pretty subjective. One person’s kink could very well be another person’s idea of something vanilla.

That being said I do consider myself to be rather kinky compared to the ‘norm’. I also have a fetish or two that would count as pretty unusual by most people’s standards.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I would love to be a lecturer/researcher. I love learning new things and disseminating that knowledge in an engaging and informative way.

I firmly believe that there’s no point in me learning new things unless I can share that knowledge in a way that benefits and inspires others who share my interests. I suppose I’m super cheesy/obnoxious in that way.

What is the most important thing about you that you want everyone to know?

I think the most important thing I’d like people to know is that I care. I care about my blog, I care about my peers, and I definitely care about you, my readers.

Mr. Peaches often says I care “too much”. It’s true that sometimes my empathy can be a disadvantage at times but screw it; I’d rather care too much than be apathetic, especially with this blog.

You wonderful people all take the time to read what I have to say and take in my views, the very least I can do is make sure that I put my all into what I write.

I also feel like it’s incredibly important to highlight that I suffered from vaginismus for a fairly long time (though I have now, thankfully, overcome it).

Neither Mr. Peaches nor I are perfect specimens of sexual prowess but we don’t need to be, no one does.

In life we all have problems, we all struggle with something, and anyone can encounter obstacles in their sex life. However just because you’re going through some problems in life doesn’t mean you are less deserving of sexual wellbeing. Things can get better. It’s not always easy to see but it’s true.

I thought I was unworthy for far too long and I don’t want any of my readers to feel that way.

Last one is just for fun. Who is your favorite superhero and why?

Being a bit specific here I absolutely adore Nightcrawler from the X-Men Evolution cartoon show.

When I was younger I had the biggest crush on him. I also really liked the struggles he encountered in life.

How could young me ever resist this face?
How could young me ever resist this face?

Nightcrawler had a watch that could make him look normal, even though in reality his appearance was much more striking. In many ways he loved the freedom that this watch gave him but there was always this internal struggle. Why couldn’t he be himself? Was he really being accepted if people only accepted his disguise? What should he reveal to his loved ones?

The dilemma of how much a person decides to blend in and how much they ultimately want to divulge to others is something that fascinated me when I was younger, and still does today.

Plus to me he was like the hottest cartoon character ever. His long hair, his slender body type. Even his voice. I was a smitten kitten.

Then in one episode something amazing happened.

In one of the plot’s Nightcrawler’s friends played a prank where they made his watch turn him into a woman instead of a man. It was a very brief prank, basically just a punchline to the episode but I was obsessed with it. I even paused the show just to look at how he had been drawn. I liked what I saw. A lot.


This was back when I didn’t really have a clear notion of just how queer I was and Nightcrawler certainly helped clear up some things for me. In fact there were a lot of badass and attractive characters in that show. Rogue and Gambit are two that instantly spring to mind, then there’s Avalanche, Kitty, and Boom Boom to name a few more. Teen me was in no shortage of attractive and interesting characters it seems.

Ladies like these are why cartoon crushes exist.

From here I’m supposed to nominate other blogs, however I’m pretty sure most people have nomination by now.

So if you’ve already been nominated and I’ve mentioned you here then consider this an additional endorsement. If you’ve already posted your Neat Blog post up consider this a general feature. If, however, I’ve managed to tag someone new then yay! I look forward to reading your answers.

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In terms of the questions feel free to answer as many of them as they want. You can even add in some of your own. I don’t mind. Go nuts!

Ultimately I want you to have fun doing this and to get a chance to write about what you love.

As for my wonderful readers, well, thank you for reading through this unexpectedly long post. You guys are all fantastic and I hope you’ll continue to enjoy reading my content. I’ve got many exciting reviews coming in the next few weeks.

So, until the next review!

Emmeline Peaches.