Toy Review: The Rocks Off 50 Speeds of Play Bullet

Wow. There really are 50 different patterns packed into this vibrator. 50. I counted them. I never thought I’d be quoting Anastasia Steele for anything sex toy related but holy cow!

The quote is an apt one, too, because this vibrator is clearly inspired by the controversial BDSM series, Fifty Shades of Grey. I mean when you give your vibe a name like 50 Speeds of Play and add that its colour is ‘Grey Steel’ the subtext is well and truly gone. Not that I mind at all, in fact I find it to be a rather clever and ambitious take on the Fifty Shades phenomenon.

I mean when a product manages to have 50 different settings in one vibe it’s already impressive in my book. However the Rocks Off 50 Speeds of Play Bullet also manages to provide legitimately enjoyable vibrations which remind me of exactly why I like the larger Rocks Off bullets so much.

The Rocks Off 50 Speeds of Play Bullet

The Rocks Off 50 Speeds of Play Bullet is a rather standard Rocks Off bullet upon first inspection. That is except for when it comes to its packaging, which is luxuriously designed to remind you of the affluent vibe that it is trying to inspire. Everything from the pillowed background to the fleur-based pattern complimenting the toy’s labeling invokes the notion of a rendezvous with an influential and poised figure.

The box for this bullet lets people know exactly what it was inspired by.
The box for this bullet lets people know exactly what it was inspired by.

The bullet itself is simple but effective in design. It’s literally a bullet. With a length of 6.3 inches the Rocks Off 50 Speeds of Play Bullet isn’t a tiny toy, however its size does make it perfect for inserting and I still found that it sat very comfortably on my vulva, providing the optimal amount of clitoral stimulation to rub me the right way.

If, however, you prefer pin-point sensation then the tip of this toy delivers in this regard too. By making vibrators in the shape of a bullet Rocks Off really do manage to produce a diverse product and can cater to both cravers of pinpoint stimulation and those who prefer a more diffused approach.

Bullets are well-designed for versatility.
Bullets are well-designed for versatility.

The bullet itself is made out of ABS Plastic with a metallic finish. This plastic is completely non-porous and body-safe. One of the perks of ABS plastic, too, is that vibrations travel excellently through it, so nothing gets dampened by the material. As a bonus the 50 Speeds of Play Bullet is also waterproof, making it incredibly easy to clean. Just give it a thorough rinse with soap and water (or a good toy cleaner) and you’re done. It couldn’t be simpler.

The Rocks Off 50 Speeds of Play Bullet sadly isn’t rechargeable and it takes 2xAA batteries. However these batteries are included with the toy and the 50 Speeds of Play Bullet isn’t any the worst for being battery powered. In fact I was quite impressed by how strong this vibrator was.

The 50 Speeds of Play Bullet has a single button that is used to turn the toy on and off as well as to cycle through all 50 patterns. This can sound very daunting at first but it’s really not too bad at all. In fact Rocks Off have built in two functions to the 50 Speeds of Play Bullet which makes the whole process a lot more bearable.

The first function is a memory. The 50 Speeds of Play Bullet will remember what setting it was on when it was turned off. When it is turned back on it will resume on that setting. The second function is a memory wipe. To revert back to the very first setting on this bullet all you need to do is hold down the vibe until it turns off then keep on holding it down for a few more seconds. The bullet will then vibrate briefly to indicate that it’s wiped the memory and it will then start back from the initial setting from that point onwards.

These two functions combined make the 50 Speeds of Play Bullet a breeze to use and makes staying on your favourite function very do-able.

Speaking of do-able this bullet certainly meets that criteria. My favourite way to use this bullet is clitorally and its vibrations work fantastically for this. Primarily buzzy but undeniably deep the vibrations from the 50 Speeds of Play Bullet have a sort of rolling under-rumble beneath their buzzy exterior which manages to hit the internal part of the clitoris as well. These vibrations almost seem to reverberate off of each other and do manage to muster up an impressive amount of strength. A bullet will never be a wand, however in terms of bullets the 50 Speeds of Play Bullet is an impressive specimen.

Despite usually disliking patterns I even found myself experimenting with this bullet’s impressive array of settings. Some I found to be quite typical, others were more creative, and a few even managed to win me over. There was one in particular which rapidly flickered the vibe on-and-off at speed. This setting felt as if the bullet’s vibrations were almost echoing off of each other and I adored the way it felt.

Orgasms with the 50 Speeds of Play Bullet were strong and easy to obtain. I wouldn’t say they were always earth-shattering but they could be incredibly enjoyable and I’ll most likely travel with this vibe in future (Case in point: I’m in holiday in London right now and it’s right by my side).

Despite my great enthusiasm for this toy the 50 Speeds of Play Bullet is, of course, not perfect.

If you dislike the Rocks Off bullets (either because of their material or vibration type) then chances are this bullet isn’t going to win you over. People who generally dislike buzzy vibrations, too, will most likely not find this bullet in keeping with their preferences.

My biggest complaint with this bullet is, as usual, the indented logo. Indented logos are always difficult to clean and love to attract lube and vaginal gunk. Of course I sympathize with the need to brand one’s toys but, really, it just feels impractical.

I think we could all do without cleaning logos like this.
I think we could all do without cleaning these logos.

The 50 Speeds of Play Bullet also isn’t the quietest of vibes, so it might not be the right toy for you if you need a silent toy or value discretion.

People who dislike patterns probably won’t find themselves wholly swayed by having 50 to choose from. A few patterns did win me over, and it was certainly fun to explore them all but I understand if it’s not your thing.

The big question, then, is whether or not this bullet is worth purchasing if you don’t like patterns. Personally I think it is. If you know you like Rocks Off bullets or appreciate the type of vibrations that I’ve described in this review then this bullet is still very reasonably priced for what it provides. Sure you won’t utilize all the patters, but if you like the bullet anyway then is that really such a shame? I don’t think so. At the end of the day this bullet is effective and affordable—two very valuable assets for a sex toy.

Final Thoughts

Overall I really enjoyed using the Rocks Off 50 Speeds of Play Bullet and think it would be a great addition to most people’s toy boxes.

Able to deliver a variety of sensations and packed with a whopping 50 different patterns, the 50 Speeds of Play Bullet has something to offer most people who like a bit of buzz and want to explore new sensations in the bedroom.

At £29.99 the Rocks Off 50 Speeds of Play Bullet is also very reasonably priced for what it provides and I’m certainly happy to be able to recommend an affordable yet formidable vibe to you all.

Recommend to:

People who like buzzy/rumble vibes.

People who like bullet vibes.

People who love patterns.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike buzzy vibes.

People who dislike ABS plastic.

People who dislike non-rechargeable toys.

The Rocks Off 50 Speeds of Play Bullet was provided to me by Belle De Soir in exchange for an honest review. The bullet is currently out of stock from them at the moment, however if you liked this review I recommend signing up to be notified for it to come back in stock and purchasing your toy with them. That way you can support the company which helped me write this review for you in addition to being assured that you’re using a trustworthy site for your purchase.

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