Toy Review: The Rocks Off RO-JIRA

I have very fond memories of Rocks Off toys from my early sex exploration days. The Rocks Off RO-80mm never did a damned thing for me clitorally but it did wonders during my dilation work. Meanwhile the Rocks Off RO-120mm was one of the first products that I had which could consistently bring me to clirotal orgasm and was a huge help during my time recovering from vaginismus.

So, naturally, when I saw that Rocks Off has released their very own powerful silicone vibrator I was intrigued. The Rocks Off RO-JIRA looked to be everything I wanted in a toy—body safe, rechargeable, and powerful. That’s a winning combination for sure.

I contacted who were kind enough to provide me with a Rocks Off RO-JIRA in exchange for an honest review.

Once I had the Rocks Off RO-JIRA in hand I couldn’t wait to test it out. Alas, sometimes things we think we’ll like in theory don’t always translate in practice and this was certainly the case with the RO-JIRA. While I still maintain that the Rocks Off RO-JIRA could be the toy of some people’s dreams it’s just not for me.

The Rocks Off RO-JIRA

While Rocks Off typically specialize in bullet vibrators, the Rocks Off RO-JIRA is one of their non-bullet based products and, instead, acts much more like a conventional vibrator. While it’s certainly not the only Rocks Off toy to take this approach it is still in the minority and I have to admit it’s nice to see Rocks Off branching into varying product types.

The Rocks Off RO-JIRA is a luxury vibe with a twist.
The Rocks Off RO-JIRA is a luxury vibe with a twist.

The Rocks Off RO-JIRA is actually quite a substantial vibrator. At just over 7 inches in length and with a maximum circumference of about 6 inches this is definitely a sizeable vibrator and a big move on from Rocks Off’s collection of various bullets. The material also gives the RO-JIRA a luxurious feel to it. Made from platinum silicone the RO-JIRA is phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, non-porous, and is generally body safe.

The silicone used for the RO-JIRA is also incredibly appealing. With a smooth, silky feeling to it the RO-JIRA almost feels as good as some Lelo toys in terms of its silicone surface. That certainly is an achievement. In addition to this the RO-JIRA’s silicone doesn’t seem to grab too much dust and hair which is another clear bonus. My RO-JIRA came in black but you can also get the RO-JIRA in a hot pink colour.

When it comes to additional benefits the RO-JIRA has a fair few. One of the biggest benefits it that the RO-JIRA is completely rechargeable and simply needs to be plugged in via USB. The RO-JIRA has an LED light which will let you know when it’s done charging. When the RO-JIRA is charging this light is red, when it’s done the light changes to green. Easy peasy. The RO-JIRA is also completely waterproof, which means it can be enjoyed underwater and is incredibly easy to clean.

The RO-JIRA also comes with a 6 month guarantee. The guarantee is located on the accompanying booklet with the RO-JIRA—which has a warranty activation code which you then simply enter online. This is a great bonus to the RO-JIRA (especially if you grow to love it) because it helps give you peace of mind if there is a technical flaw with your product.

The only thing I wish the RO-JIRA could add to its list of perks would be a storage bag. Considering this is a luxury vibe which retails with a luxury price a storage bag is practically a must. As such it’s a shame one wasn’t included.

With 10 different patterns the RO-JIRA has a fair bit to offer.
With 10 different patterns the RO-JIRA has a fair bit to offer.

In terms of use the RO-JIRA is incredibly easy to operate. There is a single button on the side of the RO-JIRA near the bottom of the shaft. This button turns the toy on and off and filters through its various patterns. In total the RO-JIRA has 10 different patterns, 3 of which are constant speeds.

When it comes to vibration type the RO-JIRA has a nice feel to it but it’s certainly an acquired taste. Mostly buzzy but with a fair amount of depth, the RO-JIRA maintains a sense of rapidity with its vibrations. This will be irritating to some people, especially if you dislike buzzy vibrations, however if you love the feeling of the Rocks Off RO-80mm then imagine it considerably intensified, add in some depth for good measure and you’ve got a rough idea of how the RO-JIRA feels. If that sounds like a dream come true to you then the RO-JIRA might just be the vibe for you.

The highest constant speed is certainly powerful, though not wand powerful and not rumbly powerful. The lowest strength is still relatively powerful compared to some vibes on the market, and manages to add a bit of a resonant feel to the vibrations. However the mid-strength constant speed is probably my favourite of the three as it has sort of a flickering reverberation to its vibrations.

Part of the selling point for the RO-JIRA is that its swirling shape allows the vibrations to travel out and for the edges of the swirls to tease the area of impact. While I don’t feel this translates on the highest or lowest constant speed is definitely felt it with the mid-strength speed which gave me an added appreciation for it.

However I sadly struggled to reach orgasm with this toy, both externally and internally.

Externally the RO-JIRA was simply incompatible with my body; there was no way to place it on my vulva which would result in a comfortable fit, no matter how I tried. This ultimately meant that the vibrations weren’t allowed to shine through as best they could and I simply wasn’t getting the level of stimulation that I required. It was disheartening.

The swirls on the RO-JIRA made me spiral into despair during internal use.
The swirls on the RO-JIRA made me spiral into despair during internal use.

Internally the RO-JIRA was surprisingly a bit of a challenge for me. Admittedly with a 6 inch circumference the RO-JIRA is a bit of a girthy toy, but for some reason it always felt like a mammoth when I was trying to insert it. For me it felt like the swirled edges of the toy coupled with the drag of the silicone made it so that the RO-JIRA simply didn’t want to co-operate with me. With a warm-up I could get the RO-JIRA in but lube is certainly required with this toy.

Once in I encountered some other issues with the RO-JIRA, the main one was that there was no place on the bottom of the toy that I could comfortably grip to reposition the toy if needed. This was even more of a dilema when the added challenge of lube was added. This frustration was then coupled with the fact that the RO-JIRA’s curve kept on moving past my G-spot and uncomfortably high up into my vagina. Sometimes it felt like I was engaged in a precarious act of tug-o-war with my own vagina, except the rope was clearly rigged, and also slathered with lube.

On a more positive note the vibrations of the RO-JIRA remain strong when inserted and I was able to orgasm with the RO-JIRA internally. However because its main bulge always seemed to move past my G-spot these orgasms were typically average instead of exceptional.

Despite my bad experiences with the RO-JIRA I do feel like it has an audience and that my time with the RO-JIRA isn’t necessarily reflective of the experience that others will or have had. Trusted reviewer Cara Sutra, for example, really liked the RO-JIRA. Slutty Girl Problems also ranked the RO-JIRA very highly. Sadly my body and the RO-JIRA simply don’t get along, but that’s no reason as to why other can’t reap the benefits of this powerfully buzzy vibe.

If there’s an objective downside to the RO-JIRA then it has to be the order of its patterns. Y’see most vibrators (like 99.9% of vibrators) have it so that the lowest constant speed comes first in the pattern order and then things increase as you go along before moving on to various patterns. The RO-JIRA, on the other hand, does not follow this trend. Instead it has the highest constant speed first and then moves on to the weaker speeds before shifting to patterns.

I have no idea why the RO-JIRA is set up this way—as most people will want to ramp up the speed of their vibrations during use, not shift them down. This, to me, makes no sense and I can imagine people instinctively pushing the button to try and amp up the strength of the RO-JIRA only to have gone down a notch in terms of strength. If that happened to me I would not be impressed and it would be a definite mood killer. Heck, just knowing that a single button push could reduce the power of this vibe (forcing me to turn it off and start all over again) is a mood killer.

Because of this if Rocks Off ever released a RO-JIRA 2 I would like to see this change—so that you start at the weakest vibration power and then move up the scale. Alternatively the RO-JIRA could have two different buttons so you could skip back and forth between the patterns as you like. Actually, both of these ideas seem good. Yeah, let’s go with both.

The RO-JIRA is also rather loud and its high-pitched buzzing hum is very distinct. Because of this the RO-JIRA might not be great if you need a silent toy or if privacy is a priority for you.

Final Thoughts

Overall the RO-JIRA did not work for me at all and, while I can see its merit, my body just did not get along with this vibrator.

Because of this I can’t personally recommend this vibe. However if you’ve read this review and you are intrigued by the vibration type and strength of the RO-JIRA then feel free to try it yourself (you can even get 10% off of your purchase with the exclusive discount code below).

The RO-JIRA may not have worked for me but, if other reviews are anything to go by, it seems like some people may find the RO-JIRA to be a spiral into ecstasy.

Recommend to:

People who like buzzy vibrations.

People who like strong vibrations.

People who like larger toys.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who like rumbly vibrations.

People who dislike larger toys.

People who dislike swirling texture.