Toy Review: A Wolfwood Dildos Creation

Wooden dildos always feel like a treat. Not only are they an eco-friendly alternative to conventional toys but they’re also often hand-carved by specialized artisans and wood workers.

I stumbled upon such an artisan on Etsy—the Owner of Wolfwood Dildos, Will. Looking at Will’s wonderful creations I couldn’t help but reach out and request a dildo for review. Will was incredibly accommodating and made me my own double ended wooden dildo.

And that, my dear readers, is what I’ll be reviewing today.

About Wolfwood Dildos

Wolfwood Dildos champion a love of nature and a love of the senses. As such their products reflect these interests and reflect a desire from Will to combine his work and his passion for passion.


Will actually has a very interesting background. According to his store’s bio Will has worked as a Historical Wood Worker and Teacher for many years, making him an incredibly competent wood worker. Combining his wood work with cock crafting is a step I’m very appreciative about, as I personally adore the shape and style of his work.

When reaching out to Wolfwood Dildos I found that I always got a prompt response and a very friendly and open answer. My dildo was sent to me swiftly and arrived safe and sound in secure packaging.

I was very happy with the process of order a product with Wolfwood Dildos and couldn’t find any issues with their service.

Wolfwood Dildos can also be found on their own site here.

The Wolfwood Dildos Creation

Wanting to showcase their two most popular styles—carved and turned—Will was kind enough to send me a dildo that incorporated both of these woodworking techniques and I couldn’t be happier with it. Aesthetically this dildo is stunning.

Both the dildo and the storage bag were stunning.
Both the dildo and the storage bag were stunning.

Wolfwood Dildos uses Boxwood for all of their dildos. According to Will, Boxwood is closely grained (giving it a quality that is close to stone in terms of smoothness) but is still warm and strong like wood. When I first looked over my dildo I was immediately taken by the beautiful colour of the dildo and the natural patterns of the grain.

It’s something that photos don’t easily capture but this dildo has a beautifully light grain to it which really adds to the unique feel of the product. The colour itself is also very appealing and gives the dildo a light, approachable feel to it.

One thing I absolutely have to mention about this dildo is that it comes with the most amazing storage bag ever. Custom made to cater to the dildos measurements this storage bag is beautiful.  I loved the pattern and button top and it is honestly the most distinct and thoughtful sex toy storage bag that I have ever received. I can’t thank Wolfwood Dildos enough for this lovely personal touch.

As storage bags go they don't get much prettier than this.
As storage bags go they don’t get much prettier than this.

When looking through Wolfwood Dildos’ Etsy page the first thing that struck me was the smooth and prominently crafted head of the dildos. This was something I craved upon first viewing and I had high hopes for my own dildo. Thankfully my expectations were completely met and the head and coronal ridge of this dildo is to die for. The curves and efforts to make it anatomically correct are wonderful and I think this attention to detail is one of my favourite things about my Wolfwood Creation. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a prominent head.

This, to me, is a dream come true.
This, to me, is a dream come true.

The other side of my dildo is turned to create a distinct rippling effect. There’s something so appealing about the rhythmic patterns of such a design and the ripples gently expand to bit girthier as they go down the shaft. Naturally I was excited to try both of these sides.

All Wolfwood Dildos have been coated with white mineral oil, which is used as a finish for wooden products which are used with food.

When I first ran my fingers over my Wolfwood Dildo I was struck by how notable the texture was. Don’t get me wrong, this dildo is incredibly smooth and there’s absolutely no risk of splinters (like most erotic wooden products it’s been sanded down to perfection) however compared to my other wooden dildos this one felt less glossy and allowed the wood’s natural smoothness to shine through.

For me this means that, during use, this dildo feels a bit grainier than my other wooden toys. However this grain isn’t unpleasant at all; in many ways I’d consider it to be akin to a silicone toy’s natural drag. This means that the toy makes itself known when inserted and grabs the walls of the vagina in a way that prompts heightened sensation. However because this dildo does have this feeling to it I do recommend using lubricant with it.

Naturally with such different sides this dildo offers two distinctly unique sensations. For me this makes my dildo both a perfect warm-up and the main event all rolled in to one.

The turned side of the dildo is perfect for teasing the entrance of your vagina.
The turned side of the dildo is perfect for teasing the entrance of your vagina.

When looking at the turned side I was initially a bit uncertain. I’m not exactly a big texture fan and rippled textures on a glass toy can often deter me. Thankfully wood is much more forgiving than glass and, in many ways, is naturally warm and inviting.

Sliding the rippled side in I was surprised at just how smooth and accommodating it was. The ripples were never intrusive for me but, instead, provided the perfect amount of texture for thrusting. Used this way the ripples tease the labia and vaginal opening but never feel intrusively prominent. This might be a disappointment for those who want a dildo that really stands out in terms of texture but for me it meant that I had the perfect primer to get me aroused for the other side of my delightful dildo.

The combination of shape and surface makes for powerful orgasms.
The combination of shape and surface makes for powerful orgasms.

The other end of my Wolfwood Dildo is amazing. The crisp detailing of the prominent head definitely pays off during use and this dildo knows exactly how to find, hug, and thoroughly stimulate my G-Spot. Because of its grainier surface this dildo is always on my mind during use (in the best of ways) and my orgasms are consistently strong, intense, and prolonged.

For me these strong orgasms really are a result of the head mixed with the dildo’s subtle texture. However if you need a curve when stimulating your G-spot then this dildo might be lacking for you.

The only other downside I can think of for this dildo is that if you are used to a glossier wooden dildo then this one might be a bit odd in comparison. I can’t say you’ll instantly dislike it but you might not instantly like it either. In that way this dildo is a bit of a daring exploration into new sensations, which is something I thoroughly enjoyed.

Final Thoughts

Overall I was incredibly pleased with my Wolfwood Dildos Creation and I would recommend it to anyone who like prominent coronal ridges on their toys or who like endorsing artisan crafters.

For me this dildo provided two thoroughly different experiences which totally complemented each other and left me returning to this dildo again and again.

Its notably natural surface may be a bit peculiar for some but it certainly has its advantages.

Recommend to:

People who like unique dildos.

People who like varied sensations.

People who like draggy toys.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer branded products.

People who want a lot of texture.

People who prefer glosser dildos.