Product Review: Shunga Erotic Massage Oil (Serenity Monoï)

While I’ve done quite a few massage oil reviews on my blog now I’ve never really reviewed one that was purely a massage oil through-and-through. The recently reviewed Sensuous line, for example, were much more akin to flavoured oral lubes than they were massage oils. Same goes for my beloved Shunga Intimate Kisses Aphrodisiac Oil.

As great as these oral products are some people aren’t always looking for their next flavoured treat and I can totally appreciate that. Sometimes it’s just nice to get an old school, no flavours attached, massage. This is where Shunga’s Erotic Massage Oil comes in to play.

When it comes to massage products Shunga ranks very highly in my estimations. But, with no flavour included, could the Shunga Erotic Massage Oil keep my attention? Read on to find out.

Shunga Erotic Massage Oil (Serenity Monoï)

Made in Canada by the pro-intimacy company, Shunga, the Shunga Erotic Massage Oil is all about sensation and desire. While this massage oil could totally be used for a relaxing session the ultimate goal of this oil is arousal—to act as a bit of luxurious foreplay to ignite the body’s passions and allow people to connect. Not only is this heavily implied on the text of the bottle but the bottle art itself also strongly hints at it too.

The Shunga Erotic Massage Oil promotes intimacy and desire.
The Shunga Erotic Massage Oil promotes intimacy and desire.

The bottle used for this massage oil is slender, well-built, and practical. The cap has a pop-up section which dispenses the oil once the bottle is squeezed. I’ve had varying degrees of success with this. Sometimes I’ll squirt out too much, sometimes too little. Once I got the hang of it things became easier but I still have hiccups from time-to-time. Overall though the bottle design is very practical, especially in comparison to a screw cap.

When it comes to the oil itself Shunga’s values as an ethically responsible company really show through. The oil is gluten-free, sugar-free, paraben-free, and completely vegan. It’s made from 100% cold-pressed natural oils with no mineral or animal oil used at all. This can really make the difference for some people but these high standards also show in the quality of the oil, which is exceptional.

The cap for this oil is very practical but takes some getting used to.
The cap for this oil is very practical but takes some getting used to.

The Shinga Erotic Massage Oil comes in 10 different fragrances—including Roses, Exotic Fruit, Vanilla, and Apples, to name just a few of my personal favourites (oh, it also comes in Peach flavour too). Personally I was given the Serenity Monoï fragrance.

From what I can tell the key fragrances in the Monoï oil are almond, grape, and avocado and you can certainly tell this from their aroma. When I first poured this oil over my skin I was amazed by how subtly fruity and delicately sweet it smelt. The grape is definitely the most prominent scent and it allows for a gentle bouquet which is noticeable while still remaining incredibly soft in many respects.

The fruity freshness of this oil is addictive, especially if, like me, you love grapes. However because this oil does have such a smooth scent to it I wouldn’t call it invigorating, instead it’s much more soothing.

In many ways this scent does prove arousing but it’s the type of arousal that makes you want to take things slow and really appreciate the foreplay and every sensation that it provides. This, to me, seems to be perfectly in keeping with the Shunga philosophy and I just love the scent of this oil.

When it comes to consistency the Shunga Erotic Oil hits the nail on the head. This oil is everything that a massage oil should be. It spreads easily, it has a wonderfully silky consistency to it, once you begin the massage it allows your hands to glide effortlessly across it and it feels incredibly smooth throughout use.  The Erotic Massage Oil comes in a 125ml bottle but a little bit of oil goes quite a long way and I’ve still got tons of oil left. Thankfully this oil is good for 24 months after opening, so you don’t have to worry about it expiring before its time either.

The Shunga Erotic Massage Oil has Vitamin E in it too, which is an antioxidant and a common ingredient in many skin care products. Shunga claims that these oils don’t leave a greasy residue either and, of course, I wanted to see if this was true. To discover whether this claim held any weight I took some oil, spread it on both my arms and let it dry naturally. To my delight it really didn’t dry with a greasy residue. In fact all you’re left with is soft, smooth skin and a lovely, gentle grape-like aroma. Divine.

I soon wondered if I could use this oil to its fullest extent.
I soon wondered if I could use this oil to its fullest extent.

Considering the illustration on the bottle and my own sensitive skin I was also curious how this oil would fare on my genitals (externally, of course). So, with some apprehensiveness, I took some of the oil and spread it generously on my labia. To my delight there was absolutely no negative reaction. Huzzah! Another fine product that my sensitive skin is a-okay with. I’m definitely happy about that. Just make sure you use a non-latex condom if you use this oil on your genitals. Latex and oil do not play nice together.

As much as I really do adore this oil it still has a few downsides that people may dislike.

Firstly while this oil does dry non-greasy it still takes some time to dry so most people will most likely want to take a shower after use. This means that this oil is not ideal for use if you’re on a time limit (unless you’re okay with letting it dry over time).

Despite not having a reaction with my skin this oil does still have quite a few ingredients in it, so I can’t necessarily guarantee how well it will work with your body if you, too, have a delicate body.

And, as more of a side note, while this oil doesn’t taste bad at all it’s not flavoured either so those who do want to use their oil orally will have to look at Shunga’s other products.

However these are very mild gripes for what is, otherwise, and incredibly well-executed massage oil.

Final Thoughts

Overall the Shunga Erotic Massage Oil managed to achieve everything it set out to do and I couldn’t be happier with it. If the other scents are anything like the Monoï scent then the fragrances of these oils are very nicely implemented while the oil itself manages to provide an incredibly enjoyable consistency which beckons you to make skin-on-skin contact.

If you’re looking for a straight-up massage oil and want an exceptional product then I really think this oil will do the trick splendidly. Give it a try!

Recommend to:

People looking for a high-quality massage oil.

People who like gentle fragrances.

People who like non-greasy, non-sticky oils.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who are looking for a multi-use oil.

People who prefer stronger scents.

People who prefer quick sex sessions.