Product Review: The Sensuous Sweet Touch Massage Oils (Tiramisu and Crème Brûlée)

When it comes to adult retailers Harmony Store have long been in my good books. Having visited their actual stores in London I was thoroughly impressed by their customer service and product range I was even more delighted when I realized they had an online store.

You can imagine, then, my enthusiasm when Harmony Store contacted me to review the newly stocked Sensuous Sweet Touch Massage Oils. Eager to try out these oral treats I picked two flavours out of the impressive range on offer and enthusiastically awaited their arrival.

Unfortunately there was a bit of a hiccup during the ordering process and I did end up getting the wrong product at first but Harmony Store were very quick to get everything sorted out. Because of this I am confident in Harmony Store’s customer services online as well as in-store and would happily recommend them.

When it came to the Sensuous Massage Oils themselves, well, I couldn’t be happier. These oils are a sweet treat for any intimate occasion and I thoroughly enjoyed giving them an extensive oral examination.

The Sensuous Sweet Touch Massage Oils (Tiramisu and Crème Brûlée)

The Sensuous Sweet Touch Massage Oils are a line of delectable goodies meant to be used for sensual massages. Of course in this case I think ‘sensual massage’ should always be assumed as a less direct way of saying oral sex because the Sensuous Sweet Touch Massage Oils excel at this purpose.

These water-based massage oils are fantastic for oral sex.
These water-based massage oils are fantastic for oral sex.

Of course this oil can be used elsewhere and can still be implemented as a conventional massage oil, however I think it fairs much better when you apply a little bit to an erogenous zone and simply enjoy lapping it up rather that going full formal massage-mode. Because of this I will be reviewing these products first and foremost as products used for oral sex.

The Sweet Touch Massage Oils  may be called oils but they’re actually water based and claim to be hypoallergenic and latex friendly. Because I wanted to play it safe I still used non-latex condoms after using these oils but in theory there’s no reason to do this.

There are seven different flavours to choose from on Harmony StoreChocolate, Blueberry & White Chocolate, Raspberry, Strawberry, Irish Cream, Tiramisu, and Crème Brûlée. I received the Tiramisu, and Crème Brûlée flavours but if you’d like to know how the Strawberry tasted then hop over to Boobaloo Reviews to find out more.

In terms of flavour both of these oils were a winner, holding them close to the nose allows you to get a full waft of their notably sweet and sugary aroma however when applied the scent is never too overwhelming.

When it comes to texture I’m also incredibly happy with these oils. While I wouldn’t describe these oils as thick in a gel-based way they do have a certain viscosity to them which is, in part, similar to a runny syrup. However as soon as it’s applied there is no denying the velvety smoothness of these oils. Exceptionally made these oils respond amazingly well to skin contact and can be slathered in a thoroughly alluring manner.

I think the best products work with the user to enhance the experience and this is certainly true of the Sensuous Sweet Touch Massage Oils. These oils are the perfect accompaniment to a hand job and sometimes they feel so good used in this manner that it’s almost sad to break the flow by transitioning to oral sex.

This sorrow is short-lasting, though, because these oils taste amazing. If you have a sweet tooth then these oils are for you. The rich flavours of these oils are enhanced by their sugary flare which greets you in full force upon first lick. Yet despite this undoubtedly sweet edge both of the oils never taste overly sickly and their sugary aspect works instead to complement the overall flavour of the oils. The two tasted as follows:

Tiramisu: When the bottle is opened this oil greets you with a heavy aroma of hazelnut. The warmth of this lubricant is the first thing to hit you upon actually tasting it and then you are met with a strong nutty and slightly creamy taste sensation.

The hazelnut is the strongest flavour in this oil. I’m not sure if that evokes tiramisu for me—instead I’m reminded of some wafer biscuits that my mother recently brought back from her trip to Italy that had Nutella in between their wafer segments.

Still it’s thoroughly enjoyable and unbelievably addictive. I could lap it up for hours.

Although these two oils share many of the same ingredients they're quite different when placed side-by-side.
Although these two oils share many of the same ingredients they’re quite different when placed side-by-side.

Crème Brûlée: This oil also has hazelnut in it but it’s much less prominent. This, to me, is testament to how diverse these oils can be despite having similar ingredients (in fact the labels list the exact same ingredients).

The creamy aspect of this oil is much more prominent and its aroma reminds me heavily of pancakes slathered in syrup. The Crème Brûlée isn’t as rich as the Tiramisu either and has a smoother, creamier taste to it.

Following up from its scent this oil does taste a lot like scotch pancakes and caramel or syrup to me with a slightly bitter undertone. I don’t like it as much as the Tiramisu oil but I can see how it would have its clear appreciators.

Both of these oils lasted for a very long time during and I didn’t need to reapply them at all. A little oil can also go a long way so the bottle should last for a fair few sessions too. As hinted at above these oils also have a slight warming effect to them. Mr. Peaches noticed it but only a little bit. However if you’re the one doing the licking the it can definitely be felt, as it warms your entire mouth and invigorates you (adding another fun element to oral sex).

All-in-all I am very happy with these oils and I definitely consider them to be some of the better flavoured products on the market. However they do have some downsides to them which I do have to mention.

The biggest one is the ingredients. Although these oils are free from artificial flavourings and preservatives they do have some ingredients that may raise a red flag for some—the biggest being sugar and glycerin. If you know these ingredients are a problem for you then it might be worth avoiding them, or at least to avoid applying them to your genitals. You could still, in theory, have a fun time applying the oil to other erogenous zones, though, or on a partner who is less sensitive. This is what I did as I wasn’t in the mood for having glycerin-related grievances.

Because of the sugar and glycerin these oils can also dry rather sticky. They do wash off easily with a shower or with a flannel and some soapy water but if you dislike sticky products or don’t have time for a shower then these oils might post a problem.

People who don’t have a particularly sweet tooth or who prefer subtle flavours may also find that the sweet and rich flavour of these oils is just too much for them. Personally I never found it to be too overpowering despite not really liking things that are too sweet.

As a side note because these products are so sweet you might be tempted to try them on actual food. Take it from me and don’t. Just…don’t. If you want to know more click here though I must stress that I don’t blame these products for my little venture into Idiotopia (y’know, for science).

The bottle is a bit impractical for a massage oil.
The bottle is a bit impractical for a massage oil.

The last downside I can see with these oils is their packaging. The bottles for these oils have a rather open top which allows for a large portion of oil to pour out at once. While I never struggled with this too much I do feel like the bottle could have a better design for more controlled pouring.

Final Thoughts

Overall I am incredibly pleased with these oils and rank them highly as a flavoured product for oral sex. They may be too rich for my mood sometimes but typically I am happy to use them and feel like they notably enhance an oral sex session when used.

Long-lasting and absolutely delicious there’s not much to dislike about these oils unless you struggle with sweet things or glycerin. With so many flavours to choose from I have to hope that there is at least one flavour out there for everyone (my personal winner is the Tiramisu).

Recommend to:

People who like rich flavoured products.

People who like sweet flavoured products.

People who like smoothly thick oils.

Do Not Recommend to:

People looking for a conventional massage oil.

People who dislike sweet flavours.

People who dislike rich flavours.