Toy Review: Tantus Flurry O2

The Tantus Flurry O2 is the slimmer counterpart to the Tantus Cush—that magical dildo which has me gasping with the power of my orgasm. If you’ve read my Cush review you’ll know just how much I loved it. If not here’s a sampler:

You know in certain shows where a character would reach climax and there would be a montage of volcanoes erupting and waves crashing, while a monumental orchestral number blared in unison with the clips? That’s the Cush.

However as much as I adore the Cush even I have to admit that it does have its flaws. With a 1.75 diameter the Cush can be a chunky dildo even for me. I’d describe the Cush as ‘comfortably large’ but even I’m not always in the mood for its filling sensations.

This is where the Flurry comes in.

Compared to the Cush the Flurry has a diameter of 1.5 inches. This may not seem like much on paper but every little certainly helps when it comes to smoother insertion. So, considering its slimmer frame, did the Flurry live up to the high standards set by the Cush? Read on to find out.

The Tantus Flurry O2

Despite it’s rather abstract (read: awesome) colouration the Tantus Flurry is actually designed to be one of Tantus’ more ‘realistic’ dildos. I say ‘realistic’ because no inanimate object can really replicate and actual penis but Tantus does market this dildo as “Even more real than real!” so it deserves mentioning. In order to gain this ‘realistic’ effect Tantus has designed the Flurry to be anatomically targeted to hit the G-spot in addition to utilizing their Dual Density O2 silicone.

The Tantus Flurry provides a sea of delight.
The Tantus Flurry provides a sea of delight.

This Dual Density silicone is amazing. Essentially it means that while the Tantus Flurry has a hard muscle core that keeps it firm and erect the outside is covered in Super Soft™ silicone which is much more squishy to the touch. This, in a way, does feel somewhat similar to a penis however I personally find that it has its own distinct charm.

The outside layer of silicone, while called Super Soft, isn’t as plush as I has first expected (back before I got the Tantus Cush) however is does have a fair bit of give, especially in the head which can be squished down considerably. The Flurry’s head is markedly softer than my Cush’s head but not soft enough that it shies away from pressure when put against the G-spot. This makes the Flurry even more manageable to insert than the Cush while still allowing it to provide phenomenal sensations.

The head of the Flurry is very squishy compared to the shaft.
The head of the Flurry is very squishy compared to the shaft.

Of course being made out of silicone the Tantus Flurry in non-porous and completely body-safe. Tantus prides itself on its 100% Ultra Premium Silicone and you can feel the material’s quality when you have a Tantus toy in hand. The Flurry is no exception. However like most Tantus toys the Flurry is a hair and dust magnet but this is easily remedied with soap and water. The Flurry can also be boiled or put in the dishwasher. All-in-all the Flurry is incredibly versatile when it comes to cleaning options.

In terms of measurements the Flurry has a diameter of 1.5 inches, which is a downsize from the Cush’s girth, however it’s curiously about 0.5 inches taller that the Cush. This allows the Flurry to be less girthy than the Cush while also allowing it more reach (though, of course, you don’t have to insert the full 7 inches of the Flurry).

The Cush may have extra girth but the Flurry has extra length.
The Cush may have extra girth but the Flurry has extra length.

In terms of design the Flurry has decided to go for a rather prominent head followed by another raised area about an inch below the coronal ridge. This is in contrast to the Cush which had its second ridge lower down the toy and which was something I wanted to see rectified so the Flurry is basically a wish come true for me in that regard.

While the Flurry doesn’t have much of a curve to it these two prominent ridges allow for a fair amount of G-spot stimulation. The draggy aspects of the silicone also allows the toy to essentially grab the G-spot’s attention with minimal effort required. Although the Flurry is less girthy than the Cush I also find that it still has the optimal amount of girth to allow it a certain amount of prominence when inserted. Basically when it’s in you’ll know it and your G-spot will be thanking you for it.

Much like the Cush my orgasms with the Flurry have been consistently amazing. There have been times where, upon orgasm with the Flurry, I’ve actually had tingling sensations shoot all throughout my body in an intense release. This may be a common experience for some but it’s not for me and I found it friggin fantastic. I can reach orgasm pretty quickly with the Flurry too. When those two ridges hit my G-spot I just can’t help but clench my muscles around them which, in turn, creates even more sensation and causes a swift build-up of pleasure.

Those combined ridges make all the difference.
Those combined ridges make all the difference.

I honestly don’t think this would be as effective if the head and ridges of the Flurry weren’t made from the Soft Skin silicone, though. It’s like a Goldilocks situation where if they were any firmer or any softer I don’t think I would find them as comfortable or stimulating but, as it stands, they’re just right, at least for me.

Orgasms with the Flurry are also rather long-lasting, though they’re not necessarily as deep as the Cush. And that’s the only big thing I can really say against the Flurry.

Part of the reason that the Cush was so mind-blowing was because its girth played into the orgasm and made you feel each muscle contraction with an incredible amount of prominence and awareness. However because the Flurry is smaller it lacks the filling sensation which might make it less appealing to some.

However the whole point of the Flurry is that it provides a leaner alternative than the Cush, so complaining that it’s smaller does seem kind of like a moot point. Regardless of the girthy sensation being absent my orgasms with the Flurry were still phenomenal and I know it’s a toy that I’ll be reaching for in equal measure to the Cush.

The only other downside to the Flurry that I can imagine is that if you need a lot of pressure and a prominent curve to reach G-spot orgasm then the Flurry obviously lacks that. Sadly I cannot comment on how the Flurry would feel anally because I’m still a relative butt newbie, however Gritty Woman does comment about anal use briefly in her review.

As an aside there’s also a good chance that you’ll need to use a fair bit of lubricant with the Tantus Flurry. Such is the way of draggy silicone.

Final Thoughts

When I first tried the Cush I had a hard time believing that any other toy could match its sensations. While the Flurry certainly doesn’t provide the filling sensation that the Cush does it still managed to come closer to those distinct Cush orgasms than any other toy has.

Because of this I would definitely recommend this toy to people who love G-spot stimulation and know they can get it out or a straight shafted toy with a decent coronal ridge. If you need a curve on your toy the Flurry is probably one to miss though.

In terms of which one is better, the Cush or the Flurry my knee-jerk reaction would most likely to shout “Don’t make me choose!” at the top of my lungs to you while shaking you frantically like a crazy person. However I think the more rational answer would be as follows:

Both of these toys are exceptional but they offer slightly different sensations. The Cush goes the extra mile with girth, the Flurry with additional texture for the G-spot. In this instance I can’t tell you which is better because ultimately you’ll know whether it’s girth or stimulation that you’re going for.

Ultimately both the Cush and the Flurry are on par with each other. If you are in a position where you can get both and you like what you’ve read then I highly recommend trying both of them out. If not…well, I don’t envy your choice.

Recommend to:

People who like G-spot stimulation.

People who like prominent coronal ridges.

People who want a slimmer option than the Cush.

Do Not Recommend to:

Size queens craving girth.

People who need a curve for G-spotting.

People who like firmer toys.

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