Product Review: The Minna kGoal

Guys, I think I have a serious problem. I’m facing a recurring issue that happens without fail; every time I use the kGoal I can get through the work out easily, but not without becoming so unbelievably aroused that sexual actions are essential afterwards. It’s like the kGoal wants me to test my improved kegel prowess as soon as I’m done with it and, hey, who am I to protest?

Joking aside this actually does happen to me when using the kGoal and it’s an incredible bonus to an already exceptional product. The Minna kGoal is, by all standards, at the forefront of its field.

There have been a fair few quirky kegel exercisers over the years and, as of late, a few companies have tried their hands at using apps and the power of Bluetooth to make responsive exercisers but none of the one’s I’ve tried so far work as well as the kGoal.

The kGoal is a literal pleasure to use (almost gaspingly so at times) and, while it may not be perfect for some, it is perfect for me.

The Minna kGoal

The Minna crew really are just full to the brim with brilliant ideas and innovative adult products.

First came the Ola (a toy that firmly got the approval of my G-spot) then the Limon (an intuitive clitoral toy that seemed almost made for me) and now the kGoal.

The kGoal is ready to give you a work out.
The kGoal is ready to give you a work out.

Like the Limon the kGoal was crowdfunded—something that Minna has also shown an impressive penchant for—and it shares quite a few elements with the Limon. Like the Limon its bulbous section acts like an inflatable cushion and, much like the Limon, squeezing it activates and increases the intensity of its vibrations.

However the kGoal utilizes its squeeze technology for a different task. As its name suggested the kGoal’s technology is instead targeted at helping those with a vagina locate and strengthen their pelvic floor muscles through kegel exercises.

I’ve always taken every opportunity I can to rave about how important kegel exercises are but it always bears repeating. By doing kegel exercises one can typically expect to have better bladder control, to alleviate the symptoms of pelvic floor weakness, and to generally have better musculoskeletal stability. Kegels have also been attributed to easier and more pleasurable orgasms—the stronger the muscles the better the control, after all.

Minna also believe that kegels are important however they noticed that many women didn’t know exactly how to do their kegel exercises. In fact apparently over 30% of women are not able to correctly contract their pelvic muscles without direct feedback. This is where the kGoal comes in.

The kGoal device can be linked up to an app via Bluetooth in order to provide genuine biofeedback as a person exercises, giving them a clear indication of whether they’re on track or not. In addition to this the kGoal app comes with a built in 5 minute workout which tests and trains the pelvic floor muscles in terms of strength, endurance, and control.

Once the 5 minute workout is done the kGoal app then delivers four different scores letting you know how well you’ve done—one for each exercise category as well as a total score. From this a person can track their progress over time, comparing their scores through a workout history chart.

So how does it all work? Well there’s a lot to the kGoal, which sounds convoluted when explained, but using it is actually quite easy.

The kGoal itself is made out of phthalate-free, body-safe, Class VI medical grade silicone. While most of the kGoal’s bulbous body is inflated the very top section is rigid and firm. The kGoal also has a clitoral arm which has the control button and charge port for the toy (which is USB rechargeable).

At the end of the kGoal’s bulbous body is a little comfort valve, before using the kGoal all you need to do is push down on this valve and squeeze the kGoal’s body to release air from it. This makes it easier to insert (although lubricant is also recommended). Once inserted the valve can then be pushed again to let air back into the kGoal, allowing it to accurately fit your body.

The comfort valve helps deflate the kGoal ready for use.
The comfort valve helps deflate the kGoal ready for use.

To turn the kGoal on all you need to do is push and hold the kGoal’s only button until a light comes on in the charging area. If you had the kGoal on while applying then the vibrations won’t be calibrated properly. In this instance (or in any other where you wish to recalibrate) all you need to do is give the button a quick push, it’ll briefly turn green and will appropriately adjust.

From there you simply need to connect your kGoal to the app. Through the app you can easily decide whether you want both the internal and external vibrations on or on or the other or neither. If you can’t use the app don’t worry, these settings can be changed manually (as the manual describes) and you can still get vibration feedback while doing exercises, though it may not be as useful.

Once your kGoal is connected to the app all you need to do is start your workout and the rest is self-explanatory.

The size and shape of the kGoal may be a bit too much for some.
The size and shape of the kGoal may be a bit too much for some.

The kGoal itself is quite easy to use, though its size might be intimidating for some. Personally with a diameter of 1.45 inches and a length of 3.65 inches I didn’t find it too scary but its hard tip can make it quite blunt. Lubricant is a godsend in this instance and the smooth silicone of the kGoal responds well to lubrication.

The button for the kGoal is very easy to use and the kGoal is incredibly receptive to any clenching of the pelvic floor muscles. The vibrations are easy to feel and give the feedback that Minna suggested they would, which is great.

While neither of the kGoal’s vibrations are designed with pleasure as their primary purpose I can say that both the external and internal vibrations are very enjoyable. Staying within the realm of gentle-to-strong vibrations, the two sections of the kGoal both offer distinct vibrations which never become overwhelming. The external arm is buzzier than the external arm, but still manages to be impressively deep. Meanwhile the internal bulb has vibrations that are much rumblier and really manage to make an impact during use.

I must say while I’m typically a power queen I most like it when the kGoal is at a slow rumble inside of me—provoked by gentle muscle clenches that vary in duration. Vibrations really are the best motivation to do your exercises, even if they have some steamy after effects.

The kGoal app is also incredibly responsive and extremely user friendly. A clean design means that it wouldn’t be out of place next to any other health tracking app and nothing on the dashboard would indicate what exactly the app was tracking. This means that users can have the app on their phone without fear of immediate exposure (although those who pry deeper into the settings of the app might guess at what it pertains to.

Used together the app and the kGoal and incredibly effective. When I took my first workout I was initially disappointed at the score I received in endurance. However since then I’ve managed to increase my endurance significantly with regular workouts. Quick squeezes are the easiest exercise for me and I have to say they can be pleasing, however there’s nothing quite as satisfying as the controlled squeezes. Trying to get my pelvic floor muscles to ebb and flow in relation to the app was something I greatly enjoyed, especially as I became more proficient at it. These controlled squeezes also helped me gain a better idea of how to utilize my pelvic floor muscles—something I felt confident in but which it seems I could improve upon.

Charging the kGoal is easy too and a single 1.5 hour charge time will give you 2 hours of battery life.
Charging the kGoal is easy too and a single 1.5 hour charge time will give you 2 hours of battery life.

The main goal of the kGoal is to help people develop their pelvic floor muscles over time and to reap the benefits. However, as I said before, there hasn’t been a single exercise so far where I haven’t wanted to reap the benefits straight afterwards too. There’s something about the type of vibrations and the provocation of the pelvic floor muscles which just leaves me yearning for further stimulation and, when I get it, that stimulation seems almost immediately enhanced, thanks to my high arousal state.

There have been times when, after a kGoal workout, I’ve got straight down to business and have been able to have orgasms within mere minutes. Orgasms. Plural. Needless to say it’s helped elevate my opinion of the kGoal greatly.

However even if I wasn’t getting immediate arousal followed by solid orgasms from this product I still think it stands on its own merits as a kegel exercising device. I honestly don’t believe there’s another product on the market right now with the same level of responsiveness and app integration for kegel exercise. The kGoal is at the top of its game.

That being said I do have a few gripes with the kGoal and it certainly won’t be for everyone.

One of the biggest issues I have with the kGoal is that it’s not wholly waterproof. This isn’t necessarily a big thing but it does mean you have to take a bit more time and caution when cleaning it and it feels like with the price tag full submersion could have been possible. Then again most toys on the market at this price don’t also have an app with them, so it’s what I see as an acceptable trade-off. I guess waterproof toys have just made me lazy.

Another mild gripe I have with the kGoal is that it can sometimes take a long time to connect to the app. Shutting down and restarting the app can often easily alleviate this.

Addressing the app for a moment it’s also worth noting that only iOS and Android devices with Bluetooth 4.0 capability and iOS v8 or Android v4.3 or newer as the operating system can use the kGoal app. Because of this it’s always worth checking if your phone is compatible with the kGoal before deciding to buy.

I also wish that the kGoal app had more than one exercise on it. I think if Minna wished to expand the kGoal app then this would be a good first step.

The last thing worth noting is that some people have found the kGoal to be wholly incompatible with their body type. This seems to have been particularly true for Arielle Duhaime-Ross of The Verge who found the kGoal impossible to use without discomfort. Because of this it’s always worth checking the kGoal’s measurements and knowing your limits when it comes to insertable products.

This is a bit of a shame and it does mean some people won’t be able to use the product who could otherwise have benefited from it. For example when I was suffering with vaginismus I was told to do kegel exercises to help with muscle control. However I know with confidence that I would never have been able to insert the kGoal to help me with those exercises at that point in my life. No sir.

Still I understand why the kGoal is the shape and size it is. All adult products must eventually decide on a size. The kGoal is, to my mind, substantial enough to allow for ease of use without being too bulky that it will be unusable for most.

Final Thoughts

Overall I adore my kGoal and I do feel like it’s improved my pelvic floor muscles. The combination of product and app works excellently together and helps users easily understand how to do kegel exercises and to adjust them where needed.

It’s a shame that the kGoal doesn’t work for everyone but as long as you check the measurements beforehand I really don’t see you having any issues with the kGoal. To my mind its benefits far outweigh its downsides. Mr. Peaches isn’t complaining either.

At this point I feel like some kind of crazed Minna fan girl; so far there’s no product they’ve released which I haven’t loved. Still I can’t ignore how effective this product is and I look forward to the next idea that Minna has to offer us.

Recommend to:

People who want a responsive kegel exerciser.

People who love innovative products.

People who enjoy monitoring progress through apps.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who want a vibrator first and foremost.

People who dislike the size of the kGoal.

People who cannot use the app.

The kGoal was provided to me by Minna in exchange for an honest review. 

  • Seriously this is the ONLY kegel toy I have ever been able to appreciate. It is absolutely amazing! I just read your review and hung my head at how high you’ve set the bar – but that’s a good thing for readers and sponsors so props Emmeline!