Product Review: The Fun Factory FUNtastics Set (Limited Edition)

If there’s one thing to be said about the FUNtastics Set it’s that it is a bargain. The Fun Factory FUNtastics Set contains €196.00 worth of items—the Buddy, Chico, Fizzy, and Scooby FreeVIBES—all for €89.00. In pounds that works at as about £145 worth of products down to £65.50 (as of this review).

It’s fair to say that I can understand why this set is limited edition, as well and understanding why it may appeal to some. Working much like the Paramour Pleasure Set, the Fun Factory FUNtastics Set has one bullet vibrator and four different sleeves which can be used to vary up its performance.

This sounds like a great idea in theory, however it often entirely depends on what the sleeves are like. In this case I personally found the FUNtastics Set to be a bit lacking, but that’s not to say it won’t work for some.

The Fun Factory FUNtastics Set (Limited Edition)

The Fun Factory FUNtastics Set (Limited Edition) seems to be heavily marketed around fun in the sun, a free-loving road trip, and the flexibility to pursue what you want. Because of this each of the FUNtastics toys provided reflects this idea. With one bullet between four sleeved you essentially get to choose your experience—customizing it depending on your mood.

The FUNtastics Set is all about colour, enjoyment, and vibrancy.
The FUNtastics Set is all about colour, enjoyment, and vibrancy.

Each sleeve is made of 100% medical grade silicone which is non-porous, phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, and generally body safe. Fun Factory silicone isn’t my favourite however these sleeves do feel less grainy than the silicone on my Stronic Eins, which is a marked improvement. They are, however, still very draggy and prone to picking up lint, hair and other household debris.

Something I love about these sleeves are the colours. Punk pink, neon yellow and orange, and violet, these sleeves certainly don’t try and pander to a gender stereotype and certainly add the ‘Fun’ to FUNtastics. The four sleeves provided offer different types of pleasure and are named as follows:

Buddy (The Cheeky One): Neon orange in colour, Buddy is a nice simple sleeve designed primarily for G-spot stimulation. At 15.5 cm in length, its curved, bulging ‘nose’ is designed to suit this purpose, though it can also be used externally on the nipples, penis, or clitoris.

Chico (A Real Character): Probably the oddest of all the sleeves (and one that Lemon Fresh has described as looking like “A little cartoon man waving his fist in the air”) the Chico is also meant to provide G-spot stimulation, however the slimmer ball is also meant to provide clitoral stimulation by ‘dancing over the clitoris’. The Chico is also 15.5 cm in length, keeping up the line’s theme of being small toys that are easy to pack away and take anywhere with you.

Fizzy (The Elegant One): Another strong contender for weirdest sleeve, the Fizzy is punk pink, 13.2 cm in length, and has a looped-over design. Acting as a homage to the Delight vibrator, the Fizzy is meant to be used externally, especially on the clitoris. However users are also encouraged to try sticking their finger through the loop of the Fizzy during their ‘self-pleasuring’ experience.

Scooby (The Multi-Tasker): As its tagline indicates, the Scooby is designed to be a general all-rounder in terms of use. It can be inserted and used to stimulate the G-spot, but it can also be used on the vulva, penis, or other erogenous zones. It’s often said that trying to excel at many things usually makes a product good at nothing in particular but the Scooby’s design does lend itself well to all of these tasks (though it is the bulkiest of all the sleeves because of it).

Each sleeve provides a different experience.
Each sleeve provides a different experience.

The bullet that is inserted into these sleeves is made of hard plastic, is waterproof, and is generally very easy to use. The bullet has a single button and that single button is used to turn the toy on and off as well as to circulate through its five different patterns. The bullet is rechargeable via a handy Click’n’charge USB charger and a 2 hour charge will get you up to 4 hours of play time (depending on what setting you use).

The bullet is very easy to charge
The bullet is very easy to charge.

The vibrations from the bullet are what I would call ‘buzzy but resonant’.  There is an underlying rumble to the vibrations provided, however its high-pitched buzz is what is most prominently felt and heard. Despite this the bullet still manages to effectively resonate through my vulva during use and I can reach orgasm when using it. It is not, in any way shape or form, as strong as, say, the Tango, but it is still enjoyable enough and will satisfy most users of standard bullets.

The resonant aspect of the bullet is vital too—as, when inserted into the silicone sleeves, some of the vibration strength is inevitably muffled and weakened. Enough of the vibration still travels through the sleeves that I would consider them to provide satisfying gentle-to-mid level vibrations. However, because of this I feel like most power queens would not find these vibrations to be satisfying enough for them.

A little bit of lube on the bullet made it easy to insert and remove from the sleeves.
A little bit of lube on the bullet made it easy to insert and remove from the sleeves.

Because I am a self-professed power queen I did struggle to enjoy these toys, however, using them did reveal some clear favourites.

For me Buddy was the best sleeve. I found that it went in just enough to reach my G-spot perfectly while the bulging base also provided a filling sensation at my vaginal opening. The orgasms I had with it were strong and enjoyable and were clearly enhanced by the vibrations of the bullet. Fun Factory’s draggy silicone also has its advantages from G-spot stimulation—as this allows the toy to have an almost gripping sensation to it which can be very pleasant.

The Scooby, also, wasn’t too bad and fit my anatomy quite well externally. Hugging up to my vulva I could get a good level of arousal from it. Internally, though, I found the tip was a bit too prominent for me.

The Chico didn’t work for me at all. The larger ball was easy enough to insert, but it didn’t go deep enough to make clear contact with my G-spot. Meanwhile, although the little ball could reach my clitoris (a rarity when it comes to dual-stimulation toys) the stalk was too thin and flimsy to allow it to stay in place on my clitoris and the vibrations were too gentle to do anything. I feel like the Chico might work well for some but, for me, it just didn’t cut the mustard.

The Fizzy, on the other hand, was something that I found to be effectively useless. It didn’t rest nicely on my vulva, it didn’t stimulate my clitoris, and whatever I was supposed to gain by sticking my finger through the hole didn’t come to fruition. Because of this I did start questioning how this sleeve would appeal to anyone. I’m still not sure on the answer which leads me to ask ‘if one of these sleeves seems redundant then is it really worth buying the entire set?’.

The answer, to my mind, is ‘yes’ but only under certain circumstances. If you like gentle-to-mid level vibrations, and at least two of these sleeves catch your fancy.

This is my logic: To buy two of these products individually would currently cost you €98.00. Sure you’d have two bullets, but this isn’t really a necessity. Whereas if you like two of these sleeves and are curious about the other two then you can spend the €89.00 for the FUNtastic Set and get both of the sleeves you want as well as two others to play around with. What can I say? I love a bargain.

Aside from the already mentioned issues (of the silicone being draggy and the set not catering to power queens) there’s not much that can be said in the way of downsides for this set. The FUNtastics Set will either appeal to you or it won’t and if it does then what you see is pretty much what you get.

One additional upside that I didn’t mention before is that the FUNtastics Set also comes with its own little storage bag which accommodates all the sleeves as well as the bullet and charger. Because of that this set really is a good on-the-go choice and very well might make a great summer companion kit.

Final Thoughts

Overall I’m not overwhelmed by the Fun Factory FUNtastics Set but I’m not underwhelmed by it either. I have very neutral feelings and I feel like this set is a hit-or-miss product.

For some people it will be a definite hit and will allow them to have an enjoyable time exploring familiar and new shapes. However for others (such as me) the set may feel somewhat uninspiring or just won’t chime with their personal preferences.

Because of this I’m inclined to believe that if you like this set you probably won’t be disappointed. However if the product page and this review have both failed to impress you then this probably isn’t the right product for you.

Recommend to:

People who like what they see.

People who like short toys.

People who like gentle-to-mid strength vibrations.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike the shapes of the toys.

People who like to make the most of a set of toys.

Power Queens.