Product Review: Shunga Divine Oral Pleasure Gloss

When you’re a sex toy reviewer you can sometimes get the feeling that you’ve seen it all. Granted this feeling is frequently dispelled by the new, wonderful, and sometimes downright quirky adult products that are being produced everyday but, still, a jaded feeling can sometimes linger.

Imagine, then, my excitement when Shunga sent me a sample of products which included the Divine Oral Pleasure Gloss for review. Applied to the lips like a normal gloss, this distinctive product provides stimulating sensations that aim to excite during oral sex.

As a lover of new experiences and a lover of oral sex I was more than willing to pucker up for this product. However my experiences were a bit more varied than I would have hoped for.

Shunga Divine Oral Pleasure Gloss

The Divine Oral Pleasure Gloss is made by Shunga—masters of making adult products into an intimate erotic art experience. Shunga products are all about the experience and always seem to add a level of tenderness to any sexual experience. The Divine Oral Pleasure Gloss is a perfect example of this, as it practically demands skin-on-skin contact (or, more specifically, lips-on-skin).

This sensation-based gloss allows sensation lovers to experience a familiar feeling in a different way.
This sensation-based gloss allows sensation lovers to experience a familiar feeling in a different way.

Made to have a 3-in-1 effect of warming, cooling, and tingling, this lip gloss is perfect for an oral experience. This gloss is also flavoured, allowing you to enjoy the taste as well of the sensation of oral sex when you’re the wearer. There are two flavours available, Sparkling Strawberry Wine or Coconut Water.

I was given the Coconut Water version and, I have to say, it has quite a pleasant flavour to it. Sweet, refreshing, and very heavy on the coconut, I loved the way that this lubricant tasted, even though the taste when in use was quite mild compared to using a lubricant (due to how little is used).

The Shunga Divine Oral Pleasure Gloss comes in a lovely box which is almost too pretty to discard. Because of this I can imagine that this product would make a good gift (one that the giver can enjoy too).

The gloss itself looks much like any other gloss and would not go amiss in a makeup bag or if left on the side. The only way someone would ever be able to discern its true nature is if they looked up close and saw the ‘Shunga: Erotic Art’ logo. Still, even then, I can imagine that most would just be left a bit perplexed—wondering how lip gloss could possibly count as a form of erotic art. Oh, what little they know.

The logo is the only hint of this gloss' erotic intentions.
The logo is the only hint of this gloss’ erotic intentions.

Using this gloss I found that every part of the experience felt incredibly sensual and instantly exciting. I loved the idea of wearing a product that I could use sexually without anyone being able to tell. I loved the fact that my lips looked fabulously glossy once applied while I fantasised about what was to come. And I especially loved walking up to my partner (feeling like some kind of shiny-lipped goddess) and preparing to go down on him—knowing that he would soon realize why I had such a big grin on my face.

One of the perks about this lip gloss is that it kind of forces you to focus on the initial elements of oral sex. Using your glossed up lips you’re best of starting by kissing your partner’s genitals, or by rubbing your lips over sweet spots, creating an arousing atmosphere. This is great for anyone who loves to focus on the initial aspects of oral or for those wanting more practise in the art of teasing. It’s certainly something I enjoyed and Mr. Peaches seemed to like it too.

That being said Mr. Peaches commented that he didn’t feel many sensations from this gloss until after I started to insert his shaft into my mouth and commenced with the rhythmic motions that are common during oral sex. It was at this point that the gloss felt most prominent for him and he described it as incredibly arousing and a prominent enhancer—as the warming and tingling sensations of the gloss heightened his pleasure.

However Mr. Peaches found that the cooling effect was a bit hit-and-miss; sometimes he felt it, sometimes he didn’t. Because of this I get the sense that different people will have different reactions to this gloss at different times (which makes it quite hard to review reliably).

Now at this point you might be thinking “Emmeline, this sounds great! But why haven’t you chimed in? Where’s your opinion on how it feels?”

There’s a simple answer to this and it pans down to “this product is not suitable for someone with sensitive skin”.

From the moment I put this gloss on my lips I was met with an intense stinging sensation that burnt, a lot. Although unpleasant it wasn’t enough to warrant me discontinuing use altogether but it was certainly enough for me to decide it wasn’t going anywhere near my crotch.

In the name of fairness I have since asked five different people to try this lip gloss for me. One of those people, like me, was known to suffer from sensitive skin, the others were not. As expected the person with sensitive skin had the exact same reaction as me—an unpleasant burning on their lips, though it was not as severe as it had felt for me. Three of the people felt nothing at all (one really liked the feel and taste of the gloss, in fact). Meanwhile the last person did experience a warming sensation but didn’t describe it as unpleasant.

Because of this I think the verdict is that if you know you don’t have sensitive skin (and have never had a negative reaction from a sensation lubricant) then you will probably be fine using this lubricant and will most likely be able to enjoy its many benefits. However if you know you have sensitive skin then this gloss may cause some issues with you.

Below are a list of the ingredients in this lubricant. If you have known sensitivities to any of these ingredients then you may also have an issue with this lubricant:

Hydrogenated Polyisobutene (And) Ethylene / Propylene / Styrene Copolymer (And) Butylene / Ethylene/ Styrene Copolymer, Menthyl Lactate, Glycerin/Glycérine, Flavor/Saveur (Aroma), Sucralose, Polyglyceryl Stearate, Vanillin Butyl Ether (Vanillyl Butyl Ether).

This list also highlights one of the other big issues with this gloss. Namely if you’re prone to yeast infections or UTIs then you might find the levels of glycerin in this product to be a bit of a deterrent.

Other than sensitivity issues, though, there isn’t much to dislike about this lubricant. The only other thing I can think of is that if you typically use oral lubricants then using just a lip gloss might seem a bit lacking for you, but that’s a personal preference that can easily be accommodated.

Final Thoughts

I wish I could have enjoyed this lip gloss to its full effect because, overall, I truly adored this product and I think it’ll be great for many people.

It’s just such a fun and wonderfully executed product and it seems like something that would go perfectly with an intimate evening in or a slow, passionate play session.

If, like me, you have sensitive skin then chances are this product isn’t for you. However if you have no sensitivities and love oral sex and sensation gels/lubricants then I really can’t recommend this product enough. It certainly turns oral sex into a work of erotic art.

Recommend to:

People who love oral sex.

People who love sensation play.

People who love discreet adult products.

Do Not Recommend to:

People with sensitive skin.

People who dislike sensation play.

People who prefer lots of flavoured lubricant.