Product Review: The L’Amourose Paramour Pleasure Partners Set

While the L’Amourose Rosa Rouge wasn’t quite a perfect fit for my body it did still leave me thoroughly impressed in terms of power and innovation. As such I was very excited to see what L’Amourose (a relatively new contender in the world of luxury sex toys) would come up with next. Enter the Paramour Pleasure Partners Set.

The L’Amourose Paramour Pleasure Partners Set was kindly sent to me by Pasante in exchange for an honest review. The Paramour Pleasure Set retails at a pricey £149.99 but acts as essentially four toys in one.

With couples in mind this great kit has a lot to offer for the right owners, but how did it measure up for Mr. Peaches and I?

The L’Amourose Paramour Pleasure Partners Set

The L’Amourose Paramour Pleasure Partners Set is L’Amourose’s attempt to appeal to couples who are looking to share their intimate moments. Central to the set is a vibrating egg—which can be used independently or with a remote. This means that the egg can be a stand-alone item or can be paired with the remote to allow your partner to control its motions.

The Paramour Pleasure Partners Set focuses around a vibrating egg which provides some interesting sensations.
The Paramour Pleasure Partners Set focuses around a vibrating egg which provides some interesting sensations.

In addition to this the egg comes with three different sleeves which change up the use of the egg. Each of these sleeves are made of 100% FDA-approved silicone while the bullet is made out of ABS with a silicone button on the side. Because of this the bullet itself is quite rigid (allowing vibrations to travel through it with clarity) whereas the sleeves have a smoother, more velvety feel to them. I wouldn’t call this silicone the smoothest I’ve felt before but its powdery-matte surface is very appealing to the touch.

The three sleeves are what adds value to this set, as they help transform the vibrating egg into three very nice couples’ products. These sleeves are as follows:

Mae: A bullet vibe silicone cradle with a silicone strong to aid easy removal.

Clark: A ‘Gentleman’s ring’ which functions as a vibrating cock ring.

Lana: A parner’s vibe cradle which works similarly to the We-Vibe except without a vibrating motor in the internal arm.

Each sleeve has a section that the vibrating egg can slot in to, including a little section that locks in the egg’s charging section, making it 100% waterproof. Inserting the egg into these sleeves is very easy and really does make it feel like you’re getting your money’s worth with this kit, as each provides a very distinct purpose.

Each sleeve allows you to firmly slot the egg in.
Each sleeve allows you to firmly slot the egg in.

The egg itself is also easy to control. On the side of the vibrating egg is a single button, this button is held down for 3 seconds to turn it on. From there you just need to keep on pressing the button to sift through the various patterns included. The egg has 5 different pattern settings, and has over 12 different speed settings. However from what I can tell these speed settings can only be triggered through the remote.

The remote for the Paramour set is very clever is not a bit intimidating at first. Looking like something from a sci-fi movie, this remote has a battery life of up to 10 hours from a 1 hour charge (as opposed to the 1.5 hours of the vibrating egg on the same charge) and can be sued to remotely control the vibrating egg from up to 15 metres. Mr. Peaches and I tested the distance of our remote and found it to be quite impressive and very responsive however as it does work on a touch pad system it can take some getting used to.

The remote in this set provides an array of extra options.
The remote in this set provides an array of extra options.

In addition to being able to control the speed of the egg and its mode the remote also has something called ‘memory mode’ which allows you to record a unique patter much like with the Minna Limon and Ola.

There is an extensive guide to how to use this in the Paramour Set’s very handy manual so I won’t go into too much detail about this but here’s the gist. After pressing and holding the M button on the remote for 3 seconds the light on the button will blink. After that point the control will record your movements for 10 seconds and then play it on a loop until you exit memory mode. This is a function that Mr. Peaches and I didn’t utilize much (as I’m not a big fan of patterns) however I’m sure it would be great fun for people who like teasing sensations or for pattern lovers. It also allows couples to play around with varying sensations, which is another bonus.

The remote control also acts as a charging dock for the vibrating egg, allowing you to charge both items at the same time.

The vibrating egg itself feels quite delightful but is not the most powerful product of its size. The egg feels quite buzzy when in the hand but once applied firmly to one’s body (or into one of its sleeves) the depth and strength of its vibrations become apparent. Providing a resonating rumble, the vibrating egg offers dispersed vibrations which penetrate a decent area and feels like it has some real depth to it. This might not work for people who need buzzy or pinpoint vibrations but it’s personally my vibration style of choice so I really enjoyed using this egg.

It was easy enough to achieve clitoral orgasms from using this egg on its highest setting but, as I said before, its power is a bit lacking compared to some products and it may not be enough for some power queens. It’s still impressively powerful for its size but it’s not breaking new ground in terms of strength.

The remote for me was an interesting aspect to the product, and it’s something Mr. Peaches and I did and will use during foreplay, as it’s always nice to give in to your partner’s desires.

Each sleeve can be used a different way, giving you a lot of options for your money.
Each sleeve can be used a different way, giving you a lot of options for your money.

As for the sleeves included, well, here’s what I thought of them (in order of least favourite to favourite):

Lana: The Lana is, in theory, a nice way for people to explore partnered pleasure, as an internal arm can be felt by both people involved while the external area sits on the clitoris, stimulating it. What I liked about the Lana was that the arm itself didn’t have any texture on it. This is something I appreciated—as I’m not a fan of textured silicone and find it too scraping.

However because I have quite chunky labia majora I found that the bullet (made to sit length-wise) spread my labia in a manner that was incredibly uncomfortable, even painful. This meant that any pleasure derived from this sleeve was null-and-voided by the incredible discomfort it caused my vulva.

This product many work for those who have a very lean vulva but for me it was a no-go.

Clark: I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about the Clark when I first saw it. I like continual stimulation from my sex toys and vibrators that are set to the shaft of my partner’s penis often have an inevitable back-and-fourth motion, as is the nature of PiV sex.

The Clark also has a very tight ring with little flexibility in it which put my partner off at first and left us both a bit dubious.

However once inserted and turned on I was delighted with the results. Because the bullet is so rumbly I could actually feel its vibrations travel through my partner’s shaft basically making his entire penis vibrate. This filled me with such glee and was noticeable throughout our sex session (despite the main brunt of the bullet still succumbing to the back-and-fourth motion that I generally dislike).

This full vibration effect felt really good during use and Mr. Peaches could feel it to, adding to his enjoyment. The cock ring also helped make Mr. Peaches last noticeably last longer, which will be a bonus for some.

What can I say? Anything that can turn my partner’s penis into a working vibrator gets a thumbs up from me.

Mae: The Mae is a very standard but nonetheless enjoyable asset to this kit. Designed to be inserted Mae allows couples the most potential when it comes to the remote (in my opinion) while also working well without the remote.

Because of how deep and rumbly the vibrating egg feels I found that orgasms with the Mae were very enjoyable. It was as if the depth of the egg’s vibrations were forcing me to focus on my vagina and the depth of the muscle spasms that were happening within it, making my orgasms more profound. I really enjoyed this and I will certainly use the Mae in future.

So, aside from the downsides I experienced with the Lana, is there anything to be said against this Set? Well the answer is obviously yes, as no product is without flaws, but I do feel these points are minor.

The first (and probably biggest) flaw with this set is that the bullet must be turned on before the remote control will work on it. This kind of stops any possibility that the Mae has for being something you can wear out and about and reserves this set strictly to the bedroom.

This is probably for the best, though, as the vibrating egg included in this kit is not whisper quiet. It probably won’t be heard from behind a closed door but it would be noticeable when in a quiet room with people.

Aside from this the only other problem with this set is its price. I understand that £149.99 is a lot to spend on adult products and this set is noticeably designer (even coming with its own storage bag and an 18 month warranty). However if you do use every single sleeve in this set then it essentially does the job of four product sin one—four products that, if brought separately, would probably come to notably more than £149.99.

Because of this I do believe that this set is good value for money but only if you feel like you will use every part of this set or that the bullet is right for you. These are the considerations that you need to make when deciding to purchase this set.

Final Thoughts

The L’Amourose Paramour Pleasure Partners Set is a fantastic set which offers a lot of diversity with its one-egg-many-sleeves system. Although it didn’t receive a flawless reception with us I do believe that it can be fully utilized by many and that it will bring a lot of joy to those who can fully reap its benefits.

If you crave extensive power, pinpoint sensations, or have a larger frame then it could be that this set doesn’t meet all of your needs. However if you love deep, broad vibrations, have a slim vulva, and love patterns and customized modes then the Paramour Pleasure Partners Set may be just what you’re looking for.

EDIT- Since writing this review I have found out that the Paramour Pleasure Partners Set has now won a Red Dot design award. This is a real testament to the design quality of the Paramour Pleasure Partners Set and shows that its excellent design has not gone unnoticed.

Recommend to:

Couples looking to experiment.

People who like patterns.

People who like rumbly vibrations.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer buzzy vibrations.

People who dislike excessive variety.

People who feel like they won’t get their money’s worth.