Product Review: Sliquid Sizzle Stimulating Lubricant

One of the other products kindly sent to me for review by Belle De Soir was Sliquid Sizzle and, oh boy, do I love this lube!

Veterans of my site will know that when it comes to lubricants I have to be incredibly careful. This is because I have insanely sensitive skin which has often made even well-made lubricants a venture into pain. Needless to say this means that almost all sensation-based lubricants are a clear no-go for me.

However Sliquid have championed themselves as being “Created by sensitive women, for sensitive women” for a very long time, so I was willing to give Sliquid Sizzle a chance to show me what it had to offer.

What it offered was plenty of sensations, a fair dose of elation, and pure unbridled bliss as I finally got to experience a sensation-based lubricant without an inch of pain.

This lubricant feels fantastic and follows through on Sliquid’s sensitive manifesto and I couldn’t be more fulfilled because of this.

Sliquid Sizzzle Stimulating Lubricant 

Sliquid Sizzle is (as you’ve probably guessed by now) Sliquid’s own attempt at a sensation-based lubricant. Sensation lubricants are a fantastic way to explore new heights of excitement. A simple chance in sensations—such as a heating or cooling feeling—can go surprisingly far in amplifying the atmosphere and heightening arousal and should definitely be experienced at least once.

This lubricant energized my foreplay.
This lubricant energized my foreplay with its cooling sensations.

Sliquid Sizzle keeps to the basics when it comes to ingredients—being paraben-free and glycerine-free and having only six ingredients total.  One of these ingredients, food quality menthol, gives Sliquid Sizzle its sensation-provoking effects. Because of this ingredient Sliquid Sizzle boasts the best of both worlds—cooling upon contact with the body before gradually heating up with friction.

Despite providing such body-tingling effects Sliquid Sizzle still manages to be pH balanced, hypoallergenic, and non-toxic. And, yes, it’s still 100% vegan.

Because Sliquid Sizzle is a sensation lube it does perform a little differently in the scent and taste tests than Sliquid’s more conventional lubricants. The menthol that has been used in the lubricant give it a definite minty odour and it smells similar to a bracing breath mint or a refreshing mouth wash.

This carries through with the taste of Sliquid Sizzle and it is very similar to sucking on a minty menthol sweet. It’s rather sickly sweet but also has a brisk minty aftertaste and, of course, the chilling sensations apply when the lubricant meets one’s lips and slides down the throat too. Because of this Sliquid Sizzle does have the potential to be a very appealing oral lube for some but will be completely off-limits for some. Personal preference will dictate this.

Texture-wise this lubricant is very similar to Sliquid Oceanics. It’s smooth, silky, and undeniably slick. It lasts for an impressive time considering it’s a water-based lube and a little lube can go a long way. I’m convinced that Sliquid bottles employ TARDIS technology because I’m always amazed with just how long their lubricants last.

Because I am so sensitive I opted to use this lubricant on Mr. Peaches (also known as Mr. Guinea Pig) before trying it myself. Upon first use he instantly noted how cooling it was, distractingly so. On first use he found it so overwhelming that he couldn’t quite enjoy the sensation and was left with a little bit of a negative impression.

However upon using it himself with one of his trusty Tenga 3D Strokers he was able to gain an appreciation and even an intense liking for the lubricant and what it had to offer. It seems, for him, having a chance to use it alone for a while helped him get used to it so that he could open up more eagerly to couples use. This is something worth noting, especially if you try Sliquid Sizzle with a partner and are equally underwhelmed. Self-loving can help with a great deal of things.

Despite eventually ending up loving this lubricant (especially when used with a male masturbator) Mr. Peaches still only ever found Sliquid Sizzle to be cooling and never to have a heating quality, even with friction.

Taking a leaf out of Mr. Peaches’ book I decided to use this lubricant while masturbating at first too. Partially so I could learn the sensations alone and partially because I wouldn’t get as many laughs if I suddenly had to dash to the bathroom to shower my vulva if it burnt upon impact.

This lube is designed by those with sensitive skin, for those with sensitive skin.
This lube is designed by those with sensitive skin, for those with sensitive skin.

Thankfully there was no burning sensation, there wasn’t even really a learning curve. Instead I was greeted with a deliciously brisk cooling sensation which spread throughout my entire vulva and filled me with immense pleasure. It was like I had been instantly energized and every part where the lubricant was applied was invigorated as the menthol took effect. It was incredibly satisfying.

Using a toy while this lubricant is applied is wonderful. Because attention is already being focused on the vulva via the lube ever sensation just feel even more intense and my climax was noticeably heightened. This has been my experience every time with this lubricant.

However, while the chilling and tingling sensations of the menthol have always been very prominent for me I, like Mr. Peaches, have never felt the heating sensation of this lubricant. Sometimes I thought that things were slightly warmer but, honestly, it was hard to tell. At the end of the day the sensation of menthol is the overriding one that Sliquid Sizzle provides and, while I do adore that sensation, it was more of a chill than a sizzle for us.

This is probably the major complaint I could lobby against Sliquid Sizzle. For me it’s a minor issue (as the sensations provided are phenomenal) however if you’re looking specifically for a heating lubricant then Sliquid Sizzle might be a bit of a let-down. People who also dislike the feeling of menthol or who have had bad reactions to it in the past may also find that this just isn’t the lube from them.

Other than that the only other valid complaint I can use against Sliquid Sizzle (or, indeed, any Sliquid lubricant) is that it might be a bit too slick. When my partner and I first used a Sliquid product he did find the smoothness that it provided a bit too much and felt that it toned down the friction in an undesirable way.

However after a while using Sliquid we found the perfect amount to get optimal results and things were peachy keen from there. I’m sure others can easily achieve this result too if lack of friction ever does become an issue. As such this is more of an aside rather than a downside that will affect everyone.

Final Thoughts

Overall I love this lubricant and I would highly recommend it. This lubricant would be especially appreciated by anyone who already buys Sliquid lubricants who is looking for a cooling lube or by those with sensitive skin (like me) who usually don’t have the pleasure of using sensation provoking lubricants.

Sliquid produce exceptional products and this is certainly true of Sliquid Sizzle, however if you want all of the focus on heat or if you’re just generally not a menthol fan then it might be worth giving this lubricant a miss. What can I say? Nothing is for everyone but this lubricant certainly hit all the right spots for me.

Recommend to:

People who like sensation lubes.

Sliquid fans.

People with sensitive skin.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who want a heating lube only.

People who dislike new sensations.

People who dislike menthol.