Product Review: Lelo Flickering Touch Luxury Massage Candle (Vanilla & Crème De Cacao)

As an intimacy-builder massage candle gain a solid gold star. Massages themselves are often a very relaxing and loving experience. The sensation of caressing someone else’s skin or of being caressed while oil smooths its way over one’s body is an indulgent treat. However add hot wax to the mixture and things get a lot more intense.

Massage candles offer a brilliant way to explore the thrill of bringing sensation play into the bedroom without being wholly overwhelming. In my first review of a massage candle I did admit to having my own apprehensions about exactly how it would feel but, needless to say, my fears were unfounded.

Instead of being too extreme massage candles tend to have a very low melting temperature. This means that while you may be feeling as if your safety is in your partner’s hands during use the heated oil that makes impact will never be more than pleasantly warm.

Having provided me with my JimmyJane candle, Desires of the I.D. were gracious enough to offer me a Lelo candle in order to compare and contrast. The Lelo Flickering Touch Luxury Massage Candle (Vanilla & Crème De Cacao) has a fair few things in common with its JimmyJane counterpart, however it also has its own distinct features—allowing its roots as a Lelo product to fully shine through.

The Lelo Flickering Touch Luxury Massage Candle (Vanilla & Crème De Cacao)

The Lelo Flickering Touch Luxury Massage Candle (Vanilla & Crème De Cacao) is one of many massage candles produced by Lelo. Each one is much the same but they differ in scent. Available with Desires of the I.D. is the Black Pepper & Pomegranate candle, a Snow Pear & Cedarwood one, and the Vanilla & Crème De Cacao one which I’ve had the pleasure of testing.

Luxurious and a sheer pleasure to use this candle never fails to set the mood for Mr. Peaches and I.
Luxurious and a sheer pleasure to use this candle never fails to set the mood for Mr. Peaches and I.

Having smelt a few of these candles in a sex shop I have to say that all of them have a very enjoyable scent to them, though I personally find the Black Pepper & Pomegranate and the Vanilla & Crème De Cacao ones to be the most alluring candles in terms of scent.

The Lelo Flickering Touch Candles are made from natural soy wax, which is a common component of massage candles. Shea butter and apricot kernel oil are also used to help give these candles their luxurious consistency.

In terms of presentation these candles are very elegant. A black cylindrical container is used to hold the candle (which reflects Lelo’s simple-yet-elegant ethos) while a metal lid is provided as an accompaniment to the candle. Both practical and stylish this lid helps keep the candle covered so that nothing can get stuck in the oil. This is a definite bonus over the JimmyJane candle, which doesn’t have a lid to prevent the wax from gathering dust.

A lid helps prevent any dust from gathering on the candle's surface.
A lid helps prevent any dust from gathering on the candle’s surface.

On the flip side Lelo’s candles lack the pouring spout that JimmyJane’s provided, however I didn’t find this to be a massive hindrance. On both the JimmyJane candle and the Lelo candle the edge gets messy, I suppose the spout on the JimmyJane candle just localizes the mess.

Using the Lelo Flickering Touch Candle is incredibly easy. All you have to do is light the candle, allow it to melt for as long as you wish before extinguishing the flame and letting it cool for 30 seconds. After this time all you need to do is pour the melted wax over your partner’s body (or your own) and enjoy. If you or your partner are worried about how hot the wax will be then it’s useful to note that the higher the candle is raised above the body the cooler the wax that is poured out will be. However, as previously noted, massage candles are rarely hot beyond most people’s level of tolerance.

A single candle has a burn time of approximately 36 hours, allowing for a fair amount of use per candle. In addition to providing a luxurious massage oil, massage candles also fill the room with their delightful scent. It’s kind of like two products in one!

Massage Candles work to provide massage oil and a scented candle, making them well worth the price.
Massage Candles work to provide massage oil and a scented candle, making them well worth the price.

While this candle is vanilla it has a very different scent from its JimmyJane counterpart. More subtle but still suitable scented, the Lelo Flickering Touch Candle is sweet and mellow instead of rich and smoky. In many ways its scent reminds me of an oatmeal cookie dipped in milk chocolate. This may not appeal to those who dislike such smells but to me it was a nice, smooth odour that was very relaxing during use (plus it makes cheesy chat up lines about wanting to eat your partner all up all the more effective).

When applying this massage oil I was instantly impressed by its texture. Soft and luscious, the Lelo candle’s oil is slightly thinner than the JimmyJane candle’s oil which meant that it spread smoother and was generally easier to use. Spreading it across my partner’s back was effortless and he agreed that its texture was very enjoyable.

Another thing to be said about the Lelo Flickering Touch Candle is that it seems to stay a lot warmer than the JimmyJane candle. When I poured it on my partner’s skin he instantly commented on this and I felt it too through further testing. However this warmth still stays in the reason of pleasantly warm and is, in fact, at the optimal temperature in my opinion. Warm oil being poured onto skin feels fantastic and also really helps with any legitimate aches and pains.

Massages with this candle are great for setting the mood and adds a lovely element to foreplay without leaving an uncomfortable layer on the skin. In fact this is the only massage oil I’ve used so far which dries up pretty nicely on skin—feeling no different to a layer of moisturising cream or something similar. For me this was a massive bonus, as it is quite rare to encounter with massage-based adult products.

While I adored this candle it should be said that it’s still not perfect.

If you’re looking for an oral-based massage oil then this is not it. The massage oil produced by this candle may smell nice but taste-wise it’s similar to licking candle wax but with added perfume. This isn’t a big deal but it might deter some people who like to use their mouths a lot during foreplay.

Another thing worth noting is that the tip of my candle holder did have some chips in its paintwork. This is completely cosmetic but it could irritate someone if they’re hoping for a flaw-free product. For some appearances are everything.

However the biggest issue I had with this candle was the time that it takes to melt. A 20 minute burn time got us enough wax to massage one of our backs with but we would have needed to wait longer. This is fine if you have time to plan ahead, but it’s still something to factor in. Give the candle time to melt and it will reward you with wonderful massage oil but it does need time.

Final Thoughts

Overall I was thrilled with the Lelo Flickering Touch Luxury Massage Candle (Vanilla & Crème De Cacao) and it’s taken its place as my favourite massage candle to use. With its delicious taste and its perfectly smooth oil this massage candle provides irresistible results and helps create an intimate and arousing mood.

I would recommend it to anyone who wants to experiment with massage candles. Just keep in mind your personal preferences when you pick out which scent is best for you.

Recommend to:

People looking to try massage candles.

People who like warm oil.

People who like oatmeal cookies.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike massage oils.

People who prefer cooling sensations.

People who want a different scent (try one of the other scents available).