Product Review: The Fleshlight Stamina Value Pack

When offered me a chance to review the Fleshlight Stamina Value Pack I jumped for joy. The Fleshlight is frequently hailed as the pinnacle when it comes to male masturbators  so I couldn’t wait to try one with Mr. Peaches.

The Fleshlight Stamina Value Pack is undoubtedly one of the most practical purchases when it comes to a Fleshlight too. Included in the pack is everything you need to start using and maintaining a Fleshlight—including some Fleshwash toy cleaner, a bottle of Fleshlube water based lubricant, a shower mount, and the Fleshlight Vagina Stamina Training Unit.

While stamina may be the name of the game with the Fleshlight included enjoyment is definitely part of the experience and Mr. Peaches and I couldn’t be happier with our first Fleshlight experience.

The Fleshlight Stamina Value Pack

 For those who don’t know a Fleshlight is a particular type of male masturbator which is made out of a material called SuperSkin. While the exact formulation of SuperSkin has yet to be fully disclosed Fleshlight assures all users that SuperSkin is phthalate-free and built to last.

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This value pack provides everything a user would require at a reasonable price.

However Fleshlights do require a certain amount of maintenance and care in order to stay in best working condition. For example it is crucial that you only ever use water-based lubricants with a Fleshlight and after use they should be rinsed through with warm water and use the right cleaner to clean and then rinse the sleeve again. This is where Fleshlight’s own products are crucial.

Y’see normal soaps or detergents can cause the SuperSkin material that your Fleshlight is made out of to deterirorate over time. As such if you want your sleeve to be properly maintained then you need to use Fleshlight’s own wash. Equally while you can use cornstarch to keep your Fleshlight sleeve feeling soft and smooth it’s better if you use Fleshlight’s own renewing powder.

It may seem like a cash grab but, at the end of the day, Fleshlight have worked long and hard on making the SuperSkin material perfect. As such they know just what it needs to stay in top condition and are able and willing to provide it to Fleshlight users.

This is also where the Fleshlight Stamina Value Pack comes in handy as it has all of the items you’ll need to maintain and correctly use your Fleshlight—things you would otherwise have to buy separately anyway. It basically sets you up to have the best Fleshlight experience possible.

The Fleshlight provided, the Fleshlight Vagina Stamina Training Unit, can most certainly be used for pleasure but it’s also designed specifically with stamina in mind. The ½” canal diameter combined with a chamber full of raised nodules magnifies intensity at the moment before climax, allowing users to decide whether or not they are going to try and pull back at that moment and try and last longer or if they’re going to give in to the sensations and climax.

The Fleshlight provided with this pack is a perfect pairing of stamina training and personal pleasure.
The Fleshlight provided with this pack is a perfect pairing of stamina training and personal pleasure.

Because of this feature this Fleshlight is recommended for those struggling with premature ejaculation or performance anxiety. During use Mr. Peaches found that it offered no noticeable increase in stamina but, then again, his stamina is already pretty impressive and so it was hard to tell. I do believe that if someone wanted to work at increasing their duration then they could very well practice with the STU provided in this kit.

So how did it work for us?

When I first got the Fleshlight out of its pack I have to admit that I thought it looked a bit unwieldy. With a case that’s approximately 26cm in length and 10cm in diameter the Fleshlight is a bit of a contrast if all you’ve ever tried are masturbation sleeves before. However, once in use I really valued the substantial size of the Fleshlight, it made it feel like I was using something of real weight and substance and I definitely felt empowered when using it on Mr. Peaches.

Fleshlights can look bulky at first but they handle well.
Fleshlights can look too bulky at first but they handle well.

Mr. Peaches also found the bulk a bit intimidating at first but, likewise, had little issue with it. And if he ever wanted a hands-free experience then he could easily use it in the shower using the attachment provided for hands-free fun.

Using the shower attachment was something that took some getting used to for Mr. Peaches but once he got the swing of it he loved it. Shower use doesn’t change the feeling of the toy in a detrimental manner and the shower attachment itself stayed firmly in place allowing for easy use. It’s definitely something that Mr. Peaches seems to approve of and I honestly can’t blame him—hands-free masturbation is always a joy.

One of the clear highlights for me when it came to this toy was the material. It is so smooth and supple that I would honestly call it tempting. Oftentimes I’ve found myself stroking the labia of the Fleshlight and running my lips across it—not just as a tempting display for Mr. Peaches but also as an immersive moment of arousal for myself. This product can certainly open up new avenues for couples.

The biggest highlight for Mr. Peaches was the texture and use of the toy. Mr. Peaches found the soft feeling of the SuperSkin to be incredibly—not quite like the ‘real deal’ but phenomenal in its own way and perhaps as close as a synthetic masturbator can get. Meanwhile the textures wrapped around his shaft and rubbed at his head in just the right way to provide breath-taking sensations. The case that the Fleshlight comes in has an adjustable cap at the end that can be used to vary up its suction and Mr. Peaches found this offered a great amount of variety during use and helped enhance his pleasure.

The adjustable cap allows users to vary the pressure they use.
The adjustable cap allows users to vary the pressure they use.

Not once has this Fleshlight failed to get Mr. Peaches off, not only that but Mr. Peaches has also noticed that orgasms seem to last longer for him when using this sleeve—as the ridges and tightness of the toy help prolong his experience. The lubricant provided with this kit is also very slick and enjoyable but personally Mr. Peaches prefers a thicker lube.

Given our experiences with the Fleshlight Stamina Value Pack I would wholeheartedly recommend it to couples and solo users alike, however no product is perfect and the Fleshlight does have a few flaws.

Mr. Peaches has admitted to me that this would be his go-to toy without a doubt if not for the amount of maintenance included. After use you have to wash it out, give it a little dry, then let it naturally dry out before using some renewal power on it and reassembling it for its next use. Users are also advised to warm the Fleshlight up in warm water before use as well, adding to the overall time of using a Fleshlight. This, for Mr. Peaches is not ideal for a quick wank.

Because my own masturbation sessions often leave me with a sink full of toys to scrub and dry after I’m done I’m often unsympathetic to this stance. However I do appreciate that for someone who doesn’t use many toys or who is used to something like a cock ring, butt plug, or simpler masturbation sleeve then the sudden maintenance increase might seem a bit too jarring and time consuming. Still I think this is something one can adjust to with time.

From my perspective I’m always a bit skeptical of toys that become sticky without renewing powder. It’s a personal stance of mine that comes from using mainly non-porous toys, however I would advise that anyone who does purchase a Fleshlight really pays close attention to its maintenance (making this combo pack even more valuable). The renewal powder also gets everywhere and can rub off onto clothing if you’re not careful when using it.

Our Fleshlight is already showing a little bit of damage.
Our Fleshlight is already showing a little bit of damage.

While Fleshlights are durable ours is also already showing a few signs of wear and tear. The front section of the sleeve got nicked with my partner’s fingernails during one cleaning session and the entrance is a bit less pristine than when it was first purchased. As such I do recommend that you take good care of your Fleshlight if you buy one. It will give you an extreme amount of pleasure but it needs some tender love and care in return.

Final Thoughts

Overall Mr. Peaches and I are now full Fleshlight converts and we couldn’t think of a better way for others to try a Fleshlight out than to purchase this handy value pack.

With the amazing sensations that a Fleshlight can provide I really do think that anyone with a penis owes themselves a Fleshlight at some point in their life. Buying this value pack just makes sure that you have everything you need to make your experience as comprehensive as possible.

I really enjoyed using the Fleshlight too and I’m always eager to whip it out if we’re passing on penetrative intercourse. Making a joint experience out of Fleshlight usage can add an exciting element to bed room play sessions and can even provide new ways to arouse and excite.

What more can I say except that this value pack is a real winner? Get yourself one and plunge right in, you deserve it.

Recommend to:

Newcomers to Fleshlights.

People who want to increase stamina.

People who like masturbators.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike high-maintenance toys.

People who dislike realism in toys.

People who dislike lots of texture.

The Fleshlight Stamina Value Pack was given to us by in exchange for an honest review. If you liked this pack then why not purchase it on their site? Using the exclusive code below will get you a 10% discount site-wide. How awesome is that!


  • Pete James

    I have used the Fleshlight STU and I absolutely love it. I too was shocked initially with the size of the thing since before that I was using the smaller Fleshlight Blade. Great to see that you prove this CAN be a couples toy/activity as well.