Update: Lelo Celebrates International Women’s Day

Hello my lovely readers,

Huzzah! It’s International Women’s Day, an incredible day where we celebrate women and raise awareness when it comes to the most significant issues that women all over the world face.

The theme this year is Make It Happen—a call for action and a sense of urgency when it comes to women’s issues.

As part of this occasion Lelo has also decided to celebrate this theme by making it happen too—’it’ in this case being satisfying orgasms.

Lelo have long been a brand that champions women. In many ways they attribute their success to women, considering themselves nothing without the support of their female customers. Because of this Lelo has released their top 10 tips for a more fulfilling orgasm, which I can share with you right here and now.

So, without further ado, here they are:

10. Stop Faking It

Faking it (for women AND men) can come from a good place; you don’t want to hurt your partner’s feelings. However, it’s still dishonesty, and can ultimately be destructive to the trust in your relationship. In terms of taking ownership of achieving orgasms, faking it only serves to reinforce moves that clearly aren’t doing it for you.

9. It’s Good to Talk

They say talk is cheap. It’s not cheap: in the bedroom it’s free, and the freer you are with how you talk during sex, the less inhibited you’ll feel and, as a result, the better your orgasm will be. We’re not just talking about dirty talk either, though that’s great too. No, we’re talking specifically about giving directions, offering feedback, telling your partner what feels really good. There’s no harm in saying what you want out loud ― doesn’t ask doesn’t get. And the best thing is, the more you do it, the easier it becomes.

8. There Is Strength Within

Kegel exercises are simple, discreet, easy, and can quickly lead to more substantial orgasms. They teach you to control your muscles and your body so that you have more and more command over your pleasure, and with increased intimate strength comes enhanced sensitivity and stimulation. You can do this alone, anywhere and at any time, or you can try something like the LUNA Smart Bead™, specifically designed to help you train to have longer, stronger orgasms.

7. The Breath of Life

Tantra is a strange concept to many, and it can seem too new-age and spiritual for some. But, like yoga, it’s really just about controlling your breathing. There are several breathing exercises for better sex that you can try: you’ll be surprised at the way it can intensify the sensations of pleasure.

6. Slow Down to Speed Up

The most intense orgasms are those that are staved off as long as possible, and the last two tips ― regarding breathing and Kegels ― should help you to do that. An orgasm has a kind of potential energy, like a twisted elastic band. The longer it’s twisted, the more energy it will release, and the same is true of the energy released at climax. Take your time to learn your body, use your fingers and experiment, or explore some high quality massagers like the INA Wave or GIGI 2 until you understand exactly what it is you enjoy most.

5. Erotic Friction

It’s a broadly known fact that the vast majority of women do not reach orgasm through penetrative sex alone, or at least not regularly. That’s perfectly normal, but there are ways to draw out an orgasm during sex if you want to. Use a position in which you can rock back and forth on top of him, using his pubic bone to stimulate your clitoris. Better yet, use your fingers or a powerful vibrator like SIRI 2 to stimulate yourself.

4. Shared Fantasy

Enjoying erotica together or alone ― porn, literature and anything between ― is a great way to learn your own preferences and tastes to better begin exploring them. With a partner, sharing fantasies, even if they remain unexplored, can lead to the shedding of self-consciousness and embarrassment, and encourage orgasms without limits. As with so much in sex, this is all about open and honest communication, and that takes practice. It’s worth it.

 3.Sweet Medicine

Medication can affect your orgasm. Painkillers can inhibit your orgasm cycle, and prescription anti-depressants can leave your libido feeling flat. Check with your doctor and make sure you’re aware of the side-effects, because if you’re ever struggling to reach orgasm it can be easy to lay the blame elsewhere before you make the connection between any medication you’re taking. Also, your doctor is a qualified health professional: talk to them about any orgasm issues you’re having.

 2.Your Time to Shine

All orgasms are equal, but there are times to orgasm that are more equal than others. A study of 18-35 year old women showed the orgasm was most intense on the 14th day of the menstrual cycle. Your clitoris swells by up to 20% more than usual ― the 14th day of your cycle is the day you’re ovulating, so it makes sense that you’re more receptive to sexual contact on this day.

 1.Your Favorite Position

Your physical position can also influence the ease with which you reach orgasm. Try sitting upright with your back against a headboard or a wall, with the soles of your feet facing each other, kind of like the lotus position. This improves the blood flow to your most intimate areas and allows close control of your muscles.

To help reach the goal of a more satisfying orgasm Lelo is also offering a 20% discount at lelo.com. All orders placed using discount code WDAY15 between now and the 15th March will also receive a complimentary scented candle.


Lelo is also running a series of giveaways in order to give something back to its loyal customers as well as sharing their list of the 5 most amazing women who they believe truly Make It Happen.

So, in order to celebrate this year, while not seize the day and embrace you sexuality or, if you’re a gentleman, celebrate the women in your life by supporting their efforts in doing so.

Until the next review!

Emmeline Peaches.