Toy Review: The Tantus Neo Smooth Silicone Butt Plug

Mr. Peaches and I have a soft spot for good butt plugs and the Tantus Neo Smooth Silicone Butt Plug certainly meets that criteria. With a well thought-out design and a base that I just adore, the Tantus Neo Smooth Butt Plug has a lot to offer for semi-experienced beginners and intermediate users who are craving some girth in their butt play sessions.

However, despite the effectiveness of the Neo Plug its design was ultimately incompatible with Mr. Peaches’ personal preferences. Sometimes even a great plug can produce average results.

The Tantus Neo Smooth Silicone Butt Plug

The Tantus Neo Smooth Silicone Butt Plug is perfect for those who have been using butt plugs for a while but are looking for a more filling sensation. The Tantus site says that the Neo is ideal for beginners (the “perfect way to introduce anal to your partner” in fact) but I wouldn’t recommend it as a first plug due to its larger size.

The Neo Butt Plug is a great plug for bringing some girth into butt play.
The Neo Butt Plug is a great plug for bringing some girth into butt play.

With a total length of just over 5 inches and an insertable length of 4 inches, the Tantus Neo Plug is nicely sized and has a decent neck area to allow the plug to sit comfortably in place. The plug starts out with a circumference of less than an inch but tapers out to about 5 inches in girth. This will allow most users to obtain a filling sensation, though it might be a bit small for advanced users. Slowly working one’s way up the plug should be easy for most users given time, lube, and relaxation.

The Neo Plug is made out of silicone. Tantus pride themselves on their silicone and the silicone used for this plug is exceptional. The silicone is 100% ultra-premium silicone and is phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, non-toxic, non-porous, boilable, and dishwasher safe. Fair to say this toy is extremely body-safe. The silicone used for this plug is incredibly smooth and silky and an absolute joy to feel. It does have a bit of drag to it but with some decent lube this isn’t an issue at all.

This plug does still retain some odour after use but it’s not strong and you won’t be able to tell unless you’re holding the plug close to your nose.

The plug itself is quite firm which aids in insertion, however the base has slightly more give to it. I am also utterly in love with the base of this plug—as it’s designed specifically with comfort in mind. The base is still wide enough to be secure but it’s instead of being circular or overly large or long it’s actually shaped to fit between the user’s cheeks. I honestly wish more plugs had a similar base.

This base is incredibly comfortable.
This base is incredibly comfortable.

So how did this plug do during use?

This toy was one for Mr. Peaches (the more experienced butt-user of the two of us) and he admits that he was apprehensive at first. While it isn’t the largest toy he’s used it did look quite large to him (emphasizing my issue that this isn’t necessarily a good first plug). Mr. Peaches even chose to warm-up with the another plug before using the Neo. Inserting the Neo was possible with some relaxation and deep breathing and once it was it was in most of his worries faded.

While still quite filling, the Neo Plug wasn’t uncomfortably filling and Mr. Peaches thoroughly enjoyed clenching around the Neo. The Neo is designed to follow the body’s natural contours so it was nice to see that it pulled this off quite well. Sadly the clenching was the main stimulation for Mr. Peaches as, without a curve, he found that the Neo didn’t offer as much stimulation as some of his other plugs.

This is a crying shame but it’s mainly due to personal preference. Mr. Peaches likes a curve so this toy didn’t quite deliver for him, but those who are mainly seeking a filling sensation will most likely find that the Neo suits their needs perfectly. Mr. Peaches still found that the toy provided added pleasure at climax, so it’s by no means an ineffective toy, but it just didn’t quite rub him the right way.

Mr. Peaches also found the tip of the toy a bit too extreme and uncomfortable at first. This became less of an issue with an increase in arousal but it’s still worth noting.

So, compatibility issues aside, was there anything objectively bad with the Neo? Well not really.

All things considered this plug is very well made and it does exactly what it promises to do. The most damning thing I can say about it is that the silicone is a dust magnet, but that’s only a minor issue.

Final Thoughts

The Tantus Neo Plug is a winner even if it didn’t work well for us. It’s well-made, thoughtfully designed, and the silicone is so smooth that I can’t help but stroke it. For those who want to explore filling sensations it’s a great starter toy, even if I would recommend trying other plug before giving this one a try. Just keep in mind personal preferences when deciding whether or not to purchase it.

Recommend to:

Beginner and intermediate plug users.

People who like girth.

People who like straight plugs.

Do Not Recommend to:

People looking for a first plug.

People who dislike girth.

People who like curved plugs.

The Tantus Neo Smooth Silicone Butt Plug was given to us by in exchange for an honest review. If you liked this toy then why not purchase it on their site? Using the exclusive code below will get you a 10% discount site-wide. How awesome is that!