Toy Review: The Boss Stub from Fun Factory

The Boss Stub is a mixed bag of sensations. Sometimes I can use it and be overcome with delight, other times the feeling is much more akin to discomfort, it’s all about how you use it.

The Boss Stub is part of Fun Factory’s Stub line—a selection of dildos designed with large heads for the ultimate in pleasure. I certainly can’t deny that the Boss Stub’s head is glorious to behold (and even better to experience) however this is definitely a toy that you have to be in the mood for.

The Boss Stub

The Boss Stub is the most naturalistic of the entire Stub line and it prides itself on that fact. With the tagline ‘A natural shape with a sense of style’ it’s clear that Fun Factory really enjoyed producing this toy. The details certainly pay off in practice too.

The Boss Stub is the most realistic of the Stub toys in terms of design.
The Boss Stub is the most realistic of the Stub toys in terms of design.

With a useable length of just over 7 inches and a maximum girth of about 5.75 inches the Boss Stub isn’t messing about. Its coronal ridge alone has a circumference of just over 5.5 inches and it is certainly prominent. With a reasonably curved shaft and such a prominent ridge the Boss Stub is a prime toy for stimulating the G-spot.

The Boss Stub also comes with a flared base, making it strap-on compatible and suitable for anal play. The base also acts as a suction cup which will stick to any flat surface without leaving a mark. Having tried this a few times I can vouch for the effectiveness of the suction cup; the Boss Stub stayed erect and ready for use every time.

Fun Factory really did hit a winner with the head of this toy.
Fun Factory really did hit a winner with the head of this toy.

The Boss Stub is made out of 100% medical grade silicone with is phthalate-free and completely body-safe. This also makes the Boss Stub waterproof and easy to clean—just use soap and water. However, as usual, you’ll only want to be using water-based lubricants with your Boss Stub; silicone and silicone simply don’t go well together.

The silicone used for the Boss Stub has a matte feel to it and a rather grainy texture. It does attract a lot of lint and it does feel incredibly draggy during use. If this is an issue for you but you still really love the shape of the Boss Stub then condoms do help alleviate the issue of texture.

However it’s also worth noting that the silicone used for the Boss Stub is incredibly firm. Sure, it still does have a bit of squish to it and it is slightly bendable but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the hardest silicone toys I own.

This, for me, was one of the biggest downsides to the Boss Stub and it really showed during use. Unless I warmed up to this toy I really couldn’t insert it comfortably. Its combination of draggy silicone, a generous size, and a firm shaft meant that the Boss Stub just didn’t sit well within me without the use of other toys first. On one occasion I reached orgasm with the Boss Stub and the firmness of its coronal ridge actually hurt me. It’s a very conflicting sensation having an uncomfortable orgasm and not one I’d like to repeat.

That being said if you love the feeling of a firm, unyielding shaft inside you then the Boss Stub may very well have you covered, as it plays this role really well.

With the proper warm up, though, the Boss Stub can be an incredibly fantastic toy. The coronal ridge really is magic and the way that it firmly caresses my vaginal wall can feel like ecstasy. Once you’re in the mood for the Boss Stub its harder silicone becomes a clear asset—allowing you to feel its well-defined presence hitting all the right places.

Orgasms with the Boss Stub when I’m in the mood for it are decently strong and incredibly long, impressively so actually. This is something I’m willing to attribute to the shape of the Boss Stub which, as I’ve mentioned before, it a sheer delight.

Even though I have given the Boss Stub a lot of flack for being painful without a proper warm-up it really should be said that the orgasm is often worth the pay-off for the play leading up to it. Heck, for many people that’s even part of the fun and I can definitely get on board with that. Put simply the Boss Stub, like the Fluke, is worth the wait to accommodate.

That being said the Boss Stub does have a few other downsides.

The biggest downside with the Boss Stub really is the texture of its silicone. It’s not pleasant and it does make comfortable thrusting near-impossible without the use of a condom because it is so draggy. If this toy was made with silkier silicone then I think it would make a marked improvement.

At times it feels like this definition goes to waste.
At times it feels like this section of the Boss Stub goes to waste.

The second problem with the Boss Stub is a design one. At near the end of the Boss Stub’s shaft is a yummy looking raised section of subtle ridges. However they’re so far down that it’s very unlikely that I’m ever going to utilise them. If I do chose to then I have to push the Boss Stub’s head beyond my G-spot kind of null-and-voiding one of its most valuable assets. There had to be a way around this.

Final Thoughts

Overall the Boss Stub can make a fantastic dildo but only if you’re willing to accommodate its firmness and silicone. For me the orgasms that it produces are definitely worth a little bit of build-up (especially when those orgasms come at the relatively affordable cost of 49 euros). However if you’re not a lover of firm toys or draggy silicone then I can understand you snubbing this Stub.

Recommend to:

G-spot/Prostate enthusiasts.

People who like firm toys.

People who like extreme coronal ridges.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike firm toys.

People who dislike draggy silicone.

People who want a slim dildo.

  • I don’t usually like pink toys but this one is really cute! And I know the feeling of an uncomfortable orgasm…they suck.

  • Kristijan

    Hi, since my wife also dislike firm toys, is there a softer one you could recommend please?

    • Hi! It really depends on your price range. Tantus tend to have some O2 toys which have a softer outer layer and a firm inner core. The independent maker Tales and Portholes also does affordable squishy dildos (although they have a mythical/aquamarine twist). The best soft dildos are definitely the VixSkin line from Vixen Creations but they don’t come cheap.