Toy Review: The Fluke from Hole Punch Toys

It’s no fluke that I love Hole Punch Toys as much as I do. From the moment I stumbled upon their site I was drawn in by the character, vibrancy, and craftsmanship of each and every product that they sold. It wasn’t long before I contacted the owner and got my hands on the sacrilegiously sexy Mother Interior. The rest is history.

Since then I’ve been happy to see more and more bloggers reviewing these excellent toys. And, even more fantastic, is the fact that FMachineFun now supply some of these toys for UK buyers. What a wonderful time to be a sex toy enthusiast!

You can imagine, then, my excitement when Hole Punch Toys released a new product—the Fluke. With three different colours schemes that are to die for and a curvaceous outline that called to me I was immediately smitten by this new addition to Hole Punch Toy’s cabinet of colourful cocks.

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I just couldn’t keep my eyes off the Fluke.

I contacted Hole Punch Toys immediately and they were kind enough to provide me with one in exchange for an honest review. I’m glad to say my Fluke arrived swiftly.

I have to confess, when confronted in person with the Fluke I was afraid that my eyes had been too big for my vagina. However with the right warm-up I soon found myself enjoying the advantages of the Fluke again and again. Hole Punch Toys, you never disappoint.

The Fluke

The Fluke is a lovely little toy that is inspired by realistic anatomy but with a noticeably artistic flare to it. I say ‘little’ but that really doesn’t do this toy justice. At about 5 ¾ inches in height the Fluke is on the shorter size in comparison to some dildos, however with a coronal width of 2 inches this toy can provide a very filling sensation.

The Fluke is a plug-like toy which is a brilliant as it is beautiful.
The Fluke is a plug-like toy which is a brilliant as it is beautiful.

The Fluke’s shorter stature is due to the design of this toy. At its essence the Fluke was made to be a plug—one that can “fill and stay put in whichever end you choose”. For some this will mean that the Fluke gets used anally (and it certainly has the base for it) however neither Mr. Peaches nor I could use this toy as a butt plug due to its size so my appraisal of this toy will be as a vaginal plug. If you do plan to buy this for use as a butt plug I recommend that you are at least and intermediate user with an experience with plugs of a similar size.

For me the Fluke practically begs for vaginal use. With a form that bulges out as it reaches the head all I can think of when I see this toy is my G-spot singing from sheer delight. The Fluke’s curves are gentle in some places but quite drastic in others. The coronal ridge of the Fluke is particularly pronounced with well-defined contours that provide a distinct sensation during use. I’ve always been the kind of gal who loves me some coronal ridge so this was a definite plus for me.

The Fluke's design is curvaceous with some sharp contours.
The Fluke’s design is curvaceous with some sharp definition.

Beyond the size and design of this toy the Fluke also has some other noticeable benefits. The Fluke is made out of silicone—which is phthalate-free, non-porous, and generally body safe. Rather than a matte feel this silicone is almost glossy to the touch but also has a lot of drag to it. However the Fluke is incredibly receptive to lubricant and it’s silicone body becomes smooth and easy to insert when a fair portion of lube is applied. This silicone is also quite malleable and has a bit of squish to it, which certainly helps with its larger head.

Each Hole Punch Creation is also custom made one at a time in the Hole Punch Studio in Saint Paul, Minnesota. This means that every product is unique in its own way and each product has its own small way of showing this. And, of course, the colour choices for the Fluke are amazing. With three vibrant colour schemes to choose from the Fluke is sure to stand out from the crowd.

So, what were my experiences with the Fluke like? Well, as I said earlier, my first thought upon unveiling my wonderful new toy from its brilliantly decorated packaging was that I had bitten off more than I could chew. Even knowing the width of the corona before it arrived I had not expected the Fluke to have such a pronounced head. However glee quickly trumped fear because this toy is truly a work of art.

Even the box art for the Fluke is a winner.
The box art for the Fluke is a good bit of fun and shows just how dedicated Hole Punch Toys are to their creations.

But because this toy is quite large it is one I have to warm up to before inserting it. For me there’s no insta-insertion with the Fluke.

Despite this as soon as I first managed to insert the coronal ridge of the Fluke I was surprised by how quickly the rest of it followed. The Fluke fits like a glove inside of my vagina and it is intuitively designed to know exactly where to sit in order to make my body swell from the sensations. During the first use of the Fluke I reached orgasm in near record times and I loved every second.

The shape and size of this toy is spot on for me. Upon first use the ridge coupled with the size produced a prominent orgasm that not only felt amazing but also profoundly deep. It’s almost indescribable but each muscle contraction seemed more enhanced than usual; each one suddenly transcended into a vast peak of pleasure that spread throughout my entire body in a monumental rapture of delight. After my orgasm I was satisfied but also still left full of desire as the Fluke somehow managed to complement the afterglow of my climax with its prominent shape and size, providing further sensation and even more enjoyment.

After such an amazing experience I was left wondering if the Fluke could ever recreate its debut performance. I was soon happy to find out that my first experience with it hadn’t been a fluke. Each orgasm since has been just as strong and satisfying and I’ve relished each encounter.

While I’d love to attribute this all to the Fluke it’s worth noting that part of my experience probably came from the warm-up time before hand. Using other G-spotting toys to slowly build up to the Fluke’s size most likely primed my vagina for other sensations and increased its sensitivity, allowing the Fluke to shine. Because of this I do recommend taking the time to love yourself and build up the anticipation through other means before using the Fluke because the payoff is definitely worth it.

Although I mainly use the Fluke as a conventional dildo (due to the time it takes for me to comfortably insert it) the Fluke can also be inserted and left plugging your chosen orifice while you get on with your daily duties. I haven’t tried this much but my fleeting moments of doing so left me feeling that this use of the Fluke had potential. However if you’d like a fuller account of keeping yourself full with the Fluke then NinjaSexology’s review of the Fluke may be of interest to you.

When it comes to downsides the Fluke really doesn’t have that many to speak off. This toy sets out to do exactly what it was designed for and it does it well. NinjaSexology pointed out in her review that the base of the plug is a bit uncomfortable for long term wear but even that seems to be a minor point.

The ridge can be a bit painful to remove.
The ridge can be a bit painful to remove.

Personally my biggest issue with the Fluke is the sharp design of its coronal ridge. Once inserted the corona is an absolute dream come true, however inserting and removing the Fluke have been a bit painful for me because of it.

The solution to this would (presumably) be to smooth the ridge out a bit more and make it a softer arch, but do I want that? Heck no! For me the design of the Fluke is what makes it so superb during use and I wouldn’t change a thing about it. However because of its size a shape I do have to say that people who prefer smaller toys may find the Fluke to be a poor fit.

Final Thoughts

Hole Punch Toys are the gift that keeps on giving and the Fluke has just affirmed my love for this company further. The Fluke is beautiful, body-safe, and primed to deliver orgasms that will send your whole body quivering with delight.

The Fluke may not be the best of toys for those who dislike slightly thicker toys but people who work with the Fluke are most likely going to reap the rewards.

At $49 the Fluke is a very reasonable buy and, even if it’s on the shorter side, there’s no way you’re being short changed with this purchase.  I wholeheartedly recommend it!

Recommend to:

People who like prominent coronal ridges.

People who like filling toys.

People who like plugs.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike girthier toys.

People who dislike prominent coronal ridges.

People who prefer longer toys.

  • Awesome review! I totally agree with what you said about the ridge. It’s a little painful, but it’s so completely worth it. I just really love everything about Hole Punch Toys!

  • Rose

    Oh I’d really love one of these! Sadly it looks like they’re only available in the US at the moment :(

    • Where about are you? If you contact Hole Punch Toys they might be able to help you out.

    • Claire Morrison

      They’re available in Canada now! You can get them through Come As You Are in Toronto –