Toy Review: The Wavemaker by Keep Burning

How many of you guys are butt enthusiasts? Advanced anal adventurers? Or perhaps devotees with a daring derriere? Well guys, I might have found a product for you.

When I contacted the lovely people over Keep Burning they not only provided me with my beloved Cock Skull Dildo from review but also a bundle of other items, including the Wavemaker.

With an impressive length and a unique design the Wavemaker is a roller-coaster ride from top to bottom (pun definitely intended). And, while Mr. Peaches and I may not be ready for this wonderful product I see no reason as to why we can’t showcase it to you.

The Wavemaker by Keep Burning

The Wavemaker has got to be one of the most entertaining adult products I have ever seen. As soon as I saw this product in person all I could do was stick the base on the coccyx and pretend I was a dinosaur. Seriously.

The Wavemaker is a glorious looking toy with a unique aesthetic to it.
The Wavemaker is a glorious looking toy with a unique aesthetic to it.

With a beautiful black shaft contrasted by brilliant yellow waves the aesthetic of the Wavemaker is imposing and impressive in equal measure. I certainly went wide-eyed at the prospect of using it, as did Mr. Peaches.

With an insertable length of 15 inches and a maximum circumference of 5.25 inches (factoring in a wave) the Wavemaker is not for the faint of heart and I imagine it could make some people tremble in terror or, perhaps, anticipation. Because of this I imagine this toy would be a good addition to some Dom’s collections, especially if their sub enjoys anal toys.

Each ridge of the Wavemaker adds to the feeling of fullness that this toy can invariably provide for some.
Each ridge of the Wavemaker adds to the feeling of fullness that this toy can invariably provide for some.

The Wavemaker is made out of 100% pure medical grade silicone and is phthalate-free and completely body safe. The silicone has a rather clingy feeling to it but its surface responds very well to lubricant—making it perfect for its chosen task. Keep Burning carefully craft each of their products to meet their high standards and this shows with the Wavemaker; it really does feel like a durable piece of work.

Visiting the Wavemaker’s product page leads you to a video of two people using the Wavemaker with an impressive amount of skill but don’t be fooled—the Wavemaker is no beginner’s toy and it does require experience and a warm up. Even with practice Mr. Peaches never could quite use the Wavemaker as much as he would like. Heck, even those shown in the video don’t get much further than the first wave! However there are some things I can discern from our joint experiences with this toy.

It’s important to note that the Wavemaker is actually quite a flexible toy. The silicone used has some ‘squish’ to it and the shaft of this toy can be bent around to touch its flared base. Because of this it’s best to be cautious when inserting this toy; the softer silicone may make insertion a bit more forgiving in places but it also means that you’ll have to put extra effort in to making sure it goes in without wiggling all over the place.

The Wavemaker is impressively flexible.
The Wavemaker is impressively flexible.

But on the flip side this flexible shaft does offer an advantage. As shown in the Wavemaker’s video once you’ve inserted the toy to a comfortable degree you can enhance your experience by using the Wavemaker’s flexibility to wiggle the shaft while it’s partially inserted. This has the potential to rub some sweet spots and to provide a different experience to conventional anal beads.

As a complete anal newbie I admit that I experimented with alternate uses for this toy. To be more specific, I tried to use the Wavemaker vaginally to see if it had any potential outside of its primary purpose. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

Personally I found that the waves were too far back on the toy (not starting until the 3 inch mark) for it to comfortably hit any sweet spots, meanwhile the shaft is too straight for any significant G-spotting action.

The rolling waves of the Wavemaker come a bit too late to give it potential as a vaginal product,
The rolling waves of the Wavemaker come a bit too late to give it potential as a vaginal product,

My reaction to this was “Ah well”. Sometimes toys are only best suited for a single process, and I have no issues with the Wavemaker being an anal toy at all.

In terms of downsides the Wavemaker has a few but they are relatively minor.

The silicone used for the Wavemaker is an absolute lint magnet, so this toy really does need a thorough clean before and after each use. There is also a seam running along the sides of the Wavemaker that some people may find unappealing, but neither Mr. Peaches nor I felt this seam during use so we didn’t find it to be a huge deterrent.

Overall the biggest downside to the Wavemaker is personal limitations. This is not a beginner’s toy, but that’s alright. Just like I’m okay with this being an anal toy I also think it’s okay for this toy to be something that some people can aspire to use but may not necessarily be ready for straight away. As long as the Wavemaker is met on its own terms then there’s no real problem here. Just make sure your eyes aren’t bigger than your anus when considering buying this toy.

Final Thoughts

I’m sure some advanced anal toy users will absolutely adore the sight of the Wavemaker. But, as usual, if you know it’s not for you then that’s fine.

If you do like the look of this toy but you’re not sure if you’re ready for it then just be sensible upon purchase. Take your time, know your limits, and remember just because a toy is long doesn’t mean you have to take the entire length of it. Even the people in the Wavemaker’s video were wise enough to know when to stop and what exactly turned them on.

The Wavemaker is an absolutely stunning product and I’m sure some people will be attracted by its rippling form.

Recommend to:

Advanced anal toy users.

People who like anal beads.

People who like unique aesthetics.

Do Not Recommend to:

Anal toy Beginners.

People who dislike anal beads.

People who want a toy for vaginal penetration.