Toy Review: Crystal Minx Detachable Pony Tail

Guys, guys! Something truly wonderful happened to me. Thanks to the lovely creations from Crystal Delights and the wonderful people over at Uberkinky I got to be a Pony Princess. Neigh, not a Princess; a Queen!

In serious terms Crystal Delights was kind enough to offer me one of their wonderful pony tails—complete with a beautiful hand crafted butt plug—with the order being fulfilled by Uberkinky.

But, hey, I’m not beyond some roleplay, and this lovely product is prime material for some whimsical scenarios to play out in the bedroom.

To say I was delighted when I received this butt plug is an understatement. I was like a little girl who’d been given a pony except, well, y’know. Not only is this butt plug stunning to behold but it also feels great during use, and I’d expect nothing less from Crystal Delights.

About Crystal Delights

Crystal Delight has somewhat unconventional roots, but that’s all part of the delight in my opinion. Starting in 2008 as a seller of digital toys in the popular online game Second Life, before eventually transitioning into making their products a physical reality.

In 2010 the first product was made and from their Crystal Delights has continued to listen to their customers and fans in order to create the best products they possibly can. In fact that’s their philosophy. With commitment quality, and attention to detail rating high on their agenda, it’s no surprise that so many people (myself included) absolutely adore the products that Crystal Delights produce.

crystal delight

In addition to this Crystal Delights believe in supporting the people that support them. In action this means that Crystal Delights regularly donates to charity (and even has a line of products for such purposes), supports sex education, and is involved in animal charities and the LGBT community. To have a company that cares so much about so many things is so refreshing and a welcome aspect of the sex toy community.

Crystal Delights want to make sure that you have the best experience possible and that you are equipped to take care of the product you’ve purchased. As such they have an extensive section addressing how to care for their products.

All around Crystal Delights is a brilliant example of a company done right and this shows through their products and site.

The Crystal Minx Detachable Pony Tail

The Crystal Minx Detachable Pony Tail is a butt plug with a gorgeous pony tail adorned on its base. This tail is made of the finest in synthetic hair and comes in various different colours (though, of course, I couldn’t resist the pastel rainbow colour myself). The plug is made from high quality borosilicate glass and comes in a small size (with a bulb diameter of 1.3 inches and an insertable length off 2.8 inches).

This pony tail is a true pleasure to use/wear.
This pony tail is a true pleasure to use/wear.

To my mind borosilicate glass is one of the best materials that you can use for a butt plug and Crystal Delights uses the best of the best. This glass is smooth, non-porous, eco-friendly, non-toxic, and phthalate-free. It’s also great for temperature play and doesn’t retain an odour like some silicone butt plugs can. The odour-free aspect of this butt plug was a huge plus for me, as butt smells on my toys is kind of like a personal pet peeve of mine.

The butt plug itself is clear and absolutely stunning. The glass allows the light in and looks gorgeous when in the sunlight. In addition to this the design of the plug is very comfortable. With a tapered bulb at the top, a slim, reasonably tall neck, and a firm circular base the Crystal Minx Detachable Pony Tail is easy to insert and comfortable to wear. Both my partner and I found that the neck, in particular, allowed for comfortable wear whereas the bulb was very stimulating for me. Protip: Getting on all fours while this butt plug is inserted and then rocking your hips back and forth feels divine (and is provisionally called ‘the rocking horse’ method. Patent pending).

And, of course. This lovely butt plug comes paired with a wonderful horse tail that drapes stunningly down when worn and caresses any area it comes in to contact with. The tail itself is 15.5 inches in length and is perfection. A curled top cascades into little ringlets which make you feel undeniably fabulous when wearing it. Tail cleaning tips can be found on the Crystal Delight’s website and I’ve found my tail incredibly easy to manage. The synthetic hair is silky smooth and incredibly receptive to care. I’ve had a few wigs in the past that have been a nightmare to maintain so this was a pleasant surprise for me.

Gorgeous to look at and to feel, the pony tail adds to the overall sensation of this sexual ensemble.
Gorgeous to look at and to feel, the pony tail adds to the overall sensation of this sexual ensemble.

One of the innovative aspects of this particular toy, too, is that the tail can detach from the butt plug via a screw system. All you have to do is gently unscrew the tail from the plug and then put it back on when you wish (making sure not to screw it too tight). This makes cleaning a breeze and allows you to essentially customize your experience—buying new tails to suit your desires. I have to admit I was a bit rough with my tail the first time I screwed it in and it was an uneasy to process so I stress this again—do not screw your tail in too tight!

Now I’ve never experimented with pony play before but I am a big fan of fantasy and I think these tails are ideal for a little bit of sexual roleplay. I was so enthused by the brilliant quality of my plug that I even got a wig to match my brand new tail and treated my partner to a little roleplay session of our own (in truth, it was a treat for both of us as I couldn’t contain my glee).

Despite my partner’s growing anal prowess I’m still quite a bit of a butt newbie, however I found the small butt plug that accompanied my tail to be very modest and it was easy enough to insert with the right amount of lubricant. Once inserted I did find the plug to be very arousing—glass, it seems, has a firm presence that I cannot help but enjoy. The firm material allows every motion of the plug to be enhanced meaning that various thrusts and sways (such as the previously mentioned ‘rocking horse’) allow you to relish the feeling that the plug provides.

The firm material of this plug worked like a dream for me.
The firm material of this plug worked like a dream for me.

As a larger lady the hardest part of the plug for me was inserting it in the right way (getting the tail in the right position) but even this wasn’t too hard. For a butt beginner I gained a lot of enjoyment out of this plug and it often got me heavily aroused with minimal effort.

Another wonderful aspect of this plug is the pony tail. Feeling it move around, sway from side-to-side and stroke your skin with every movement is incredibly sensual and will appeal to people who like sensation play. Seeing yourself wearing the plug also has a huge psychological effect and helps up the ante in any roleplaying scenario. When you’re wearing a tail this beautiful and arousing it’s hard not to feel beautiful and aroused too.

Mr. Peaches tried this plug too and he also reveled in the delights that it provided. As more of an intermediate butt plug user he did comment that the head felt a little too small for his preference (which is something to keep in mind) but he still found that the plug enhanced his orgasms and provided pleasurable sensations. He has yet to wear the plug with the tail but I know that my heart will be doing somersaults when he does. There is something to be said about a man with a rainbow pastel pony tail.

Now, despite how lovely this product is there are still a few downsides but they are few and far between.

As a butt newbie I had my worst nightmare realized when the plug fell out during use. This I would mainly accredit to excess lubricant but it is still worth noting that people who are new to anal toys may find the weight of the plug and the tail to be a bit too much for their butt. Pony Queens aren’t supposed to lose their tails mid-amateur sexy dialogue exchange.

The other issue with this toy is that the tail does take some maintenance when compared to other plugs. But, really, I think this is a given considering the product.

The only other major issue Mr. Peaches brought up is that the plug was a bit too small for his preference. It’s a shame that this tail doesn’t come with more butt plug sizes but, again, I’m not sure if this counts as a downside—as all it really pans down to is “it felt fantastic, please give me more!”.

UPDATE: Crystal Delights have since revealed that they can do custom sized plugs on request, which null-and-voids my last comment (in addition to bringing a smile to my face). You can see the tweet below.

the best

Final Thoughts

Overall I was over the moon with this wonderful product and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a decent butt plug and/or to have any pony-based fantasies realized. Pony tails don’t get more marvellous than this one and using it was sublime.

Using the Crystal Minx Detachable Butt Plug was a sheer delight, even if it might be a bit too heavy for some users with the tail applied.

Still I believe that this product is brilliantly designed, wonderfully made, and should make a good butt plug for most users (although the bulb may be too small for those who like larger plugs). If you like the sound of the plug but not the tail then Crystal Delights has other plugs available without a tail, so have no fears there either.

At the end of the day I am truly delighted with this product and I know I’ll continue to feel like a fanciful member of pony nobility when wearing it. I couldn’t be happier.

Recommend to:

People who like pony play.

People who like roleplay.

People who like sensation play.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike glass plugs.

People who prefer curved plugs.

People who don’t like pony play or roleplay.

The Crystal Minx Detachable Pony Tail was provided to me by Uberkinky. Uberkinky is a great, UK based company and my tail came promptly and securely. If you want your own Crystal Delights creation then why not check out their selection here


  • Mary Mh’ithrha

    “There is something to be said about a man with a rainbow pastel pony tail.” This gave me a good laugh, lovely toy too!