Product Review: The Omax Rechargeable Massager

As I found out in my JimmyJane Form 6 review one person’s pleasure can be another person’s pain (or, at the very least, irritation) and, sadly, this is the case with the Omax Rechargeable Massager.

I was drawn to the Omax Rechargeable Massager due to its non-intimidating appearance and promising claims. Looking more akin to a hair dryer than a vibrator, I figured that anyone who might be off-put by more explicit looking toys might find a friend in the Omax Massager.

Furthermore this product has some impressive claims to its name. Bizarre Magazine is quoted on the Omax site as saying “It would get an orgasm out of a stone!” and it was even featured in Channel 4’s Good Sex Guide. Pretty impressive, to say the least, and further endorsements can be found on their page.

However, when it came to the Omax I personally found that this product did not work with my body at all. In theory the Omax looked set to give me a night to remember, in practice it achieved that goal but for all the wrong reasons.

The Omax Rechargeable Massager

The Omax Massager was sent to me direct from the lovely folks at Omax in exchange for an honest review. My Omax Rechargeable Massager arrived promptly and in discreet packaging. Seeing as this massager seems to be going for the inconspicuous approach I was happy to discover the effort that went into concealing the nature of the contents.

The Omax Massager will work well with some but not others.
The Omax Massager will work well with some but not others.

As previously mentioned the Omax Massager is rechargeable—meaning no wires during use and, subsequently, a more liberating play session. Omax seems to pride themselves on conforming to the newest US & EEC Electrical standards and comes with a full one year parts and labour guarantee. Omax has also made sure that the supply voltage of their massager is suitable for the country your in—so you can feel assured that the Omax you purchase online is suitable and safe for use in your country.

The first Omax charge time takes a whooping 12-14 hours, which is insane! However giving it this initial long charge helps maintain the overall life of the Omax Massager. Omax provides a lot of details about why this is necessary in their manual. A full charge gives about 25-50 minutes depending on usage.

Speaking of the Omax manual, it’s an absolute delight to read. Full of friendly jokes and an informal attitude (coupled with tons of information) I found it a joy to read from beginning to end. I’m not usually a big fan of reading instruction booklets but this one is a definite winner.

Inside the manual the designer for the Omax gives their own insights into the massage unit:

“My heart was really in this one. It was much, much more fun to do than hairdryers and foodmixers. The restrictions of size, weight, power consumption, components, toolings costs, look, feel and what the majority of customers expect to pay were all there, and I loved doing it. It’s not work when it’s like that and we don’t skimp on anything”.

Reading this it was clear that the people over at Omax truly care about their product, which can make a definite difference to the finished product.

The Omax is a pre-Rabbit era toy—having first came out in 1993— and yet the design still looks very streamlined and efficient. The ‘egg-and-stick’ shape of the Omax is designed to provide the most intense vibrations at the ‘egg-tip’ but Omax also claims that “just about every part of the Omax delivers intense stimulation in just the right place”. In addition to having an interesting design the Omax is also water-resistant as long as its charger cover is firmly in place. The Omax also comes with four different attachments that can be clicked into place for additional stimulation.

Different attachments add to the fun.
Different attachments add to the fun.

When it comes to this massager’s vibrations it’s hard to fault their intentions. There are three different distinguishable levels (controlled by a simple dial at the end of the massager) and each of them has a nice feel to them. On the lowest level a distinctive rumble can be felt in the vibrations. This rumble follows through on the higher levels but is also accompanied with a more rapid, buzzy vibration which adds intensity.

When applied to most areas of my body I find these vibrations to be quite effective in their duty of massaging away pains. But, sadly, these vibrations didn’t feel quite as effective for me during use as a vibrator.

Y’see over time I have started to refer to the Omax Rechargeable Massager as my ‘clit primer’. Why? Well, put simply, whenever I use this massager on my clitoris and then move on to another toy I find that my orgasms are noticeable enhanced—being more sensitive and fulfilling. However, when used alone the Omax Massager lacks the ability to bring me to climax. Life is cruel sometimes.

There are a couple of reasons that I’ve pinned down as to why the Omax doesn’t work for me:

Shape: As a larger lady with a very specific go-to masturbation position I found that the Omax just wasn’t very good at comfortably navigating itself around my chubby vulva. Bits got squished, prodded and, yes, even pinched in the process of me trying to find a position which felt good with the Omax, but sadly I just couldn’t find one that allowed me to enjoy the Omax in a comfortable manner. Which brings me on to…

Material: Being made of plastic the Omax is quite a hard toy. I didn’t anticipate this being an issue but what with its ‘egg-tip’ point and its inability to comfortably sit between my labia I found the firm material of the Omax to be an additional hindrance to my enjoyment of it. Even when adding the attachments I found that they typically felt too firm and failed to alleviate this problem. Instead they managed to highlight another issue I had with the Omax

Vibration Type: The Omax vibrations are a nice mixture between rumbly and buzzy that I usually don’t mind. But, as Omax themselves have said, when it came to their product they tried to make it so that every part of the Omax could stimulate in some way or another. This leads to incredibly dispersed vibrations which spread across a lot of the surface space of the massager.

Usually this wouldn’t be a problem but the dispersion isn’t consistent when it comes to strength so all I could really feel was an unfocused spectrum of varying vibration intensities. And sadly, because of the above reasons, I could rarely enjoy the most powerful section of the Omax—it’s rigid tip. Adding attachments could sometimes make this worst too, as the vibrations didn’t travel well through some of them (especially the long fingers).

Strength: This one is a bit embarrassing to admit because, for once, it doesn’t have to do with me being a power queen and, instead, has more to do with my actual physical strength.

On more than one occasion I have lacked the strength or capability to effectively use the Omax on my own. I don’t have the strength needed to put the attachments on nor, sometimes, to take them off. I bite my nails so I had nothing to help me open up the charger cap of this toy and even Mr. Peaches (who has fully functional nails) struggled to do this. I even accidentally split one of the attachments trying to get it on to the toy. It was not my proudest moment.

I’ve never had to struggle so much against a toy in my life and it’s not a good feeling, especially when I want to go solo.

For multiple reasons I couldn't enjoy the Omax Massager to its fullest.
For multiple reasons I couldn’t enjoy the Omax Massager to its fullest.

As an additional aside, while the Omax may look discreet it actually does make a noticeable hum that becomes louder as the vibrations increase, so it may not be the most discreet product when it comes to sound levels.

These points (along with the charge time) are the only real issues I have with the Omax and a lot of them are clearly personal preference.

In theory I can imagine this product really working for some people. When I could use this toy the sensations were good—acting as my ‘clit-primer’, in particular, allowed the Omax to contribute something significant to my sex life. However if you, like me, are larger in frame, dislike firm toys and dispersed vibrations, or are a certified wimp (as I apparently am) then it might be worth thinking hard before purchasing the Omax. The Omax retails at £53.95 but it does have a 15 day money back guarantee, so if you’re on the fence you can always give it a try to find out if it’s for you.

Final Thoughts

I was expecting the Omax Rechargeable Massager to work wonders for me, but I suppose the best laid plans of mice and men can often go awry. In reality the Omax just simply didn’t work with my body and if you have similar apprehensions then this could very well be the case with you too.

However I do see a use for this massager when it comes to people who like their toys to be made out of a hard material and appreciate dispersed gentle-to-firm vibrations. After all it’s clear that a lot of people can find pleasure in this wonderful massager.

In the Omax manual the designer says that the next Omax is set to be softer and more powerful and that idea really excites me. The Omax Rechargeable Massager may not be for me at the moment, but perhaps I’ll find my dream vibe in a future model one day.

Recommend to:

People who like a buzz-rumble combo.

People who want a discreet looking vibrator.

People who like firm toys.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike dispersed, buzzy vibrations.

People who want a discreet sounding vibrator.

People who dislike firm toys.

  • Camryn Jones

    I’m sorry this didn’t work s well for you as you’d hoped. Its clit priming abilities are intriguing, but I’m not sure if it would work for me either :-/