Product Review: The Nookie Wedge

Anyone who’s lived with others almost certainly knows the feeling. It doesn’t matter how quiet your sex toys are or how confident you are that no one else is in the house; if you’re getting intimate there’s always a worry that your roommate/parents/children might barge in on you during the act. This is a thought that can kill the mood for many people and if the fear is realized, oh boy, does it suck.

Having lived in both student accommodation and the family home at some point or another Mr. Peaches and I have both felt this concern and, while we may give sex-based appraisals online, we are both still very protective over our privacy. Because of this I jumped at the chance to review the Nookie Wedge—an item so simple yet so perfect that it really can’t be overlooked.

The Nookie Wedge

The Nookie Wedge is just that—a wedge you use during nookie. Simple. Smart. Effective.

Sometimes a wedge is just a wedge and sometimes that's enough.
Sometimes a wedge is just a wedge and sometimes that’s enough.

The creators of the Nookie Wedge made this item because they themselves have been in the awkward position of needing privacy in a less-than-private household. Relating to the frustration of potentially being walked in on the creators of the Nookie Wedge designed their product with couples like them in mind.

The Nookie Wedge can be purchased alone or as part of a kit. Buying the wedge alone costs £4.99 while the kit is £11.99. I received the full kit in exchange for an honest review, which is comprised of a nice velvet storage bag, a silver ‘warning bell’ (which is attached to the bag), and the Nookie Wedge itself. The premise of using the kit is pretty easy—all you need to do is hang the storage pouch on the door (to signal what you’re doing), wedge the door shut and then get down to business.

The Nookie Wedge Kit comes with added extras.
The Nookie Wedge Kit comes with added extras.

Most doors open in to the room so the Nookie Wedge allows you to jam the door in a safe and secure manner so that you don’t have to worry about people barging in. This can make all of the difference for some—providing a sense of wellbeing that allows them to finally get lost in the moment. Once done the Nookie Wedge can be stored in its pouch, providing complete discretion.

In addition to being sincerely useful the Nookie Wedge also takes a bit of a cheeky approach in its advertising providing a healthy bit of fun. The wedge itself has the word ‘nookie’ on it—with the two O’s making up the eyes of a relieved (and perhaps sexually satisfied) face. Meanwhile the advertising vid makes effective use of images in order to provide a comical but informative ad. There’s also a page on their site dedicated to confessions from those who were caught during the act and wish to share their anecdotes (read at your own risk; some are truly cringe-worthy) and their FAQ has an admirable amount of creative wit to it.

The Nookie Wedge itself is made out pink rubber and is manufactured in the UK. When I first received the wedge it felt durable enough but, of course, I had to put it to the test. Mr. Peaches and I proceeded to wedge it under the door and then try and force the door open with a decent amount of strength. While the force of this put some strain on both the wedge and the door the Nookie Wedge didn’t budge. I have to admit we were both impressed at the strength of the Nookie Wedge—once firmly wedged into place this thing really isn’t going to move, unless you put an excessive amount of pressure into trying to force the door open.

Now, one would assume that most people won’t try and barge into your room with the amount of force that my partner and I put up when testing the Nookie Wedge, as such I would consider this product to be an absolute success at what it does. You can put the Nookie Wedge in place and feel secure knowing that door isn’t opening until you want it to. Really you can’t put a price on the amount of relief something like that can provide, but £4.99/£11.99 is a steal considering how effective it is at getting the job done.

In terms of downsides, there aren’t that many.

When put under enormous pressure Mr. Peaches and I noticed that the Nookie Wedge can get scuffed or potentially damaged but you have to put a lot of effort into forcing the door open before this happens. Even then the door doesn’t budge but, really, I can’t imagine anyone trying to force their way into another person’s room with that much persistent pressure.

If someone tries to force your door open with an unreasonable amount of pressure then the Nookie Wedge might show some indication of this.
If someone tries to force your door open with an unreasonable amount of pressure then the Nookie Wedge might show some indication of this.

Some might consider the Nookie Wedge Kit to be a bit excessive too and I’d probably be inclined to agree. If it was a choice between buying the Nookie Wedge alone or paying £7 extra for the kit I’d probably just get the wedge. Why? Well while the pouch is nice I don’t think it’s wholly necessary and I’m more inclined to put a clear “Do Not Disturb” label on my door than a non-descript black satin bag, warning bell or not. If you really want a storage bag then maybe the kit is worth it but otherwise it does seem like a lot for a satin bag with a bell on it.

The Nookie Wedge might also be a bit of an issue if people need to get in the room in an emergency—like if both people in the room have simultaneous health issues and need outside help—but, yeah, you can tell I’m really reaching here.

The truth is the Nookie Wedge is a simple but effective product and therefore there’s not much that can go wrong with it. Awesome, right?

Final Thoughts

Overall I am really happy with the Nookie Wedge. It does what it sets out to do and it does it well.

This product may seem simple but the security it provides is overwhelming. For many this product could literally transform their sex lives.

With the worry of being barged in on banished users of the Nookie Wedge can get on with whatever sexual activity they wish to partake in without the fear of being interrupted looming over their heads.

Would I get the entire kit? Probably not. However the Nookie Wedge itself is an indispensable tool for anyone who lives with others and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Recommend to:

People who live with others.

People who worry about being interrupted.

People who want a decent door stop.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who live alone.

People who dislike being locked in.

People who are worried about outlandish simultaneous health concerns.

  • Camryn Jones

    I’ve lived in a lot of old houses and it’s not unusual for doors to pop open as the house shifts or the room’s temperature changes. I usually sit a stool in front of the door pre-session to prevent this, but the Nookie Wedge is a much less obtrusive solution!

  • I just wanted to say that this is an extremely well done thorough review for such a simple product- I think it’s awesome that you haven’t got “too big for your britches” and only review luxury toys. Lelo reviews (although yours are fabulous) are not in short supply but less expensive items like these, rarely get more than a few lines. Well done thankyou!

    • Awww, your comment is so lovely, you’ll make me blush.

      Sometimes less expensive items are just as valuable as expensive ones (and sometimes even more so, as luxury toys can also be terrible at times). I always try to give every item I receive a fair and extensive review and don’t shy away from less expensive products. Not everyone can afford to spend fortunes on adult products after all.

      It means a lot to me that you appreciate this and that you took the time to put your comment down. Thank you so much!

  • A doorstop on the other side of the door! How have I not thought of this!? I have 3 roommates and they all suck about knocking and giving other people their space. Awesome review, Did you test it on hard floors or carpet?

    • I know right!? It’s so simple yet so perfect.
      I tested it on carpet for my review but I can test it on hard floor if you’d like.